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DeNA And Nintendo’s Mobile Partnership Extends Well Past 5 Games

We have heard for some time now that the first mobile game which is being developed by DeNA and Nintendo is due to be announced soon. If you were reading yesterday you will remember that DeNA West chief executive officer Shintaro Asako said the announcement is coming “soon.” Well we also know now that the partnership between the two companies extends well past the 5 games which are due to be released between now and March 2017, as Asako says that it is “a really long-term initiative.”

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11 thoughts on “DeNA And Nintendo’s Mobile Partnership Extends Well Past 5 Games”

  1. Neat! I’ve always wanted them to do phone games! As long as it doesn’t interfere with their console and handheld games. Which it won’t because they have an entirely different team working on them.

    1. I feel as if a lot of people don’t realize that too. Nintendo most likely isn’t even directly developing the mobile games; they’re most likely just supervising them to make sure they have some form of quality (hopefully).

      1. I think it’s more so that Nintendo has announced a few high profile names from there top teams to be making, or working in one form or another in mobile games. Like the producer of MK beign appointed as a head of mobile development. I don’t think people understand that it’s only the producer, and not his entire team which could still continue to develop games.

    2. I’m calling it. They’re gonna probably do a Nintendo Direct on Halloween and announce the first mobile game and Zelda TP HD. It would be neat if they had a whole Halloween theme going on during the Direct too. (IF I’m even a tiny bit accurate, which I’m most likely not.)

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