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NPD: Mobile Most Popular Platform For Gaming For Children Aged 2-17

The NPD Group has revealed the unsurprising news that smartphone and tablets are the most popular gaming platform for children aged 2-17 in the United States. The NPD Group’s recent report titled Kids and Gaming 2015 mentioned that 63 percent of kids said they play games on a mobile device. As we already know Nintendo has teamed up with DeNA to produce Nintendo branded IP for smartphones. We also know that the Pokemon Company has a brand new Pokemon title in development exclusively for smartphones titled, Pokemon Go. The first of Nintendo’s mobile and tablet games will be coming later this year.

  • 63 percent of kids said they play games on a mobile device.
  • 45 percent of kids use a home PC for gaming, a drop of 22 points since 2013.
  • The decline is most prominent among children ages 2 to 5.
  • Video game consoles are also losing ground — used by 60 percent of kids surveyed compared with 67 percent in 2013.
  • Around 41 percent of the kids surveyed by NPD said they spend more time playing games on mobile devices than they did a year ago, with the average amount of time per week growing to six hours.
  • The amount of money kids spent on digital games over the past three months climbed by $5 to $13.



31 thoughts on “NPD: Mobile Most Popular Platform For Gaming For Children Aged 2-17”

  1. Only 6 Hours a week? What are the kids doing nowadays? I can’t go a day without playing like 3 hours of games! I am 15, and I don’t see what other kids are even doing, nor do I ever really see anyone playing mobile games, well besides my mom.

    1. It might be sad to you, but it most likely won’t affect non-mobile players. I’m sure that Nintendo’s main development teams won’t be making these. This is only going to help Nintendo by advertising their console/handheld games and be a nice distraction for those who want to play the mobile games.

    2. … I think you’re new to this site. Haven’t seen you until recently. I’ve noticed that you regularly write “butt” instead of “but.” Just wanted to point out that so you don’t continue on with that mistake. “Butt” is your rear end. “But” is the preposition.

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  3. It may be obvious, but it should be noted that this increase (And equivalent ‘decrease’) are not because kids choose to buy an iPhone over a Vita or 3DS – It’s ‘cool’ to have a phone and run with 24/7 Twitter/Facebook. In effect, you run into the likes of Candy Crush on the App Store and get hooked.

    The results above would only be conclusive if they survey the same kids each year – They don’t! Mobile simply doesn’t have the ‘Umph’ to compete with traditional consoles for numerous reasons.

    All we’re seeing is an increase is kids using mobile – Not abandoning consoles.

    I’ll note – Little Timmy COULD choose between an iPad or 3DS for his birthday, but odds are his decision for either have to do with what he wants (Social media or Mario?), and not his preference in games. Phones/Tablets aren’t suitable gaming devices anyhow.

    1. Handhelds probably survive butt home consol’s that is the question
      People want somthing small and easy to take it everywhere ( lazy parents can take a break from there child ) instead of a home consol luckely Nintendo is very good with handhelds so they while survive if the next handheld (maybe NX) again a hit is by the casual’s

      1. I’m prerty sure even gamers will flock to that. Who wouldn’t want to be put in Mario’s, Link’s, or the shoes of a Pokemon trainer? I believe gen 6 will feature VR, and honestly I can’t wait.

  4. From babies without a fully functional brain to accommodate REAL gaming to dumbass problematic teens who also don’t know real gaming. No wonder it’s “popular” because they’re all inexperienced and stupid about true gaming. Mobile WITH IAPs (almost everything) is a cash grab trap for idiots. No more, no less.

  5. Yeah, cause kids don’t grow up with consoles anymore, every kid even if he/she is only 2 years old, has a damn smartphone/Ipad. It’s pathetic giving a kid that young something so expensive that you know they will drop and break and so forth.

  6. Yet ironically, little kids shouldn’t even HAVE mobile devices. I can’t believe that kids these days are even allowed to have cell phones and calculators in school. Those would have NEVER been allowed back in my day. Even the cheat-sheet on those classic Pee-Chee folders was like a taboo thing.

  7. That’s diffeent though. No one is going to substitute a PS4 for a phone game. Mobile gaming is an addition to what we already play. Mobile Gaming couldn’t compete even if they wanted to.

  8. PC Master Race Agent Narud

    ||The faster you 3 flawed creations are destroyed, the faster we can deal with this flawed agenda of the Apple servants……

  9. please don’t take it the wrong way but mobile gaming is exploding due to female addcition to mobile gaming. It’s cheap (at first), simple, they can get in and out, and mobile games are easy to use. Let’s no forget the control of those type of game does not need much learn time.

    As for kids, well kids like to mimic their parents, hence why kids have access to phone and tablets. Also those toys let’s mum doing what she wants and have some peace. Depend on the age, kids will already been introduced to video games and the phone is an additional game platform.

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