Nintendo Minute Continues Playing Through Super Mario Maker Levels

The Nintendo Minute team is back with more of Super Mario Maker as part of “SUP-tember,” when hosts Kit and Krysta play through some of their favorite levels in the game. The levels featured in this episode are The Great Bomb Migration (65EC-0000-0021-1BD2), Moving Mushrooms (9924-0000-000F-67F8), BOO! (A6CC-0000-0023-F19A) and Flying Buzzy Beetle Castle (60FF-0000-0026-3C2F). Kit and Krysta will be back on September 30 with their final Super Mario Maker SUP-tember video, and they’ll soon be making a level based on suggestions from viewers.



  1. I wonder if anyone actually watches these guys- if so, I hope they play one of my levels.

    For any interested parties, here’s the ID for my latest creation: 5335-0000-0072-3791. Took me 4 hours to make so I hope it’s enjoyable.

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