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Nintendo Relaunches Updated Developer Website

In the wake of news regarding Nintendo sending out Nintendo NX software kits, Nintendo has relaunched their Nintendo Developer Program with a new website. The Portal allows Game Developers, Tool Developers and Publishers to register and gain better access to tools and resources for whatever they are trying to create. After identifying where you are in the industry, developers are asked to register, create their Nintendo Network ID, and submit their credentials. This seems like Nintendo is trying to be as developer-positive and foster interest in upcoming systems.

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9 thoughts on “Nintendo Relaunches Updated Developer Website”

  1. That’s pretty dang good evidence that they did indeed give out dev kits, giving further credence to the recent rumors. Not 100% by any means but pretty good evidence.

    1. It means nothing. The developers program page only speaks of wii u and new 3DS. It’s just a little change to what they have already been doing.

      1. Actually there is a section for the NX it’s just not labeled NX. It’s labeled “unreleased system” or something. Atleast that’s what GameXplain said, and they’re very reliable.

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Please Kimishima! Be what Iwata couldn’t, or wouldn’t be: Nintendo’s savior! Save us from the casuals, idiot fanboys, etc!

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