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The Legend Of Legacy Demo Now On North American eShop

Good news for those awaiting The Legend of Legacy as Atlus has today confirmed that there’s a playable demo waiting for you on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The demo is only available for those of you in North America where the game is due to launch on October 13th, which isn’t too far away. The Legend of Legacy won’t be coming to Europe until January 22nd.


27 thoughts on “The Legend Of Legacy Demo Now On North American eShop”

  1. I can’t decide whether that title makes for the world’s most bland and uninspired name for a game, or for a symphonic metal band.

    1. Lol I came here to comment on that terrible title but you beat me to it.

      It is like they run a random name generator a few times until they get bored, and then they pick the next one to come up regardless of the word combination.

  2. Good god this is coming out in February in Europe. I suppose they have to translate it to French and German for all retards that skipped English class.

  3. The problem with this game is the pop in environment. Its supposed to be artistic but it ends up looking like really bad pop in. For this reason alone I cannot play this game. It would drive me crazy. To bad really, it looks like it could have been a good game if it just had regular looking environments.

    1. It doesn’t bother me. So far, typical Atlas. Not sure I have the time to start another Atlus game tho. I’ve still got a good chunk of Untold, and Untold 2 is really fun… Ugh, Atlas, Masters of RPGs. ;D

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        I remember when Square Enix were the Masters of RPGs… :/ I’m practically done with Untold. Just need to get from lvl 84/85 to level 99, get around 3 enemies & 10 more items to complete the book, and boom! Finished with Untold 1. I should continue Untold 2 as I stopped after getting past the spider queen at Ginnungagap & doing the story bit afterwards. (Sorry if you haven’t gotten that far & don’t like boss spoilers…) Yikes. I still have a load of story scenarios to do in Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, too! @.@

        1. Wow! So you play the RPG’s then?
          Have you played Soul Survivor or any of the Devil Survivor games, or are they not “Dungeon-Crawlery” enough for ya? I guess those are more Turn based tactical.

          I have a great idea surrounding Atlus, but It’s a secretttt

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            The only Atlus games I’ve played are Ogrebattle 64 & these two Etrian Odyssey Untold games. The others don’t really interest me yet. Well except Legend of Legacy & Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, anyway.

          2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            If I’ve played any others, I sadly can’t recall as there are quite a few SNES games I’ve played back when I was a kid in the early 90s but can’t recall the bloody names of. :/

      2. I think they stopped the ball on st4. The tower descent is a giant dungeon grind and when you get to Toyko you just wander aimlessly until you figure out the story path. Then back to generic dungeon crawl. If there was story it would have been alright, but it was so generic and intermittent.

        Devil survivor is great though.

  4. God I put in 4 hours into this demo the frog is awesome so many cool attacks should of picked him instead of oh well pretty fun so far

  5. HORRIBLE TITLE! Do they think we’re idiots…? Nice concept art though. Here’s one definition of legacy:
    anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor:

    So we could rephrase the title as the “The Legend of the thing or things which were handed down from the past”. The word legend already implies something in a distant past handed down through oral or written form which renders the use of the word “legacy” somewhat odd and redundant. And who or what’s legacy are we talking about? Is it inheritance? Glory and fame? Personal property as in a testament?? Perhaps to better grasp the meaning of the title we could we rename this game the “Legend of Inheritance” or “The Legend of Glory/Fame”??!?!? Pretty nonsensical. Unless Legacy happens to be the unfortunate name of a character (which would be horrible in itself), the title means absolutely nothing which is sad because it might be a great game.

    Japanese game companies need to stop using English language to name their games just because certain words sound exotic and pretty to the ears even if they are meaningless. I suggest they just give the game an entirely Japanese name to begin with and then later get a proper translation when they localize it in the West. The other option, if they really want an English title, is to simply find a damn English speaker, hire him and get him to find a proper meaningful name for the game. There are plenty of good English speakers out there, even in Japan, so there is NO excuse.

  6. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    Oh dear. Maybe I shouldn’t do this demo, yet. The demos for Etrian Odyssey Untold & Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold got me to get the game as soon as I had money. This demo might result in the same thing & I shouldn’t because I need to get a new Wii U. Screw it! Legend of Legacy, here I come!

      1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

        Didn’t I already tell you? Or was that Lord Zedd I specifically told? *shrug* Yes & no. The Wii U is mostly fine as it still turns on & the data on it is perfectly safe, but the HDMI plug-in on the back of the Wii U is fucked as two of the metal connectors are no longer connected to what they are supposed to be connected to, pressed up against the freaking wall of the inside. I’m not going to risk fixing it myself & I’m not going to risk sending it in to be fixed, either, because I’m afraid some idiot at Nintendo will fucking lose every bit of my fucking save data, digital games, & DLC. That & I need a new Gamepad anyway as it’s far too damaged to be fixed for free which would result in me paying around 100 bucks, so I might as well just buy a refurbished one on the online store. I’d go for a refurbished one at Gamestop but pfft! It’s cheaper to get a refurbished Wii U directly from Nintendo.

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