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Analysts: What To Watch Out For At Nintendo Investors And Earnings This Week

Nintendo will announce its earnings for April 2015 – September 2015 this Wednesday and then on the Thursday they will hold their investors meeting. In preparation for the event The Wall Street Journal has gathered some industry analysts to debate what will be announced and what won’t be announced.

  • EARNINGS FORECAST: According to a poll of five analysts by financial data provider Nikkei Quick, Nintendo is expected to post a net profit of 16.1 billion yen ($133 million) for the half-year period, up from a 14.3 billion yen profit in the year-earlier period. For the July-September quarter, the analysts expect a 6.9 billion yen net profit, down from 24.2 billion yen.
  • REVENUE FORECAST: The Kyoto-based videogame powerhouse is expected to post revenue of 197.9 billion yen for the six-month period and 113.1 billion yen for the quarter. A year ago, Nintendo posted revenue of 171.4 billion yen and 96.7 billion yen, respectively.


  • SMARTPHONE GAME: Nintendo plans to release its first smartphone game by the end of this year, and analysts expect the company to officially announce details of the software, including what Nintendo game characters will be used and when the game will be ready to download.
  • NX: Some analysts hope Nintendo may shed more light on NX, its next-generation game-console system, when the company executives meet investors on Thursday. But it’s likely that Nintendo won’t talk about the topic because it has been saying the next announcement will be made next year.
  • MORE TIE-UP DEALS: Nintendo is opening up, striking many surprising partnership deals recently, including with smartphone game provider DeNA Co.2432.TO +0.87%, Comcast Corp.CMCSA +0.23% theme-park subsidiary Universal Parks & Resorts as well as Google-spinout Niantic Inc. Former Nintendo Chief Executive Satoru Iwata, who died of cancer in July, had said the firm aimed to expand the use of Nintendo characters to help popularize Nintendo games.
  • NINTENDO DIRECT: Nintendo hasn’t recently updated Nintendo Direct, its website for delivering game-related news to customers. The site was launched under Mr. Iwata’s guidance, so its future is unclear.
  • SLEEP MONITOR: Nintendo last year said it planned to introduce a bedside sensor that would monitor a user’s body conditions and improve quality of sleep – part of the company’s Quality-of-Life initiative. Nintendo hasn’t given any updates on the project since then, and analysts say there could be news on its progress.
  • CEO TATSUMI KIMISHIMA: This will be the first earnings report issued by Nintendo under the leadership of new CEO Tatsumi Kimishima. He has attended these briefings as Mr. Iwata’s lieutenant, but was mostly silent. Analysts will look for him to explain his views on key strategies and will likely compare his performance to that of his predecessor.


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  1. Course they made a profit. Just not as much as they wanted. Nintendo won’t talk about NX till E3. Also it will be the next gen handheld the 3DS successor. Can’t wait to see people flip out over that when it’s revealed lol.

    1. I doubt it- Nintendo has enough in the bank that they could take a certain fiscal hit every year and still be okay for about 50. That said, it won’t change the fact that if the NX fails, it will most likely be because Nintendo continued to ignore what loyal supporters they have left and they finally abandoned ship. So that 50 years of stability would mean nothing.

      Nintendo needs to pull a miracle with the NX, but will they?

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Power doesn’t mean that much but it still does, the only way for the NX to be at least successful enough is to fix every single problem the Wii U had plus making better quality games instead of useless party garbage>>>

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