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Platinum Talks Star Fox Zero And How They Got It Running 60fps On GamePad And Wii U

Platinum Games Yusuke Hashimoto has confirmed to GameSpot that they have managed to get Star Fox Zero running at 60fps on both the GamePad and the Wii U console. The team over at Platinum Games and Nintendo decided to delay the game to give it additional polish and ultimately give it that Platinum feel.

“Those two screens, you can’t find that anywhere else. When we were doing Bayonetta 2, we just used that screen as a touch pad. With Star Fox, Miyamoto originally had the idea that he wanted to create a shooting game that used both of these screens, and then we said, okay, how can we combine this with Star Fox? Just having to use those two screens makes things interesting.

“We’ve got them both moving at 60 fps, which is big for a lot of people, I think,” he continued. “But I think that it’s kind of a milestone in gaming, in a way. It’s not something that we have done ourselves before at Platinum, and it’s just not even something that has been done in gaming before. So it’s a lot of new challenges.”

“We’ve been working with action games long enough. We understand how the players play an action game, how they respond to an action game, how they’ll move, what they’ll do in the situational stuff. What we’re making here now, it’s totally a new learning experience for us, which is kind of fun to find out.”

“We want to make it feel as great as possible. It’s easy to say [it was delayed] to increase its quality, or whatever, but that entails a lot, whether it be visuals, or controls.”


30 thoughts on “Platinum Talks Star Fox Zero And How They Got It Running 60fps On GamePad And Wii U”

    1. To be fair, some of those games are far more impressive graphically and sometimes even technically speaking. Take Assassin’s Creed Unity for example. It was easily one of the best looking games last year and had up to 2,000 NPC’s at the same time. That’s not an easy feat to accomplish.

      1. yes very true example. Ubi-soft take unity to the next gen on Graphic and Technically. Bud the thing is. on Start fox is a another story. Like sometimes you should sacrifice one thing to make things very well. for example. Graphics!! to make boths screen run at 60fps. Now platinum game have anothe great challenges to polish this game without Drop any frame. Bud ubi-soft at the end they just can make unity at 24fps || 30fps.
        because they have a lot of NPC inter connected. that consume a lot of resource in memory and finally take down the Frames.

      2. 2,000 NPC’s? Actually thats very easy to pull off, when you make a character you can easily copy and paste it 2,000 times. Your PC might not handle it well depending lol, but it’s hardly an accomplishment pasting 2,000 AI in your game world…

            1. I never said it ran smoothly. Personally, I’ve never seen it run. I was just trying to clarify what danntheman was trying to say. Apparently he thought it was running pretty smoothly considering everything that was going on in the background.

        1. Yes, a lot of them are identical, but I’m having trouble thinking of another game that has that many NPC’s spawned at once and looks that good. And it’s not like they’re all standing still. They have conversations and react to the environment and Arno. All while being put in the beautiful city of Paris.

  1. Nice, I don’t care if isn’t 1080, just keep it above 720, and lock the frames. For the love of everything, lock the damn frame rate.

    Also where’s the “Star Fox runs at 120fps” guy? XD

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      Good question. Must have been one of the anons locked out of the comment section because of the lockout & is hopefully part of the group that doesn’t want to bother making a wordpress account.

    2. It’s technically 120 since there’s two screens showing a different action view simultaneously. Meaning a few Nintendo games need to be upped in FPS…. LOL.

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    That’s cool. The real question is, is the frame rate locked down at 60fps? If not, come back when it is THEN we’ll get excited. Not counting certain Nintendo fans, though.

      1. I don’t remember hearing that. I could’ve missed it though. It could still be that Miyamoto meant is was ‘going’ to be 60 fps on both and they knew that it wasn’t going to be ready by intended release date so they delayed it.

  3. the good thing with platinum and that statement is the fact you feel the delay is worth it and learn why the game has been delay. Not because they are perfectionist in their job, because they take some pride in the work they do.

  4. pink0crystal0midbus

    I love this relationship between Nintendo and Platinum. Nintendo REALLY knows how to buddy up with the best developers of a generation. They did it with Rare, Factor 5, Retro(then bought them) Next Level Games, and now Platinum.

    They are also best friends with SEGA and have also seemed to be getting close with Koei Tecmo, CAPCOM and now Bandai Namco. Oh and they are hitting the mobile community hard with DeNA.

    Nintendo needs to find some more Western devs to buddy-up with, though. Retro was a HUGE buy for them. If they could find another Retro…. The world would be good.

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