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Rumour: Zelda Twilight Princess Icon Spotted On Wii U eShop

Now this could well be something interesting as a data miner has apparently spotted the logo for the Gamecube and Wii hit The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii U eShop. The reasons why it suddenly appeared on the Wii U eShop remain unknown but it would be rather nice to get either a port or a full HD remake like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker received. Hopefully we should find out soon if this actually amounts to anything. Let’s hope it does!

Thanks, Batman

42 thoughts on “Rumour: Zelda Twilight Princess Icon Spotted On Wii U eShop”

    1. Hell yah! TP is probably my 2nd fav Zelda game and it would just look fricken awesome in HD!

      Then again they are already re making HWarriors for some odd reason, so chances are slim. If it turns out to be a Wii VC then I probably wont buy it ‘cuz i already have it.

    1. sadly that’s probably the case. but id rather have a HD collection for NX, using higher specs then wii U and include twilight princess, ocarina of time, majoras mask, and skyword sword. not that Nintendo would use unreal. but some fan re made some areas from ocarina of time and majoras mask using unreal and I think it would be a awesome launch tittle for NX to show off a HD collection of older games. seeing them up updated visuals and animations would be a great away to get a good look at what the NX could do

    1. That’s not necessarily true. An HD remake would stir up the hype for Zelda, and might even help the sales of Zelda U. Not saying it’s gonna happen, but not saying it won’t either.

      1. Just practically started a playthrough of the Wii version a month ago, so I’m “eh” if they just release a VC download. If it’s an HD remake, I would be glad to start the game again… and finish the Lakebed Temple… Again, dammit.

        1. I LOATH the lakebed temple! Only water temple that actually gives me trouble! Of course I haven’t played it in years, so chances are I would be way better at it now.

          1. The problem with it is that it still has the things people don’t like about OoT’s Water Temple and MM’s Great Bay Temple added together and multiplied times ten. It confusing, has an entirely pointless heart piece chest that’s easy to miss if you forget about it, and I find that there isn’t enough lighting under the water. It feels like I’m being shortsighted for no reason (and yet somehow Link glows). Also, don’t get me started on that one chest that has the “water slide” with the rupee chest at the top. I trekked up that whole thing (since you can only go to the chest after getting the clawshot later) by walking slowly for almost 10 minutes, and all you get is 20 rupees. I was so pissed because I forgot about that from before.

            1. Yea, except Oot’s water temple was freaking easy! I went in there all “oh no the dreaded water temple” and then beat it in like 30min while watching a movie!

              1. I’m in the same boat. I just replayed the game a few weeks ago, so yea, not too exciting. Unless it’s an hd version of course… I replay this game every year.

            2. Four remakes in five years, no thank you, please focus on Zelda U, and maybe after TP HD ; ) … Also, the game, in my opinion, was full of flaws, if they are going to do it again, I want them all settled = )

              1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                More life in the barren, giant fields would be appreciated. But considering the Great Sea in Wind Waker HD didn’t get a boost in enemies, I won’t hold my breath for Nintendo fixing that issue. :/

            3. I still think Ocarina Of Time deserves an HD remake more than ANY Zelda game! The 3D version wasn’t good enough. Give it the HD treatment. Twilight Princess already looked good enough the way it was (same as Wind Waker. it already looked great before the HD version).

              And this is pretty lame if it’s just the Wii version on Virtual Console, when people can already play the physical Wii version on the Wii U.

            4. It’ll most likely be a Wii Virtual Console game. Zelda Wii U is suppose to be launching next year so remastering another Zelda game would be pointless but you never know

            5. Calling it! Nintendo Direct this month!
              New Smash character rumor.
              New mobile game tba soon.
              Now this!?
              No coincidence!

            6. Man, at this point Nintendo should just change there names to yearly ZeldaGame… Com… Err. .. Abort abort. I can’t find anything witty to say. XD

              1. There was plenty to do. First off, if you just follow the main story line you never get bored, or run out of stuff to do. Because your always triggering the next event/dungeon. If you do want to break off and do side quests there was tons to do. The bugs, the poes, the caves, the mini games. Which TP had the best mini games out of any Zelda ever. Exploration of that Hyrule was awsome. You always found hidden stuff everywhere. Twilight Princess is by far the most hated game in the Zelda franchise for all the wrong reasons. It’s personally my favorite Zelda game.

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  “Oh look! Enemies off in the far distance on this big ass field! *gets there to find only one or two enemies* Well this is disappointing.” Yeah! There was definitely tons of enemies to fight when you just want to wander the fields & fight enemies! *sarcasm*

                2. No no, Majora’s Mask is the most hated, at least by me anyway. Twilight falls in 5th place, Ocarina, Windwaker, A Link Between Worlds then Skyward Sword, followed by Twilight Princess in 5th.

                1. I want new single player games. I’m really about tired of Nintendos focus on multiplayer and family party games. It gets old. I’m party gamed out. I want Zelda. I want Metroid. I want a new IP focused on single player…

              2. This would be freakin’ awesome. Twilight Princess is one of my most favorite Zelda games. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are tied as my most favorite Zelda games. An HD remake would be nice, heck maybe as a surprise holiday title. Would be disappointing if it was a Wii VC game.

              3. If true, Wii U’s backwards compatibility would be further diminished. Though I’d like a re-release of Okami on Wii U but w/ Gamepad support to improve gameplay (the motion controls were an exercise in frustration).

                So, Wii & GBA games are re-released on Wii U’s VC while still devoid of GameCube & Dreamcast re-releases. Handheld games on a home-console?! Wii re-releases on VC for a console w/ backwards compatibility?! I know it’s funny, Hilarious, but I ain’t laughing, feels like a Deception. Not because it’s untrue, but because these counterintuitive notions are actually happening, consumers think it’s normal, & HD seems to excuse a lot.

                I for 1 want new & actually old home-console games on Wii U; not some Wii re-release on VC, HD or not. If they were but a footnote in Wii U’s library, then fine (except handheld on a home-console; just no). But since that’s not the case, they’re insulting, a cash-grab, reeking of desperation. Wii U had the potential to start where the 6th gen left off, while improving & expanding gameplay like DS did. Yet few if any tried. I guess the lack of GCN & DC re-releases is a telltale sign that Nintendo has abandoned that era just as most of the industry has, or what’s left of it.

                Won’t someone save this industry?

              4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                I’m only in support of a Twilight Princess HD remake, of the Gamecube version, fuck the Wii version unless it comes with Wii Motion Plus controls, if they fix the many issues the original has like barren fields with only a few enemies here & there, not many horse back battles when roaming the fields on Epona & when you are attacked it’s not enough enemies to even give you a challenge & make it fun and they stop chasing you if you leave that section, not enough horse back battles for the main story as there were only 3 in the entire game that really played a part in the game’s story, the ability to call Epona at any time when not needing the whistle grass didn’t become available til the end of the game when it was a moot point at that point, hm. Am I missing anything? Well those are my main issues with Twilight Princess. Oh & bland, dull colors! I want my Zelda to be colorful, damn it!

                1. Twilight Princess often gets accused of having no colors, but I have always argued the opposite. It’s one of the most colorful Zeldas ever made, with the exception of Windwaker. The entirety of Lake Hylia is nothing but a color show. Castle town, Agithas house, and the fishing hole are as well. The dungeons, all of them, have brilliant colors with amazing lighting. From the greens of the Forest Temple, blues of the Lakebed Temple, reds of Goron Mines. It was a color filled game. The colors are drab where they are supposed to be, and bright and colorful where they are supposed to be. Twilight Princess is a work of art IMO… A Masterpiece of game and graphic design. It won that generations best graphics award for a reason. People like to bash it now, but at the time it was above and beyond anything else on a home console. Mostly when people complain, they are complaining of Hyrule Field. Hyrule Field was made for the use of one major scene in the game. After that scene, and you capture the two bugs there, there was no reason to go back. I never understood why people complained so much about such an insignificant part of the world map. People also seem to forget that the lighting in Twilight Princess was ahead of its time. There was nothing out at the time of release that came close to that quality of lighting.

                  You complain about not enough enemies on the map to give you a challenge, and on that I agree. That, as well as the lack of a difficulty setting has been an ongoing problem in every Zelda since Ocarina of Time, not just TP. There’s no reason a seasoned Zelda player should have to play on easy mode just for the sake of newcomers. It’s been a serious problem with the Zelda series of late, and my one major complaint. It’s something I hope they remedy with the next installment, because if they don’t, well…..

                  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                    Like some with Wind Waker & Adventure of Link, I give TP a lot of hate now but one day in the future I’ll give it the love it deserves. But that’s still the future and unlike for WWE, the future is NOT now. xD

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                5. Twilight Princess is easily one of my favourite Zelda games, but I think it’s too soon for a remake. I think they should do like what they did with Wind Waker and release it among the first few titles for the NX. The GC graphics of WW were a bit outdated and a remake was good, but I think that Twilight Princess looked really great and the Wii U graphics won’t bump it up as much.

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