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Websites Launch For Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash And Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

Nintendo’s end-of-year line-up began looking rather bleak after announcements that both Star Fox Zero and Zelda Wii U would be pushed back to 2016. On the dwindling list of Wii U titles to look forward to are Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, and Nintendo has just created a website to showcase each.

The Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash website tries its best to explain the uniqueness of Mega Battles, which allow players to grow large with a mega mushroom to dominate the court. Likewise, amiibo Festival’s website focuses on the game’s uniqueness: the new Animal Crossing amiibo integration. Though each site is rather bare, both display a banner that promises a full site soon. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will launch on November 13th in North America, and November 20th in Europe, while Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is due out in both regions on November 20th.


16 thoughts on “Websites Launch For Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash And Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival”

  1. lool.. @Author amaadify please don’t put the word “animal” on “Animal” Crossing: Amiibo Festival”
    Please No.. just no.. get the word animal out of there…! is not a real HD New Animal Crossing game we wanted… instead please U guys rename it to… “Amiibo Party: Crossing Festival U” I can make a better board game name then Nintendo ha!

    1. Which one the Mario Tennis or that Animal wack Crossing game? This is how you sell a console that is weak, stupid and slow: Starfox having online and advertising it on Super Bowl commercial, Super Mario Strikers advertised on NBA half time commercials. Advertising Wii U with adults playing it. Get rid of the solf announce’s soft voice and put a deep mature voice on there. Brag about online on TV with Splatoons and it is free. Brag about Smash Bros. And show Ryu and other DLC characters and stages with 8 players again. Brag about Zelda U in TV and show it off like last year during the super Bowl. Also after the graphics get better on Starfox brag about it on TV. Also show some new gameplay on Pikmin 4. Do that in NBA halftime Wii u sales would get better. Advertising on Nickelodeon doesnt work.

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        See, JTZ haters? He can come up with pretty logical responses every now & then; just like Stranga. Just get past JTZ’s spam & repeating the same shtick over & over and Stranga’s tendency to come off as whiny at times and you’ll see they actually can say some intelligent stuff now & again. No offense to JTZ or stranga when/if they see this comment. xP

  2. Wow Nintendo!!! This is why you no sell Wii U’s because people who don’t already have one (like myself) will not get one because of these games that’s for sure. For the people who do have them *slap* that is what Nintendo just did for your Christmas line up. A big fat nothing. Some crappy kid games for the casual audience.

  3. Ahhh who cares get Yoshi’s Woolly World. 10/10. Merry xmass from Santa. I wish this Mario Tennis Ultra was Super Strikers Ultra instead. It would kick ass in sales for December. ..but Nintendo is stupid so….

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