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Yacht Club Games Gives Shovel Knight Retail Update

The team over at Yacht Club Games have given a retail update for the physical release of Shovel Knight. Part of the update was that the release date has been moved from October 13th, to October 30th for Europe and November 3rd for North America. Yacht Club Games advised that this was due to the Plague of Shadows content taking a little longer than expected, and they wanted to make sure the game had the update straight out of the box. The game will also now come with a downloadable version of the official soundtrack.

Within the update there’s also a note that the Xbox One version has been cancelled due to publishing policies beyond their control, and that they will be potentially working on a PS Vita version. There’s also details on a price change for both the 3DS and Wii U version – they will now retail at $24.99 instead of the original price of $19.99, due to what Yacht Club Games has described as “rules in place about where games with certain prices are displayed” – because of this, they wanted to avoid their new release going straight in the bargain bin, hence raising the price slightly. However, it has been pointed out that some retailers will still honour the original price people have pre-ordered the title for.

For those wondering when the Shovel Knight amiibo will be released in North America, they haven’t missed this out of the update and the team have advised, “For all those wondering about all things Shovel Knight amiibo, we hope to have more updates soon. We’re still pinning down a final release date. As soon as we know, you’ll know! Many have asked for us to open up preorders in North America — and so do know that we are considering it. Hopefully when we announce the release date we’ll have more info on that front!”. You can check out the full article of the retail update here.

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15 thoughts on “Yacht Club Games Gives Shovel Knight Retail Update”

    1. This IS good news. They’re making sure every disk/cartridge comes with Plague of Shadows, and the price raise makes sure it won’t become a bargain-bin game.

    2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      If people expect this amiibo to be any different from rare amiibo like Fire Emblem characters, hah! I wish I still had that kind of optimism for Nintendo related stuff. Maybe we’re expecting too much from a company that use to pride itself on giving the best quality possible to it’s fans.

      1. Actually, Marth might not be so rare now, at least for a few days. My friend who works at Best Buy told me they got a ton of him. He wasn’t lying- there were a line of Marths several feet long, 2 feet wide on a shelf. There must have been well over 150 of them. They also got lots of Lucarios and Greninjas, proving that rumor true.

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Hm. Maybe Nintendo is finally learning. Now they just need to stop doing retail exclusive amiibo. I don’t really want to use Target’s website to get Dr. Mario, but I might not have much choice. :/

          1. I want this so badly, I was going to buy the digital version, but then they talked about the Physical release! I can’t wait to play this on WiiU!

          2. I haven’t played this game yet but have only heard good things. I’m probably gonna grab it on PS4 and if it’s that good I’ll grab it on Wii U. Regardless I plan to get the Amiibo because I want them all (except the Skylanders)

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