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Take A Peek Inside The Original Nintendo Building From The 1800’s

Furnished with the placard “THE NINTENDO PLAYING CARD CO,” an old building stands in Kyoto, Japan where Nintendo once ran its day-to-day business. Despite the fact that Nintendo has since moved their headquarters, adventurous YouTuber GovernerWatts decided to take a peek inside the old building. While the video is equal parts “break in” and “investigation in the pursuit of history,” it is an interesting view of Nintendo before it was “Nintendo.” Check out the video below:

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6 thoughts on “Take A Peek Inside The Original Nintendo Building From The 1800’s”

  1. yeah i heard about nintendo was founded years ago and it was founded as a playing card and also i did not know they make playing cards back then even that everything like video games and TV and cars was not invented in that time plus this foundation was all over the internet :/

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