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Level 5 Deciding On Yo-Kai Watch 2 Release

Japanese hit Yo-Kai Watch is finally arriving stateside next month on the Nintendo 3DS and the company is currently thinking of how they’re going to bring across the sequel. For those of you in the know, there’s actually three versions of the sequel. Level 5 chief operating officer Yukari Hayakawa has said that the company still hasn’t made a decision about how they are going to bring it across and are deciding whether it will be a single version or all three. I suspect it all depends on how well the original performs when it hits store shelves on November 6th.

“One is called Ganzo, Honke, and Shinuchi so there’s actually three titles and we are still kind of, we haven’t made the decision on which one to release in the U.S., whether it’s all three or just one, whether it’s all physical or digital.”


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