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Video Game Pre-Orders Are Up 24% This Year

It seems as though pre-orders of video games are only increasing despite there being a number of high-profile releases that have suffered from rocky launches. Data obtained by Adobe Analytics shows that pre-orders are up 24% this year. The company also mentioned that pre-order revenue is up 33 percent year-over-year. Here’s where the results obtained by Adobe Analytics gets even stranger:

Adobe Analytics found that sadness was the emotion most often associated with preorders, with 33 percent of those polled picking that feeling. More positive emotions, like joy and admiration, represent 18 percent each of those polled.


20 thoughts on “Video Game Pre-Orders Are Up 24% This Year”

  1. People continue to fork over money for paltry pre order bonuses so they can enjoy buggy games and 40GB pitches that fix what they paid for six months after release. Most AAA gaming is fundamentally broken and consumers are making sure it stays that way.

  2. Seriously? I get that at the end of the day its up to everyone individually what they do with their money but come on. After all the major releases last year that had huge issues on launch why would you take the chance? Is it really going to hurt to wait till day 1, see if there are any major flaws and THEN buy the game? SMH

  3. After hearing about rise of the tomb raider having over 300 micro transaction; Along with how dlc & season pass practice going on the way it is now; this is pretty worrying for the game industrial as a whole.

  4. I have NEVER preordered any game ever. Not Nintendo games, not games that have “nice” preorder bonuses, not for any game. I refuse to buy a game until I know 99% that I will enjoy it. I haven’t played many… “bad games” because of this so far, and of course there are some small exceptions (if you count unwanted games in Humble Bundles) like games that I buy on launch despite several unfavorable reviews (Hyrule Warriors for example, and yet I love this game).

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      I completely understand. Though, Japanese games are usually the exception for me. Only because of Japanese reviewers like Famitsu pulling the weight. Granted, Japanese standards are probably different from your own. I find myself Day 1’ing fewer games than from my youthful days of flesh.
      I wish I could have pre-ordered Fatal Frame 5. I can only hope that I’ll be able to pre-load it soon. I really hope they don’t cut content…
      I’d cross my fingers if they weren’t made of Steel and Titanium scrap metal.

  5. I always preorder so I get the game day 1 no matter what. But I only buy games I’m 100% sure I’m gonna love because my money is fairly limited.

  6. Before when video games where decent and did con you to a lower level than now I never pre-order a game (in fact there is no game I wanted that much I wanted to pre-order) but now I hate exclusive content depend on where and when you pre-order the game. Furthermore with all those DLCs in the games, I don’t even want to pre-order a game anymore. Saying that the last game I pre-order is xneoblade chronicle X….

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