Rumor: Star Fox Zero To Release February 26th

There is a lot of mystery regarding the release date of Star Fox Zero. Originally announced for November 20, 2015, the game was pushed back to Q1 2016 in late August. However, a Danish retailer, COOLSHOP, has published a release date on the official page for the game. Supposedly, the Wii U exclusive Star Fox title will be coming out February 26th, at least in Europe. While this may be a placeholder date until Nintendo releases an official word, it is not uncommon for online retailers to accidentally leak launch dates and the date would fit the current timeline.



      1. yeah, not huge uncharted fan, but i know people would go to that over star fox…Street fighter u can get a mix bag


  1. Seems a little too early for me. Star Fox Zero needed a lot of work done to it, not only visually, but mechanically. I was actually hoping miyamoto took this game back to the drawing board.

    1: Don’t reuse the same enemies models from a Star Fox 64. We want to see new more clever enemy types, not the same rectangles and triangles that were in the last two Star Fox games.

    2: Game needs polish. Add in texture packs and more enemies. The game seemed to me to be very empty. Like there wasn’t enough enemies on screen at one time. Also add better lighting and shadow effects. Give this game some damn detail!

    3: make the game Harder! The game, at least what they showed, was WAY to damn easy looking! There better be a difficulty setting or I might just lose my shit over this one.

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      1. He was 50 too, and a designer. He had more rights to call himself a gamer in the most neutral sense of the word than most people.

        Besides, the term only began to had pejorative connotations when games became a mainstream form of entertainment among people other than kids.

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      2. People who enjoy GotY-tier titles such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Far Cry, and Splinter Cell.

        So, y’know, a fair amount of us :)

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      3. It would be one thing if we were talking about a generic sports game or Watch Dogs 2, but Mirrors Edge and Far Cray are pretty damn good, more so Mirrors edge though :P


  2. Cool.Starfox is going to be epic since it is getting more R&D time. Also if you own a Wii U and aint played Yoshi’s Wooly World…shame on you. That is one hell of a game. I cant wait to continue.

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      1. >>>No, even though it’s horrible, it tried something new, NSMBU tried nothing>>>


      1. Will Im loving Yoshi Wooly World. But I have to finish playing it. Just got it. But that is one hell of a game one hell of a game indeed. But I love Tropical Freeze too. As for soundtracks between the two, yeah Tropical Freeze but you have to admit, the soundtracks on Yoshi are to die for.


  3. if the new star fox comes out on February 26th that’s my Birthday that would be cool to get this game as a gift.


  4. february 26th well its not that bad to me i was waiting for a new release of this game sense nintendo push it back a few months ago ok i wonder how the commercial fits in the game.


  5. Awesome. It’s so refreshing to see that Nintendo hasn’t given up on us Wii U owners yet by letting this title release on the Wii U. February is the perfect month to release it because………….it’s my birthday month lol


  6. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if this game stayed delayed until it came out right. Wt they had coming out did not look like anything good at all. If anything it looked like a 6/10 when it needs to be at a 8/10 at least. I think star fox deserves it


  7. I hope they went back to the drawing board with the box art. *shudders at remembering how amateurish the box art they showed before the delay looked*


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