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Pre-orders Are Now Live For Marth Nendoroid


GoodSmile has today announced that pre-orders are now open for the immensely cute Marth Nendoroid figure. As with other Nendoroid figures it isn’t exactly cheap as it will set you back around 4,500 Yen, which is around $37.50 / £25 / but it certainly looks to be worth the cash. You can check out some images of the adorable figure above and below.


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7 thoughts on “Pre-orders Are Now Live For Marth Nendoroid”

    1. They’re pretty popular in the “otaku” community, as most of the figures are based on Japanese anime, manga and videogame characters. My brother has a bookshelf full of them (meanwhile I only have Pokemon Trainer Red…) Hatsune Miku Project Mirai’s chibi design is actually based on the Nendoroid designs.

      They’re basically figurines with swappable parts, so one Nendoroid figure can support multiple poses and facial expressions.

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