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Rumor: Nintendo NX Tech Demo Can Only Run On PCs With ‘Cutting-Edge’ Chips

More rumors about the Nintendo NX‘s power are continuing to surface online. The Wall Street Journal, which recently reported that software development kits have already begun being distributed to third-party developers, is now saying that some sort of an NX tech demo requires such a large amount of power to the point where it can only run on PCs with “cutting-edge” chips. The following comes from Journal correspondent Takashi Mochizuki:

Several people who said who have seen a demo said what they saw is impossible to run on a computer without a “industry-leading” or “cutting-edge” chips. Cutting-edge in what way, they refused to elaborate.

And an important thing to remember, probably you know well already, is that chip specs won’t be finalized until much closer date to the release.


130 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo NX Tech Demo Can Only Run On PCs With ‘Cutting-Edge’ Chips”

    1. Yeah if these rumors hold true it seems like Nintendo is trying to do what Sony and Microsoft did in the 7th generation and that’s pushing technology forward from a console perspective. If the NX tech demo requires ” cutting edge chips ” then that will automatically declare it as the world’s first 4K capable home console and that would be huge. If it ends up being true, the only thing I’ll be concerned about is the price tag. Truth is, I’m a fanboy I’m going to buy it regardless of the price but I don’t know if other consumers will feel the same way if the cost is too steep but on the other hand if the system is technically impressive and has great games (which it will because it’s Nintendo) and seems like it’s worth it’s potential high price tag then people would probably still buy it. I just want E3 2016 to hurry up damn it so we find this news out ourselves lol

        1. most PPL doesn’t have a 4K tv and Nintendo is not getting much 3rd party support so not many PPL are going to buy a expensive console with poor 3rd party support and mediocre online most PPL just want to play nintendo games at 1080p/60fps for a cheaper price tag than the XBone.

          1. As I recall most people didn’t have HD tvs when the Xbox 360 and the PS3 arrived and how do you know for certain if the NX is not going to get 3rd party support of if Nintendo won’t fix their online service? If the rumors are true, then it means Nintendo is building the NX for the future to compete with the PS5 and the next Xbox and if they are then it would make no sense at all for them to make it marginally more powerful than current gen consoles. Stop being so negative

          2. @ paidenthusiast,
            No “probably” about it. Look at all the people who still bought PS4’s and Xbox One’s even at those asinine high prices, all because they were more powerful. There’s no doubt the NX will sell like hotcakes if it really is super powerful. Even if it was $500 USD.

            Power is the only thing that Nintendo consoles has been lacking in the last couple generations. And the biggest reason why so many third-party companies put their tail between their legs and ran away.

            1. 4k home console would be impossible, we are talking about 4x the resolution of 1080p and we also have to account the graphics improvement and features. I dont think that even ps5 or xbox 2 will handle 4k at 60fps or even 30fps, and those games that run on that resolution wont be that different to current games

              1. That’s funny. Every current gen console has better first party titles on them than the PS4. While it maybe a good system I wouldn’t go out and buy it for at least another year.

              2. Why PS4 when 1. PS3 gets the same games since there’s not one or hardly a few next gen only games for the new consoles plus older gen PS3 online is free and 2. PC gets the same shit but also with free online play and modding/graphic enhanced experience.

                I also learned that PS4 doesn’t even play external media like PS3 and that was a deal breaker for me.

                1. Honestly, what many people fail to understand, and Sony fails to explain, is that online IS free on the Ps4. Its Playstation plus that costs money. I do not have Playstation plus (nor will I ever) but I can still play Destiny online, or Dark Souls 2 online, or any game that runs online. Nothing prevents me from getting online, I just don’t get the added benefits that Playstation Plus offers, like “free games” every month. I love how they call them free when your actually paying for them… lol

                    1. That is because both of you are mistaken on this subject. For one you don’t need PS+ to log into the PS4.

                      You can play free-to-play games, and subscription games for free online as you might already know, and you can also play plenty of other PS4 games online without PS+ also, but like I pointed out to Deepsouth, certain features in these online games require PS+.

                      Like in Destiny, you can play online but you can’t participate in a lot of the events that happen in the game because they require PS+, or do things like join Fireteams.


                    2. That isn’t completely true, I’m guessing you haven’t gotten that far into Destiny to be saying this, or you pretty much do everything solo? Because certain aspects of its multiplayer do require PS+.

                      Raids, PVP, Crucible ect. What other games are you playing for free online and are you accessing everything the game has to offer? Cause I think you’re mistaken in telling people it is completely free online. A lot of PS4 games will work online without PS+, but just like Destiny you’ll be locked out of certain features.

                      Obviously the free-to-play games don’t require PS+, or games that need a subscription.

                      I also think what you define as free is subjective in the case of PS+. To me, with the amount of games I’ve gotten over the years on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 that far exceed the cost I’ve spent on PS+ entirely, they have been free. Although I have PS+ for the discounts, the games thrown in are an added bonus. Value is important to me, and I feel PS+ offers great value for what you get, I mean had PS+ on the PS3 and PS Vita anyway, long before the PS4.

                      To each their own with that though, I don’t expect everyone to find it valuable, and yes it does suck that it’s required for certain online aspects.

                      1. Yea, your right on this one. I was about four hours into Destiny when I made that post. Up to that point, I had solo’d everything. When you reach level 8 in Destiny your first strike becomes available. I saw it availabe on the Earth map, and assumed I could do it, without ever really looking at it. After my first mission on Venus, I went to play it, and it said it was locked off until I purchased PS plus. So guess what? Even though I said I’d never get PS plus, I got it right there on the spot. I’m not a hypocrite I promise, I was just misled from my past experiences. I assumed all the content on Destiny was available without PS plus. So why would I get Playstation plus? There would be no reason to if I didn’t need it to fully experience the games I bought. Dark Souls 2 did not require PS plus to access all the content. I believe the entirety of Bloodbourne was also availabe without PS plus, however I played that game offline. Also I played The Witcher 3 fully to completion without ever having PS plus. I didn’t notice anything I was missing out on. I played Arkham Knight to completion without PS plus.

                        So I still believe you do not need PS plus to enjoy your PS4. Destiny is the only game out of five that I actually needed PS plus to experience the full game. I love Destiny so much I was willing to spend the extra cash on it. In fact, I think the only reason I didn’t have PS plus is because I was waiting for a situation like this where I would pratically be forced to buy it. Destiny forced me to buy it. Dark Souls did not. Bloodbourne did not. The Witcher did not. Arkham Knight did not…… But I’m glad I have it…

                        1. Welcome to the club. I hope you enjoy it, and don’t feel like your money is wasted. I’ve always loved PS+.

                          And yes, for sure, you do not need PS+ to enjoy the PS4. For certain games it’s small things you may not notice, like leaderboards or some matchmaking options. It just depends.

                          Not that I’d recommend Nintendo doing something similar in terms of the online part, but if they had something like this that offered good deals and a few goodies every now and then, I’d gladly pay for it.

                        2. idk I’m about the games them selfs, I have a wii U, and 3DS, and xbox 360, and a xbox one. my ex had a ps3 but we only had like 2 games. if it were not for no mans sky I dont even know why I would get a ps4. but a NX sounds better and better every day. lets just hope the hype is real.

                      2. we all want a super powerful console… but no one wants to pay for a super powerful console… would you guys be pleased for a Cutting-Edge tecnology console for 600$?

                        1. This guy knows what’s up. 600$ isn’t even CLOSE to what you would pay for something cutting edge on PC. People think that consoles should get this type of hardware for cheap, because… magic?

                          1. The PS3 was originally 600 dollars and people still bought it and we all know what happened at the beggining…
                            If this turns out to be a monster of a console and it’s 600 dollars i would gladly pay for it as i can afford it and if they make another Metroid Prime oh GAWD!!!.
                            But only time will tell if this is true or what…
                            I am hoping that it is, but we all know Nintendo chooses not to compete in terms of power.
                            And i am not hating on nintendo, i actually have all 3 consoles and a New 3DS Xl and an original one.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Power means nothing if you have mediocre games and unjustifiable features that are barely used which in turn does not justify the price itself>>>

                                  1. Yeah that may be true indeed, but remember that is why Nintendo doesn’t have 3rd party support and because of its arquitecture…
                                    Nintendo really needs a really good console… Make no mistake, I love my Wii U but would love to see more games on it.
                                    I have the 3 consoles of this generation and theres barely anything that pulls me over…
                                    Still, I am playing more Super Mario Maker than any other games on the PS4 or XBO.

                                  2. As people said: If it’s as powerful as has been claimed these past days (that even an intel i7 CPU and a high end GPU can’t keep up.. how is that even remotely believable..) it’s going to be much more than 600$.. not to mention that it’s going to be a huge motherfucker, because those components want to be cooled too…
                                    The PS3 would have cost almost 900$ had it not been for the subsidy by sony.. and you can rest assured that nintendo won’t do the same thing

                                    Don’t deceive yourself by believing these claims are going to become true, it might be a good bit more powerful than XBO and PS4 (which isn’t even hard nowadays) but it’s certainly not going to be on par with today’s high end PCs

                                    1. i am not that sure that NX will have a powerful cpu, i dotn doubt that the gpu will be powerful, but a powerful cpu? at must i would expect something in the line of a core i5, not to mention that gpus have improved so much that they can do general purpose tasks(gpgpu) that were cpu bound before like physics and now that nintendo has joined the Khronos Group recently clearly they are aiming to use a more standarized gpgpu software like Opencl.

                                      i would imagine that they tried out the demo on a pc trhough the sdk, i would say that if the core i7 was being havely used probably was because the embedded gpu on it(there is a reason they call it intel hd graphics) had higher prioriy than the dedicated gpu and so the demo was squeezing to much of the core i7 power;

                                    2. i think it would be closer to 500$ and i have a feeling Nintendo well bundle that with a game, or maybe some money on the eshop or something.
                                      i hope the home version comes in a “media” (has disk drive, has accessories, comes with gamepad, hopefully a new gamepad) and a “digital” (which would just be the system and a new pro controller, no disk drive, and no accessories) but the digital would be cheaper and you could upgrade as you go, so for example if you wanted backwards compatibility you would need to buy a gamepad, if you wanted to play blueray you need to buy a USB disk drive. but it would allow customers to say get the system at 400$ VS a media version at 500$
                                      kind of like Nintendo did with the basic and deluxe version of wii U….but more thought out.

                                  3. Allow me to be a little skeptical. We all know Nintendo’s politic on never looking at the power, and more on the innovation.
                                    I want to believe it’s true. I really do. But I’d rather wait to have official sources.

                                          1. Sorry I’m so late in responding. For some reason I didn’t get a notification. The news isn’t “official” unless it comes directly from Nintendo. WSJ is going off of what a 3rd party told them. It’s not official.

                                            1. I want to get a PS4, but if the NX is releasing within the next year or two and will have third party support then I don’t know if it’s worth it.

                                              I’ll probably buy a PS4 then when NX releases sell it and buy the NX.

                                            2. well thats one budget that they might cut off in there company and the chips might finalize the console as a success.

                                                          1. This is actually the kind of publicity the NX needs. Graphics don’t matter to Nintendo, but im sure they want to be sure the NX will compete with the PS5 and Xbox whatever.

                                                              1. i think the things they need for success are
                                                                1) the power that developers and customers want (yes not all customers just care about power, but that’s just people for yea

                                                                2) new updated versions of all their controllers, a new “view pad” that can be a sort of tablet on its own, a new remote, classic controller, balance board, nunchuck. and with all the smart watch craziness i think they could sell a new fit meter that’s more of a smart device.

                                                                3) some sort of game engine that developers (especially indie developers) could use exclusive to Nintendo systems. it would be free to use so long as the game stays exclusive to NX.

                                                                4) games like Mario kart, party, smash, and Mario “sports” would become development platformes. in other words they would be free to start, and would last the life of the system with new content. so next time they had a “Splatoon” like game coming. then DLC would come to smash brothers for new characters or levels, or weapons, Mario kart would get new kart peaces or tracks. so 1 it would be a way of promotion for those new games, and 2 it would keep these development platform games full of new content.
                                                                while something like Mario “sports” would just be a launcher app, and you just buy the different sports as they come out.

                                                                5) Wii becomes family friendly branding. so any game that would be “fit” for the family sitting around and doing a sort of game night thing. could easily pick those games based on “wii” being on the box. it keeps that branding alive, but is used in a different way

                                                                6) virtual console has a optional monthly service when you get access to all VC games, and it also has cloud saves so you can play on your handheld, or phone/tablet/pc
                                                                (i dont tend to buy VC games on a regular bases, BUT if i could just pay 10$ a month to play any VC game then i would totally spend 10$ a month for that.)

                                                                7) they work on online services so that third party is more willing to develop. one of the reasons Nintendo is hurting with AAA third party support is not just because of graphics but also online. games like COD, and battlefield had terrible online with weird solutions for chat. not saying Nintendo needs to totally be like Xbox or PS, BUT they do need to see what is now industry standard and accept that, or do better. IF the rumors are true that Nintendo has bin poching workers from google, Microsoft, and apple to work on OS, and cloud services, and already they have bin working with amazon, and DEna (how ever they spell it) i have a feeling they well have something really crazy to show off

                                                                8) they should buy SEGA, and platinum. rework SEGA so that it just focuses on established IP (sonic, house of the dead, golden ax, rise of nightmare exe) but let them develop for all platforms just with Nintendo timed exclusives and also focus on better quality of development, mean while platinum would fallow similar rules BUT would focus on M rated games as well as T-M rated Nintendo IP such as a T-M rated star fox, or Metroid, eternal darkness exe.

                                                                9) keep looking outside gaming for new business, yes they are doing the QOL thing but i think they should let QOL work on all future versions of art academy, “Nintendo fit”, brain age, exe. as well as focus on what QOL really mean “quality of life” in other words education, fitness, health, preventive medicine, clothing, internet of things, smart homes, transportation. not saying that Nintendo should start working on the next smart electric car, but they could always start a Japanese EV rental service or a app for navigation. same with preventive medicine they could work on a cloud app that tracks air quality and virus breakouts to better work on solutions. AND its Nintendo they could figure out how to work fun and gaming into those apps so people are encouraged to use them more. remember NX is a development platform not just a system. tablets/phones/PC are part of that DP so they could really take Nintendo to the next level if they come at it from the right angle and speed

                                                            1. Im getting the system regardless, its Nintendo after all the system i grew up on, plus i have been saving money for the new console since i purchased my Wii u… ;)

                                                              1. i have a feeling part of it well come out next year, but all of it well be announced. i hope they start at CES and not just wait till E3, also i hope we get to see what the new QOL department has bin working on at CES. we where supposed to hear about it in spring 2015. hopefully its not canceled, the new president did say he plans on continuing with iyawata’s plans and also said he knows Nintendo needs to expand to servive….so hopefully that means QOL is just taking its time and not abandoned.

                                                            2. This is what deveoplers said about Project Cafe too. Look how that turned out. Just a slightly more powerful PS3. So im not hypef developers are bull shitters.

                                                              1. I don’t recall any developers saying ” Project Café ” was vastly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS3 nor did I see them praise it’s dev kits but I myself will take a wait and see approach to see what Nintendo confirms

                                                                1. UUhm Nintendo paid some 3rd party devs to say nice things about ”Project Cafe” the rest was pretty negative.

                                                                  And if NX is a hybrid console I can see Nintendo market it different in the regions like the console in the middle of the screen with a ”traditional” controller on the left and the portable controller on the right. With in the west the camera sliding to the left and talking about the system , games and price point. While in Japan(where they like more portable stuff) the camera would slide to the right and talk about the system, games, portable controller and price. (or atleast I would market it that way)

                                                                    1. “UUhm Nintendo paid some 3rd party devs to say nice things about ”Project Cafe” the rest was pretty negative.”

                                                                      I have no recollection of any such thing, do you have a source? Preferrably with confirmation that they actually have been paid by Nintendo and didn’t say it of their own accord..
                                                                      Or was that just conjecture?

                                                                    2. well think about it, when Wii U came out, it did have more power, and had new ideas, and at the time power PC was still the norm for a gaming system. Xbox is literally named after Microsoft’s XNA software, its literally the XNA-box. the idea was always to figure out how to leverage Xbox as a windows device, and with the Xbox running windows 10 it needed to be X86, mean while Sony’s PS3 was really complicated to develop for and most games were 720 because of this. to make things easier they also switched to X86 so PC games could be ported faster.
                                                                      this made the Wii U the odd man out being the only new system that didn’t switch to X86, power PC has always bin hard to develop for because all games are made on a PC to begin with. thus its a lot more work for developers to port games to one power PC system, and a lot less work to get games to run on PS4, or Xbox one.
                                                                      IF Nintendo switched to X86 (and it sounds like they have) it could really give a boost to third party support because porting the game over would take a few weeks not months. also keep in mind that Xbox One and PS4 are not even halfway into their life span, which is predicted to be around 8-10 years (360 was 7 years) so if the NX is x86 then it well have planet of time to grab developers. especially if it has more power, a new OS, and dev kits that speed things along.

                                                                      1. I don’t think this generation will last as long as the previous one. Considering that the installbase of both consoles isn’t (and won’t be) as huge as their predecessors’, studios generally won’t sell as many games as last gen (games that the consoles themselves already have trouble to run in the first place). The general discontent among devs may add some pressure, shortening the lifespan of both consoles.

                                                                        It feels like devs are trying to make bigger, more expensive games instead of adapting to the hardware, so they need to rely on safe bets (ports from last gen with a new coat of paint, HD ‘remasters’ and the like) between each completely new game. As a result, each game is a bigger gamble, and with it comes a slimmer profit.

                                                                        I think the situation will become unsustainable soon enough. This is their ‘let’s sell games by pushing the performance of the console to the limit’ philosophy biting them in the ass.

                                                                    3. It’s a tech demo… No tech demo in the past has been any where near what you should have expected from the final product. Every tech demo at e3 has ran on PC.

                                                                        1. But he does have a point.. tech demos are much more constricted and the systems hardware can be utilized much more efficiently.. needless to say that we haven’t even seen that supposed tech demo yet, so arguing about its visuals is completely pointless

                                                                        2. true for that example, but remember that amazing video of the bird flying around in the Japanese garden? it was not on final wii U hardware, in fact it was run on much stronger hardware…..i wonder if they might have something better then that now, or if it well be closer to that… was a really amazing demo.

                                                                          1. I couldn’t agree more. What I don’t like about rumors like this that go unchecked, is that they really can affect how people perceive the system when it launches. Too many people have their expectations so high with these rumors.

                                                                            I’m not setting myself up for disappointment, as this happens almost every console cycle, they are always hyped up to be a lot more than they actually end up being. In some ways more severe than others, but it’s always the same in that sense, regardless.

                                                                          2. I don’t recall any rumors suggesting that the Wii U was gonna be a powerhouse console. If anything there were a host of rumors that suggested that the Wii U was marginally or even less powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and for your information, what killed the Wii U was lack of constant marketing, lack of a must have 1st party title at launch that showed what the Wii U was capable of from a power perspective, zero hype, bare bones online features, going with a different architecture from it’s competitors, no AAA 3rd party multiplats, constant droughts, no dual gamepad support and a lack of games that utilize the gamepad correctly but I do agree that Nintendo should be dead-on honest about the NX come next year before people’s expectations keep running high

                                                                            1. I recall plenty, but like I said it happens with every system, every console cycle. I’m saying it contributes, it isn’t a sole factor, but it doesn’t help when others may end up being mislead and having their hopes and dreams smashed to bits.

                                                                              And you couldn’t be more right about all the other things that didn’t help the Wii U, but I do recall many people starting rumors about the Wii U, saying it was capable of more than it was, and some even still try to. Sure, there were many who said it was weaker than the PS3 and Xbox 360 like you’re saying, but there were also people, mainly Nintendo fans themselves, that hyped the shit out of Wii U, saying it was capable of doing more than the PS4 and Xbox One graphically.

                                                                              One good instance of this, is the whole 1080p/60fps debates between consoles, and how publications started rumors saying the Wii U has more 1080p/60fps games than the PS4 and Xbox One, even at launch. Which is completely false, and was false at launch, too.

                                                                              Even till this day so many Wii U fans automatically assume almost every Wii U game is 1080p/60fps because of those articles, and some constantly compare it to 1080p titles on PS4 and Xbox One, when they don’t even have their facts together in the first place, in knowing that almost all Wii U games, especially the more demanding ones, are 720p.

                                                                              The only first party Wii U game that runs at native 1080p/60fps, is Smash Bros. That is literally it, and be my guest to fact check this, and check every Wii U games native resolution.

                                                                              And all of this misinformation came about from people who were mislead into believing these rumors before hand, without these publications even having proof of these games final resolution and frame rate, just assuming the console was capable of more than what it actually was.

                                                                              1. “One good instance of this, is the whole 1080p/60fps debates between consoles, and how publications started rumors saying the Wii U has more 1080p/60fps games than the PS4 and Xbox One, even at launch.”
                                                                                God, the general gaming public is completely idiotic in terms of performance knowledge. And I’m far from a technical savant, but still.

                                                                                I think the worst part about that is not that people think that there are more 1080p&60fps games on Wii U than in other systems (because hey, it could be), but the fact that they think such an arbitrary number is meaningful to the discussion of ‘x is more/less powerful than y’ in any shape or form.

                                                                            2. If my hunch was correct, Nintendo lied to everyone about the NX, and it will probably be very powerful! Remember Nintendo are known to mislead people about on their unreleased systems. If A better version of Zelda is released on the NX, I will get the NX version over the Wii U version.

                                                                                1. I can’t remember when Nintendo have ever lied or mislead about specs of their devices or these devices in general.. matter of fact they usually don’t ever talk about specs, so the only thing that could have been a “lie” are the rumors that are currently spreading and which should be taken with a whole heap of salt…

                                                                                  1. They never disclosed about specs. I’m talking about “support” and “listening to fans feedback”. They don’t give a shit about fans and Federation Force is one of those mountain pile of evidence of that.

                                                                                    1. I hope this changes as well, sure the Xbox One and PS4 are not spectacular compared to a expensive PC, but I do appreciate how much detail both Sony and Microsoft go into about the hardware of their systems. At least the average consumer can get an idea of what they’re buying.

                                                                                      I’ve always disliked how Nintendo never talks about any of that since you brought it up, and instead outside sources have had to tear their systems down to figure it out. I wish they would be more transparent about what exactly their systems use and are capable of, even if their hardware isn’t the best.

                                                                                        1. I don’t know how to respond to this comment so well, since it was so far off from what I said. That is basic common sense that the Wii U’s hardware is generally the same throughout all its models, has no relevance to what I said at all.

                                                                                          I just said it would be nice if Nintendo went into more detail about their hardware in general, like Sony and Microsoft do. I’m talking about all of their more recent systems not just the Wii U, they’re always so quiet about the specifications of their systems in an exact manner, they don’t stream or host tech panels getting people excited about what their hardware has to offer. They’re very vague when it comes to this, about as much tech talk as I’ve seen from Nintendo recently has only included the New 3DS, and even then they weren’t that specific.

                                                                                          I think showing off what is exactly inside your machine attracts developers early on, especially those who may not have development kits or even indie developers.

                                                                                          And you’re right, but if I don’t even know what is inside what I’m buying, it kind of makes it hard to know what I’ll be getting out of it.

                                                                                          That is like me buying a PC without knowing a single thing about any component inside it. That would make it very hard to give me any idea of what I can use it for, until after I’ve already used it or tore it apart myself.

                                                                                        2. it depends , one whats different. the wii version of twilight princess was much better, honestly i loved the motion controls, sure some things could have bin better, but honestly i think it was the better version. BUT the new version would really have to have something special about it over the wii U, version, and not just better graphics…

                                                                                      1. As many true Nintendo fans feel, I’ll buy the NX regardless of whether it’s more powerful than PS4 or Xbone. I’ve never based a Nintendo console purchase on the power. Never have, never will. I buy Nintendo’s consoles because I love their games. It’s the gamers who don’t care as much about Nintendo that they have to try impressing and winning over.

                                                                                        What I don’t understand is, if a person loved Zelda or Mario etc. in the past, they’d be pretty stupid to refuse to buy Nintendo’s next console just because the specs wasn’t more powerful than PS4 and Xbone. But alas, I do believe these foolish people exist. And these are the people I don’t consider true Nintendo fans.

                                                                                        When I think about the impact that the Nintendo Entertainment System made back in the day, and how it changed my life forever, I know there’s no way I’d EVER pass on anything Nintendo released. They had me hooked from the very beginning. And the funny thing is, back then, I didn’t even own all that many NES games. I’d say roughly 20 or 30 games. So it only took a handfull of games to hook me forever.

                                                                                        Woah! I didn’t expect this comment to be this long. Man, when it comes to nostalgia, I can talk forever. Especially about the awesome 1980’s.

                                                                                        1. That is the main reason anyone should be spending money towards any gaming system. Power won’t do you much good if you don’t have any games to play, or any interest in the games available on said system.

                                                                                      2. Pingback: Nintendo NX: un altro rumor per la misteriosa tech demo, girerebbe solo su PC con chip “all’avanguardia” |

                                                                                      3. I won’t get the system for sure. I don’t even think about getting a PS4 cause of the price tag. furthermore I so many games to catch up with.I have tons of PS3 (even PS2), wii games to play. I also have a lot of PC games. even if the NX out come out in 2016 or 2017. I know I won’t be able to touch it before 2020 (so busy….)

                                                                                          1. maybe/maybe not, but in any case I have too much backlog at moment so for me no really a problem if I don’t buy an NX. also I can always grab it in 6 or 7 years time depend on what games are on this system.

                                                                                            1. In 6-7 years! Wtf man, no offence but you might not even be alive in 6-7 years! lol. Play the game now. Do things now, don’t put them off for later. Life is short and ends dramatically.

                                                                                              Btw, how do you have Ps2 backlog? What do you do when you buy games, put them on your shelf for TEN YEARS!

                                                                                              1. LOL, thanks for your kind words I really appreciate the vote of confident about my life spawn.

                                                                                                As for your question about PS2 and backlog I have a quiet busy social life, a work and a family to take care of, and not many hours in the day to do everything I want to do. So there are some Ps2 games I haven’t play yet. Some of the PS2 games I got recently (6 months ago) such as Final Fantasy 12. So the answer to your 2nd part of your question is, when I buy a game I tend to aim for playing them during the year but then life keep me busy. So my plan if everything fail is if I live up to retirement age (providing I am not dead by then) so I will have more than 30-40 years of backlog (that count for video games, amines,manga, books, series and movies) LOL.

                                                                                            2. I’m not gonna believe anything until I see it at E3. Development kits likely have a deal where people are NOT allowed to leak information about it. Nintendo is well-known for taking action against people, especially lately. Chances are nobody would risk going bankrupt to leak some information on it. Hold your breath with any rumors, they’re probably all fake.

                                                                                              1. Pretty much every console gets its information leaked once development kits are in the hands of developers. People talk, game journalists have friends in the game development circle. Every company issues NDAs and it never stops the info from getting out because the news outlets never disclose the identity of the person who shared the info because of the NDA. It happened with the PS4, XBox1, WiiU, Wii, PS3, XBox 370… and the list goes on and on.

                                                                                            3. Seems like Nintendo is listening to its critics, for better or worse.
                                                                                              I like that Nintendo wants to show Sony and Microsoft how to make a PC-ripoff console without turning it into an outdated and underpowered mess, but this kind of technology is most likely going to skyrocket costs for manufacturers, developers and consumers.
                                                                                              The Nintendo of old understood that, in order to remain sustainable, the industry requires balance. Nintendo didn’t make consoles using relatively outdated tech because the company is “behind the times” like so many dumbass critics seem to think, they did so because they knew that that made the consoles both cost-effective for them and affordable for us almost from the get go; even the Wii U itself, which could have been much cheaper if Nintendo hadn’t been so pushy with the pointless screen controller, was already cheaper by launch than any competing console is today.
                                                                                              It was this business model that made it so Nintendo can now spend 20 years making mistakes and not go bankrupt; in contrast, Sony and Microsoft’s gaming divisions would be dead by now if those companies didn’t have other divisions to funnel money into them from while they waited for their consoles to become cost-effective; Nintendo, while having bank enough to back up this one experiment, doesn’t have any steady source of income from anything other than games, so they shouldn’t be so prone to get into the obsolescence game that Sony and Microsoft are playing, Nintendo just has much more to lose.

                                                                                              1. While Nintendo would be wise to make the NX powerful enough to compette long-term, devs are having trouble keeping dev costs down now on PS4 & X1.

                                                                                                If the NX is actually more powerful, I suspect 3rd parties will continue w/ multiplatting, version parity, cutscene fillers, microtransactions/season passes, photorealism, & ultimately AAA.

                                                                                                So little to no exclusives, or catering to particular gamers (Ninty & those who favor gameplay & more abstract aesthetics). Little to no AA games. Too early to tell, but more power is not an incentive for 3rd parties to a return of form. & Nintendo had a difficult time releasing their Wii U games in a timely manner, so I would think they’d have an even harder time w/ NX, regardless of architecture (unless it’s more fev-friendly than anything we’ve seen thus far). Then there’s the catch-22 where Nintendo might not push 1st-party graphics, instead focusing on gameplay & aesthetics, but consumers will cry foul, thinking Ninty was just being cheap because gameplay is not @ the top of their lists.

                                                                                                Dunno. But I’ll likely sit the NX out. Unless it gets an exclusive mainline Zelda, new mainline Metroid Prime, new Eternal Darkness/Shadow of the Eternals, new home-console Luigi’s Mansion, new Baten Kaitos, new mainline Fire Emblem, Captain Rainbow for NA, physically released Fatal Frame for NA, new Wave Race, F-Zero, & WarioWorld…

                                                                                                A new Prince of Persia, new Buck Bumble, Red Steel 3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 (if it retains the charm & gameplay of the original), a new NiGHTS, Skies of Arcadia, quality & faithful Sonic, House of the Dead, new Earthworm Jim, new 2D Oddworld, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Psychonauts, Trauma Center, Ogre Battle-Tactics Ogre, Bushido Blade 3, new Brave Fencer Musashi, Crazy Taxi, Fear Effect 3, new Ridge Racer, I-Ninja, Dr. Muto, Vexx, Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy, new Mushroom Men, real Resident Evil (as actual Survival Horror), real Tomb Raider (as 3D Platformer), real Burnout (as Arcade Racer)…

                                                                                                New games from Grasshopper (like Killer7 & NMH), new games from Platinum (like MadWorld & Bayonetta), well-polished games from Valhalla (in the vein of Devil’s 3rd)…

                                                                                                Timely & well-polished ‘Metroidvanias’, Yooka-Laylees, Lobodestroyos, Toe Jam & Earls, Mighty No. 9s…

                                                                                                Arcade Racers, 1-on-1 Fighters w/ robust single-player & unlocks instead of DLC, 3D Adventures, 2D & 3D Platformers, home-console turn-based Strat/RPGs…

                                                                                                Of course, NX doesn’t have to “catch ’em all”, & I’m open to new IP, as long as it’s unique (@ least somewhat), challenging, fun, & offers a rich single-player experience. But alas, NX will likely catch very few if any. Seems the path set forth by 6th gen is sealed tight. NX is currently looking like a 1st party & indie box to me (most 3rd-party games, particularly what happens to be popular [AAA], have failed to interest me). NX also looks like another Sony/MS box but under a different brand. If Ninty fails to release challenging & top-tier franchises, new IP that focuses mainly on multiplayer, & an evolved controller, Nintendo offers me next to nothing to see them as a deciding factor to purchase NX. Just like 3rd-parties & Sony/MS offered/offer me little to nothing to purchase PS360 & PS4/X1.

                                                                                                1. *…so I would think they’d have an even harder time w/ NX, regardless of architecture (unless it’s more Dev-friendly…

                                                                                                  **Then there’s the catch-22 where Nintendo might not push 1st-party graphics, instead focusing on gameplay & aesthetics, but consumers will cry foul, thinking Ninty was just being cheap because gameplay is not @ the top of their [MOST CONSUMERS’] lists, FAVORING GRAPHICS & CUTSCENES ABOVE ALL ELSE. Plus, abstract aesthetics, which Nintendo is known for, also seem like a no-no to most consumers; lack of violence & human/’roided out characters, too.

                                                                                                  ***If Ninty fails to release challenging & top-tier franchises, new IP that focuses mainly on SINGLE-player…

                                                                                                2. I totally agree with everything you’ve said but sadly we are now living in a gaming world where most of the young to relativity young gamers have been trained to think that hyper realistic graphics and being able to shoot everything with a gun is all that matters in games. And now Nintendo is forced to play power game or be left behind and relevant to the only the couple million of its fans that know the magic and fun in its games. It’s very sad but it’s true.

                                                                                              2. It’s very hard to judge the performance requirements of a game or tech demo just by looking at it…

                                                                                                Besides, many people consider the Chips in XBO and PS4 to be cutting edge…

                                                                                                1. Damn why do I have to Log in, when I can’t even edit my own comments…

                                                                                                  Meant to add: It may well be that the NX is quite a bit more powerful than PS4 and XBO, however anyone who actually believes that the NX is going to be on par with current high end PCs is not doing himself any favours…

                                                                                              3. How credible is the Wall Street Journal in regard to what actually goes on in the gaming industry? Sure they’re a legitimate source by technicality, but they aren’t developers and they don’t work within Nintendo. So I’m confused as to why people are so quick to believe this, is there something I’m missing here? Why is the Wall Street Journal even qualified to be answering questions like this?

                                                                                                I do find it very hypocritical how quickly everyone here (especially here), are drooling over these power rumors to the extent they are. I don’t mind people hoping for the prospect of Nintendo making more powerful hardware this time around, but it is more so, that many of you have basically already written off that you are buying this new system based on power alone…

                                                                                                I mean the level of hypocrisy in that itself, is only laughable.

                                                                                                I’d personally need to see a lot more than just hardware improvements from Nintendo, to make me want to buy this system, as welcome as more power is. I don’t care if it ends up being the most powerful computing hardware in the world, Nintendo needs to improve a lot more than their systems hardware to win me over again.

                                                                                                  1. “We’ve been around for many years now.” Bitch? You only been online for 3 years now! Stop your fucking lying?

                                                                                                  2. The reason people are taking these rumors/news from The Wallstreet Journal more seriously is because they are a very reputable/regarded news source. And yes they do also have a technology division that covers tech and video games. Now, with regards to why people are taking these rumors/news more seriously is because reputable news sources like The Walstreet Journal aren’t known for posting speculation as facts. They have their reputation to uphold and they didn’t become so reputable by posting half-assed info with validity. The fact that this is being reported by the WSJ at the very least means that they actually spoke with a developer that gave them this info and they would have at least pressed their source confirmation of its validity. So basically if this info is not true then it means the said developer/developers blatantly lied to the WSJ.

                                                                                                  3. Speaking for myself, I’m not sold on the thing until I can see what it really is and a price tag. And even then, I won’t buy it until it has at least 5 must-have games.

                                                                                                    However, I’d very very glad if it turns out to be a powerhouse system for one reason alone: specs bring devs. If marketed correctly, Nintendo could create a good initial installbase, and if the architecture is easy to develop for, third-party studios will make games for it. In short, it reads as good business for Nintendo.

                                                                                                    If this generation has taught many people anything is that software doesn’t really sell consoles, brands do. PS4 sold almost 10 million units on specs alone, with hardly any exclusive games and by marketing the thing as ‘it’s not an Xbox’. On the other side you have Nintendo trying to survive with next to zero third-party support, which is a terrible scenario as anyone can see. Hopefully, the leaks about the NX predict a turn of the tide.

                                                                                                  4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                                                                    For me, more power would just be the start. If many big name 1st & 3rd party titles with good gameplay, story, AND graphics aren’t there to complement the power, screw the NX. I’ll wait a year or two before getting it. The Wii U has damaged my trust & faith in Nintendo, unfortunately, so I’m in “wait & see” mode.

                                                                                                      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                                                                        Very true. It seems everyone is having trouble this gen so maybe some of us, me included, should back off Nintendo just a tad.

                                                                                                        If I didn’t know any better, I’d say EVERYONE is intentionally having trouble this gen to give Nintendo time to catch up to them. o.O

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