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Exclusive Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Items Are Available At GAME

As of yesterday, participating GAME stores with a Nintendo Zone will unlock new furniture in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The Nintendo UK website advises that the theme will be 24-hour shop furniture, which will include special walls, counters and other items.

To unlock these items when visiting a GAME store, you’ll first need to complete Carrie’s request, then just follow the instructions from the Nintendo website below:

“1. Launch Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer while in a Nintendo Zone. In the game, go upstairs in the Nook’s Homes office. Make your character face the Nintendo 3DS system on the office desk and press the A Button.

2. You will receive an explanation about special design requests. Select “Yes, please!” to receive the request.

3. Listen to Filly’s request, then accept it.

4. When you next open the furniture catalogue on the Touch Screen, you’ll see that special 24-hour-shop furniture has been added!”

These items will be available up until January 6th, so there’s plenty of time to get down to a GAME store and unlock them. Nintendo has also noted that they will be adding more items each week, so keep checking back if you can. Here’s a handy link to find your local Nintendo Zone.


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    It’s annoying how little Spotpass is actually getting used these days. Streetpass is great… if you don’t live out in the country or in a small town & have to spend money on gas in order to go anywhere. So when I hear about an event that let’s you play a game for free or get stuff for free, hah! Free my ass…

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