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Crunchyroll Is Now On The Original Wii


Popular anime streaming application Crunchyroll has announced that the app is available for Wii owners to download. It’s a free download but if you want to avoid the adverts then you will need to subscribe to the premium tier. If you are still using your original Wii you may as well check it out. Crunchyroll is also available on the Wii U via the eShop.


19 thoughts on “Crunchyroll Is Now On The Original Wii”

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    1. All the while, anime fans prefer to use Crunchyroll since they’re, well, anime fans. CrunchyRoll, Hulu, and FUNimation’s own streaming service are the few legitimate ways to watch anime, so fans and supporters of the industry tend to use those services.

      1. I know very few people who use any of those 3 services. A good chunk of whom are complete and total weaboos; hug pillows, Miku figures and all. Hell, they even stream from websites like animeflavor, and at Anime North during marathon sessions or premiere panels.

  2. Great, the Wii has a large install base much larger than Wii U so this may be convenient to some CrunchyRoll users… Y’know, as if watching in 480p on the Wii is better than 1080p on any other device. On another note, while I understand fans of Japanese anime-esque games tend to have a Vita and that’s why the Vita makes sense to have a Crunchyroll app, why not make one for the 3DS next? =,=

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