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French Far-Right Party Uses Little Mac Artwork In Campaign Poster


Front National, the French far-right party, has seemingly used the Little Mac artwork from Super Smash Bros in a recent campaign poster. There’s some differences, but it’s certainly the Little Mac that we all know and love. You can read a rough translation of the poster and what it is all about, below.

 “Hit the system with a good right!” (nice pun) at the top left corner. You can see Little Mac punch a couple of problems the party intends to solve (unemployment, lies, corruption, immigration, insecurity). The #JAB thing is short for “The youth with Boudot”. Guess he’s aiming to get a head start with that frame 1 move?

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Thanks, MasterPikachu6

35 thoughts on “French Far-Right Party Uses Little Mac Artwork In Campaign Poster”

      1. Political campaigns are meant to generate money.
        Lil Mac is being used to make money.
        Nintendo sues you if you make money on their IP’s.
        France get’s sued by Nintendo.

        Nintendo doesn’t sue France.
        Nintendo proves hypocritical and confirms they are just assholes sueing kids and small businesses.

        (too far? Oh well.)

    1. I think this is enough of a difference for it to be considered a parody and therefore fair use.

      It’s like Dark Helmet’s helmet in Spaceballs- you can clearly tell it’s based off of Darth Vader but it’s different “enough” that it safely parodies.

  1. wow can’t believe the front national did that. they really aiming at young people. I really hope Nintendo France will sue them for that but I doubt they will win cause the front national must have think about that… not scrap that they are a bunch of idiot. If it was just the front National I will be happy but you should read the news paper and read what Nadine the bitch says.

    Oh by the way racist and extreme right idea are really popular in Europe (not just in France) due to the 2008 financial crisis.
    IN UK well don’t let’s me start with UKIP and BNP or the EDL.

    In Germany they do like protest especially in Dresden area let you guess the topic of the protests.

    In Sweden the Neo-nazis like to attack people who protest against racism.

    Anyway it’s sad that politic (don’t matter your affiliation) will use characters from video game.

    1. Bullshit all of that is pure bullshit. It’s the left who owns most of the press and love to spread lies and propaganda about them in all these countries. They even hire radical closet communists to attack them when they themselves have non violent protests.

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        I’m sure that’s what the far left is saying about anything negative the far right says about them. I’m American, after all. I should know just how full of bullshit both sides can really be full of

      2. I don’t know where you live but that’s not the case for a lot of European countries which are right wing (please I do not say far right). If the press is left wing bias how come most of the European countries are lead by right wing parties?

        1. I live in Norway. Britian’s conservative party hasn’t been right wing since pre Blair. Angela Merkel’s party is equally only “right wing” on paper not in action. France is run by a party with communist ideas which has screwed the country over big time. Every political party in Sweden except one is far left in action. Fortuneatly, a lot of people are waking up and is able to see that your only option if you want to save these countries from eventually ending up in civil war standards is to vote for the actual right wing parties. Which is why those parties in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France and so on. And just to be clear I don’t agree with everything these parties stand for and I am aware that there are some geuinly racist people representing some of these parties, but as a whole you have to vote for them if you want to save your country from the immigration crisis happening all over Europe.

          1. Can you edit your comments? Because after “Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France and so on” I was gonna write “are skyrocketing upwards in recent polls and elections” because that’s the truth.

          2. Funny you say that France is running by communist idea cause the party maybe left wing but in action they adopted right wing politic. I won’t comment about the solution which is to vote right wing party to save the world and the immigration issue because it’s a debate we should not happen in a video games topic event if this particular subject is politic and at the end of the day it’s your opinion (I disagree with btw).

            1. Yes I think 75 % tax for the richest is just that. No wonder all your richest people have moved to Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium. Or in “Obelix’s” case, Russia! But ok we probably shouldn’t have the rest of this discussion on this site.

    2. I live in Venezuela and a politician in the UK said a few things about my country in certain problem that right now shouldn’t be a problem of the UK, is it possible that the extreme right said it?

      1. Well UK media and politics like to criticise a lot of countries. You should have to read the paper or switch on BBC news to understand that the policians and media like to bash countries like France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal or any Southern European as well as Sweden and Finland. The rest of the world except (USA, China and Japan) for them is just a bunch of savage with no democracy system (and we know those politicians llike to be fantasy with their expenses…)

          1. Any politicians are hypocrite cunt but if you leave in UK and look at the rest of Europe those politicians are the cream of the cream when it come to hypocrisy and give lesson they should follow but don’t.

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    From the posts here, I’m assuming these guys are all scum & Nintendo should nip this in the bud quick. Least the guy that threw a Pokemon fan party wasn’t slandering the Pokemon franchise; The Pokemon Company can do that on their own. (Too soon?)

  3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    (Since my original comment on here seems to be in “awaiting moderation hell” for some weird reason, I’ll try again.)

    From the posts here, I’m assuming these guys are all scum & Nintendo should nip this in the bud quick. Least the guy that threw a Pokemon fan party wasn’t slandering the Pokemon franchise; The Pokemon Company can do that on their own. (Too soon?)

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