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Video: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – Look Who’s On The Court

The release date for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is fast approaching so it’s logical for Nintendo of America to provide us with a shiny new trailer for the game. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – Look Who’s On The Court includes all the characters you would expect to feature in the trailer including the wonderful Daisy and Boo. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is out next month on the Wii U and should prove to be fun.

27 thoughts on “Video: Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – Look Who’s On The Court”

  1. I would like to like this game but the likelyhood of that is low.

    Most likely because Nintendo is shitting on their products these days.

  2. I just want to be able to play freely meaning no hand holding like on the 3ds game where the character automatically runs to where the ball is going -_- kills the whole point of it

  3. Okay that’s cute and all but they could at least tell what there’ll be in the game? Like, it’s coming out in less than a month, yet we haven’t heard of any game modes at all. Are we only gonna have a basic match mode? Or other things too? Maybe some mini-games? A story mode like the GB/GBA games that were very good ?

    This total lack of information doesn’t look at all.

  4. So is that the only power up mushroom in the game?

    Are there any mini game modes?

    Are there any other “Power Shots”?

    I mean, at least they revealed there will be different style courts that affect the physics but this is stuff we should have known for months.

  5. Why didnt they think to put shells, bananas peels etc. When this game was in R&D? That was stupid just putting a mega mushroom in the game and act like people wouldnt want the other power ups. Nintendo was stupid when they developed this in R&D.

  6. Yeah, keep releasing drops of info each day until release date, Nintendo. Way to advertise the game.

    Honestly, the lack of information about the content of this title makes it look like it has no content to talk about in the first place.

      1. It is but think about it this way, you can easily say it is(it’s undeniable) because we know more about the game, we know nothing about majority of the games coming for wii u.

  7. I’m interested on playing this game, really. I loved the n64 version then I’m expecting to this one to be better at least, I want more information!

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  9. Tennis isn’t much of my thing, but with very few Wii U games coming out this holidayseason if the game is as extensive as hoops 3-on-3, Sports Mix, or Super Mario Sluggers, I’ll bite the bullet. Also Nintendo has barely put out much regarding information for any of there games coming out this holiday season. I went on and preordered Amiibo festival to secure the amiibo, and because it’s cute, but I don’t know what content is behind the $60 Im paying for, outside of the $30 for amiibo and cards.

  10. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Expect missing features that will get added in later dates, like Splatoon! Some of you people fell for that crap with Splatoon, so you’ll probably lick this up off the ground/floor, too, if that turns out to be the case! Fucking sheep…

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