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Here’s A New Pokken Tournament Trailer

Bandai Namco, the developers behind the upcoming Pokken Tournament, have shared a short new Japanese trailer to keep you entertained. The beat-em-up is already available to play in Japanese arcades and will be making the transition to the Wii U next year. This latest trailer showcases just how fast, frantic and cute the game is. Be sure to give the Pokken Tournament trailer a watch, below!

25 thoughts on “Here’s A New Pokken Tournament Trailer”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Hurry the fuck up! I’ve only got 2, maybe 3, games on my list of 2016 Wii U games to buy! I need fucking more than that or else the PS4 will get most of my attention in 2016!

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Crap! I forgot all about that crossover between Shin Megami Tensei & Fire Emblem! *facepalm* And Metroid Prime U? Hah… I wish as it seems the only Metroid Prime game we’ll be getting any time soon is a game that isn’t even Metroid Prime. :/

      1. Nintendo has been doing poorly with the wiius Library. Of course it’s not getting much attention, porting games to its little counter part doesn’t help.

        I think pokken May help sell a few systems but I wish it was more coming out. Hopefully they do a direct that isn’t 3ds and amiibo focused

        1. I’m guessing because they’re winding down releases for the NX? Hope not.

          Other than Kirby, Splatoon, and Mario Maker, I don’t know what else released on the Wii U this year. Last year was probably the Wii U’s best year.

          And I agree, a new Nintendo Direct would be a good idea. It’s obvious Nintendo is going to also focus on the 3DS, but hope it’s not the main focus.

          1. I can’t say that had the nx In mind since the beginning, even the launch lineup was bad last year was only good because Bayonetta, smash, mk8 and possibly hyrule warriors. All big games got pushed back.

            ._. Zelda info could really help

            1. Yeah, alot of those games did get delayed. I’m all in favor in order for them to have extra polish, but that creates/created a software drought unfortunately. I would really love more info on Zelda Wii U as well. People have been clamoring for a Nintendo Direct, that would seem like an appropriate time to drop some info on it.

                  1. It’s described as the automaton Pokémon, and the dex says it runs on ‘mysterious energy’. Besides that, it’s clearly Mazinger Z/Astro Boy inspired.

                    Although the golem theory would explain the ground type, so I guess none of us is wrong.

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