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Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Is Spreading Across The US

It seems like Dave & Busters is giving Luigi a chance. News from Addison, IL is that the Luigi’s Mansion Arcade cabinet, previously Japan exclusive, is being tested. The cabinet, which is based on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on Nintendo 3DS, lets players spend quarters sucking up ghosts with a Poltergust 3000-shaped controller. While the cabinet has only been found in Addison so far, chances are that Dave & Busters will be testing this across other major cities — similar to their testing of Pokkén Tournament.



5 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Is Spreading Across The US”

  1. I really hope there’s a home console version in the future, regardless if it’s the Wii U or the NX (assuming it’s a home console)

  2. We were in Chicago this weekend and went to the Addison D&B without knowing this was there and my son who is a Luigi’s Mansion fan went nuts when he saw it.
    The cabinet and on screen graphics are mostly in Japanese but there are several pages of info on laminated cards attached to the back of the machine with interpretations so you aren’t going in completely cold.
    We mostly skipped those and went by my son’s experience with Dark Moon and we got by ok.
    There are signs in English added on that say “This is a location test of a Japanese arcade machine.”
    It’s 2 player, sit down cabinet with I think 4+1 speakers which gave decent directional sound.

    We played it for awhile, and kept adding credit as one of us died to continue. I haven’t played Dark Moon but my son has and he recognized D.M. stuff as we went through it.
    Fun game and I know my son hopes it gets an English version (and permanent one in Chicago).
    Some pictures I took are here:

  3. Oh, and BTW, Flappy bird, and Angry Birds, and Candy Crush were all there too (still) to follow up on Onikara’s comments and other iOS to arcade ports. (Beside the ones that have been at D&B for awhile like Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, etc.)
    Without Luigi, I would have spent a bunch more at the Star Wars Battle Pod (when were weren’t mining tickets).

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