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Target Lists Shovel Knight Amiibo With January 8th Release Date


Popular US retailer Target is currently listing the highly sought after Shovel Knight amiibo with a January 8th release date. The first third-party amiibo has yet to receive a release date in the United States, but it is arriving in Europe on November 27th. Retailers often put up placeholder dates, but January 8th sounds fairly specific. I guess we shall have to wait and see!

Thanks, Josh N

11 thoughts on “Target Lists Shovel Knight Amiibo With January 8th Release Date”

  1. Plague Knight was like getting a second game free, or nearly so.

    If they were to continue building out all the knights, I’d start paying for them. For Free, we got:
    – a new character
    – New /remixed music
    -new storyline & scripts
    – variations in the level designs
    – new gameplay mechanics

    I hope Yacht Club games doesn’t need a break…they should milk this quality cow for all it’s worth. Absolute masterpiece, especially for the older, nostalgic crowd.

    I’ll buy this Amiibo from a scalper if I have to, or make a deal with the devil, either way, same thing anyway. XD

    1. King Knight and Specter Knight should also be free, along with an eventual Genderswap mode. That’s just what was mentioned in the kickstarter though, they could eventually branch out with paid DLC of the rest of the Order, but if development time takes as long with the next batches as it did with Plague Knight, it’s more likely we’ll a see a sequel instead of DLC past the free kickstarter stuff.

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