Secret Message In The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Revealed To Be Easter Egg

French website, Nintendo Actu, has managed to crack the secret message in Hytopia’s Hub in the newly-released Nintendo 3DS title, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. After obtaining enough “Friendly Tokens” (obtained through local multiplayer), Nintendo Actu snatched up the Tri Suit which allowed them to read the decoded message: “IT’S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY.” This line is an Easter Egg, reminiscent of the first The Legend of Zelda which contained the same message. Check out the GameXplain video below showcasing the details:

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      1. It’s just that I have zero interest in the game and Nintendo just happens to be promoting it at this time (which is only normal). The fact that they are following their tradition of keeping the big Zelda under wraps doesn’t help either.

        1. Keeping a Zelda game under wraps though is what makes it feel so fresh and new when it releases. So practically it has to do with surprising people and not spoiling 70% of what the game has to offer like what Nintendo has been doing considerably more lately.

        2. I kind of appreciate the fact that Nintendo is keeping quiet about the Wii U Zelda. Most of the time, games are advertised and shown SO much that by the time I get the games, I feel like I already played them. And there’s no excitement. And sadly, the same thing will probably happen with Zelda on Wii U. Once Nintendo finally breaks it’s silence, it’s all we’ll ever hear about. The game will be promoted so much that EVERYBODY will feel like they’ve already played it before by the time it releases.

          1. No, a game that big would take way more media than an average game to make me feel that way. I doubt I will feel that way at all. I do try to stay clear of spoilers anyways, especially when people upload the freaking end cutscenes the day of release!!!

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