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Super Mario Maker Creator Speaks Out About Super Hard Levels

Nearly-impossible user-created levels are all the rage right now in Super Mario Maker and lead producer, Takeashi Tezuka has an opinion or two about it. Speaking with Edge Magazine, Tezuka-san noted:

There is a tendency for the courses people make to be a little harder than they think they are, the creator already knows the design, where they have placed their traps, and the best route to take. So it would generally be easier for them to play through than someone trying it for the first time. As a result, the course ends up being more difficult than the creator meant it to be.

However, this isn’t a negative against hard levels. Tezuka-san continued by saying:

I’ve been watching lots of different courses on YouTube, it was quite a surprise how much fun it was to watch the videos, without even playing myself. There are so many intriguing and inventive courses, like one which you couldn’t beat if you picked up a mushroom. It’s been a huge motivation for us developers to do better.

Even if we don’t see the same level of difficulty in future levels, chances are we may see some ideas inspired from user-created content. If you would like to try some difficult levels, take a swing at some of the suggested ones from earlier this week.



28 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Creator Speaks Out About Super Hard Levels”

  1. I always see Mario maker as a tools for Nintendo developers to be inspiration and design future course in the future Mario games. Obviously the levels won’t be that hard cause they have to sell games and mario marker is there to fill that gap.

  2. “it was quite a surprise how much fun it was to watch the videos, without even playing myself.”

    If only everyone at Nintendo figured this, maybe then their policies about video sharing on Youtube wouldn’t be as shitty.

    1. I feel they might drop the youtube program at some point if this becomes a trend with Mario maker if some higher ups start paying attention to this

  3. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

    The second this game was announced, I knew people were going to abuse it. Lmao.

  4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Oh good. I thought he was going to decry those levels & we’d get a fucking update that puts restrictions on levels like these.

  5. Super hard levels are fun to watch but not always fun when they show up in 100 Mario challenge.

    I would like to see a new category created for levels like this so they don’t show up in expert category anymore.

      1. The thing is, after awhile, doing the 100 Mario Challenge on expert becomes the only way to finish unlocking all the amiibo costumes and more often than not, you get stupidly ridiculous levels that eat up all your lives like bullet hells that kill you if you’re just a hair off or levels with hidden blocks that fuck up everything.

        See, t

        1. *see, there are two kinds of challenging: there is challenging-but-fun and there’s challenging-but-frustrating, and more often than not, these difficult levels are the latter.

          I hate posting from my phone because the fucking thing keeps closing the keyboard on me and then I hit stuff I don’t want to mid-response.

    1. I think it should be adding in a hard mode which allows for the levels that are a challenge but not super ridiculous. Even a super easy would be nice ones you can’t die in or auto levels which take no effort in.

      Adding in something above expert seems kind of weird where adding something before expert would make more sense. Even if you still had to beat expert a couple times instead of the amount needed now.

  6. Take these shitty video ads off this page. Damn it sucks and you just can’t stop some of the ads…

    As far as the levels, well… players hopefully can show some patience because I know some that I’ve made, they are definitely hard but not like some where you go through a door and just get murdered and the like.

    Spending hours on these, I’d like to get some more play

  7. and if you want to throw me a bone, I made these challenging courses, spent a lot of time on them and even ran out of certain elements making them… anyway, there are some more I uploaded, but here are two codes… check out my other ones too and if I can play yours, that’d be great. Thanks



          1. definitely… looking for good ones always. My thinking is, we aren’t developing 8 worlds with multiple levels in one environment. Therefore, I’m trying to make levels that are like a whole world in one. Each challenge is like defeating a level and in a way, I’m saying THIS is my underground level, my castle, my haunted house, etc…

            I’ll check them out later

    1. I hate these codes btw… I’d rather just search the names out or the uploader. I have to write them down (well, I guess I could use my phone) and then type that in. Knitpicking maybe, but still

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