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Aonuma Once Again Reconfirms Zelda Is Coming To Wii U

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has once again reassured Wii U owners that the next chapter in the Zelda franchise will be making its way to the console. If you’ve been on various forums you may have seen speculation that the title is geared to be a launch game for Nintendo’s next platform the NX or that Nintendo is planning another Twilight Princess situation by releasing it on both platforms. All we know is it is definitely coming to the Wii U.

We actually have different teams. Sometimes people on the handheld team do work on the consoles, but for this it was a separate team. I want to assure you that the Wii U Zelda was not delayed in any way because of Triforce Heroes.

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92 thoughts on “Aonuma Once Again Reconfirms Zelda Is Coming To Wii U”

    1. I don’t think a lot of people were ever claiming that the game is no longer coming to WiiU because it definitely is. But what is also very clear and apparant is that the game is also coming to the NX as a launch title.

        1. I think what happened is Nintendo either A, found a massive game breaking bug in the middle of development (Remember in some of the trailers link for example was sinking into the ground while walking), or B, they got to ambitious. Think about it, they told us they have tons of footage of Zelda U, and yet they refuse to show it. Triforce Heroes may not have delayed the game, but it is meant to tide us over just as wind waker hd was meant to as well. Zelda U was meant to be released in 2015, yet it’s not. Xenoblade X is a massive game from what it looks like, and the graphic style of the world is similar. Granted that game was announced several years ago and just now getting released. Zelda U has been in development for several years as well, but keeps getting delayed. Star Fox U suffered the same fate of supposedly being released this year but then it never actually happened. Nintendo doesn’t have much for the wii U besides Xenoblade for the holiday. Their E3 this year was an utter fail, and they gave the stupid reason of only announcing, talking about games that would be releasing within the next year when in years past they have talking about games that would be releasing multiple years from that E3 (Take Twilight princess, Pikmin 3, Xenoblade X, etc). I don’t know what is going on with Nintendo, but it seems like every game lately that they are developing that get’s announced, 95% of the time it gets delay and it’s getting tiring. Triforce heroes got announced and released when it said it would, but that does not make it acceptable for how they are handling the situation.

          1. It could still be a duel release with the NX, but at least we know it’s coming to the WiiU. Can’t wait!!

            1. They finally killed those rumours. I wish people would stop spreading false rumours. There’s lots of stupid people who start believing in them. Nintendo needs to speak up faster though. Clear up any confusions.

              1. Anything they say at this point should be taken with massive grains of salt. It’s all business and to quiet any potentially perturbed fans.

                1. Like article says, the statement only confirms that the game is still coming to Wii U. It does not, however, say anything about it launching on NX as well. So the rumour that they will pull a Twilight Princess and launch it on both Wii U and NX still has some ground.

                  1. I don’t buy that, considering they didn’t do the same thing for Skyward Sword that they did for TP.

                    TP being cross-gen was a one-time thing.
                    An exception to the rule.

                    There’s no reason to think that Nintendo will make Zelda U cross-gen after they went right back to console-exclusive releases with Skyward.

                    1. I don’t see how Skyward Sword not being “cross-gen” rules out the possibility of it happening with the new TLoZ. Acting like it’s completely outside the realms of possibility probably isn’t the best way to evaluate the situation, I believe. I mean, you can’t know whether or not the TP treatment was truly a one-time thing; even if it doesn’t happen with the upcoming TLoZ game, who says it won’t happen with other future Zelda games? It might happen, it might not, none of us can know at this point – and trying to state it as a confirmed fact won’t change any of that.
                      I don’t know, you seem a bit too defensive about this whole cross-gen situation, honestly.

                      1. If I seem defensive, it’s only because I’ve grown well-worn and bitter on the subject due to all the people saying that the game being cross-gen is a sign that Nintendo’s abandoning the Wii U early.

                        And again; Skyward Sword returned their methods back to the status quo of each console getting an exclusive Zelda.
                        They didn’t just put TP on Wii and say “That’s your Zelda for this gen”.
                        They went out and made an original game for it.

                        If they made an original Zelda for the Wii despite there being a port of a Zelda game on it already, there’s no reason to think that they won’t do the same here.

                        It’s not unreasonable to take that as a sign that Zelda U will remain Zelda U, instead of being a cross-gen exclusive.
                        Each console deserves, and gets, an exclusive Zelda.
                        Making Zelda U cross-gen defeats this logic and just gives more fuel to the haters who are building claims that Nintendo’s abandoning the Wii U before it’s due to be abandoned.

                        1. None of that rules out the possibility of the next (or any other future) Zelda title being cross-gen.
                          It’s still possible, and if Nintendo wants it to happen, it will happen. They’re not following a strict pattern or a status quo, they can do whatever they want.

                          1. What no one seems to understand is that the Wii and GameCube hardware were basically the same, just different controllers. Did we forget that the Wii was 2 duck taped gamecubes?

                            With the NX supposedly more powerful than the PS4 and Xbone, there’s no way easy to port it over.

                            Now they could be developing both versions a la Smash Bros 4, but there’s zero evidence in that at the current time.

                            1. Difference in power doesn’t mean anything, really. If the architecture is still somewhat similar enough, for example, they can easily port it over, it just won’t look/run equally good on both, naturally, as it’s the case with many multiplat games coming out on both last gen and current gen consoles. Or like you’ve said, they could be doing it the way they handled SSB4, who knows.
                              But yes, you’re right, we have no evidence for it – but then again, we barely have any information at all about the game. Anything could happen, really. And as long as Nintendo doesn’t specifically say that the game will not be coming to both to the WiiU and NX, there’s always going to be room for speculation.
                              I’m not saying it is going to happen, just that there is a possibility for it.

                            2. Just because they can, doesn’t mean it’s at all likely.
                              And just to reiterate [not trying to be an ass about it], they have BEEN following patterns for this, and I even pointed it out not even two posts ago: Each console has had at least one exclusive Zelda game, regardless of ports of others.
                              The Wii U is due for one.
                              That’s why I firmly believe that this gen will be no different, and that the Wii U will be the exclusive home of Zelda U, with a port of it to NX a long while afterwards during the run-up to Zelda NX.

                              They also have a pattern of releasing new console 5 years apart, yet everyone thinks they’re suddenly going to kill off the Wii U early by releasing it early next year, but that’s an entirely different subject…

                              1. I’m not saying it’s likely, I’m just saying there’s a possibility it might happen, and that possibility is going to exist until Nintendo themselves officially confirm it will be coming to the WiiU only.
                                And if the way Nintendo has been handling their games on their consoles was a pattern, what happened to F-Zero’s pattern? Or Metroid’s pattern? I believe Nintendo just does what they think is right, and even if it might seem like a pattern, I think it’s just something they will decide to do differently whenever they wish to.

                                And about the release of the NX, well, normally I’d say something similar as I said above, as in, Nintendo could simply make an exception, or just change their mind about the 5-year “pattern”, but a release in 2016 just seems very unlikely, considering the NX hasn’t even been revealed yet. We have not a single bit of confirmed information about it whatsoever, so it seems unlikely to me they’ll release it so soon after the first time they officially talk about it. But yea, who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us, hah.

                              2. They need (Journalists) to ask directly that question to Nintendo Devs, CEOS… Is the next zelda meant to both consoles, WiiU and NX? Simple as that but they do not, I don’t know why, tough.

                              3. “I don’t buy that, considering they didn’t do the same thing for Skyward Sword that they did for TP.”

                                Gamecube-market bust
                                Wii-market Boom
                                U- market bust

                                The Wii only release could hold its own.

                                1. The funny thing about patterns is that if you put the magnifying glass closer or farther a new one appears. Not saying that a cross-gen release won’t happen, just that it wouldn’t surprise me either way and that contrary to popular belief history hardly ever repeats itself with these cases.

                                2. Gamecube got an original Zelda [Wind Waker] despite low sales.
                                  Wii got an original Zelda despite having TP AND being a more casuals-choice system.

                                  There’s no reason to think that Nintendo won’t uphold the tradition of paying respect to its fans by making sure each system has its own unique Zelda title.

                                  1. Actually there is still room to believe it could also be for the NX, because it takes a very long time to make this new game, vs the time it took back then to create WW. So the Wii U may not get an exclusive Zelda because it takes to long to make it. Personally I really want it to be on the NX and Wii U.

                                    1. It’s because the Wii U’s exclusive Zelda, Zelda U, is taking so long to make, that they delayed it.XD

                                      You also have to take into consideration the fact that Wind Waker HD was released as a tide-over to Zelda U.

                                      Everything is indicating that Zelda U is still going to be Wii U exclusive.
                                      Everything from the comments of the developers to historical precedents and habits indicates that it’ll be Wii U exclusive.

                                      I’m not discounting the possibility of cross-gen.
                                      But I’m 99% confident that it isn’t going to happen; there’s too many things pointing in the opposite direction for me to believe otherwise.

                                      It’d take some pretty compelling reasons that don’t include finances for me to believe that Nintendo intends to ignore all the signs that they themselves have created which point towards Zelda U staying on Wii U for at least the first two years of its life.

                                      At the very least, I can say with 90% certainty that it won’t be an NX launch title.
                                      Filling the launch will be left up to other games, once it hits in 2017, because Zelda games take a long while to make, as you said, and there’s no sense in delaying Zelda U just to put it on NX when the Wii U still NEEDS its own Zelda.

                                            1. I’ll buy you some ketchup in case you have to eat those words, but only time will tell. If Nintendo has learned anything…ANYTHING, from the last 2 hardware launches, it’s that they need to launch a strong IP with new hardware…makes sense they’d capitalize on all the work they put into this new Zelda by duel-launching it.

                                              I don’t even see it as a bad thing. It might even be smart, and while I’m in dream-land, and if NX is a handheld, maybe the ability to play on wiiu, then continue on the NX would be cool.

                                            1. But release dates are something everyone knows aren’t always set in stone. Nintendo knows what they’d be losing if they just flat out lied and didn’t bring the game to Wii U. I think it’s safe to take their word on this.

                                                1. Again, they’ve just delayed the games, not cancelled. The backlash would be much worse if they moved them to another system altogether. It’s so easy to look at the negative and ignore the positive.

                                                        1. “I’m you’re very familiar with it. :/” LOLOLOLOLOL
                                                          Unfortunately for you, my dear friend, i have a job. The past year was difficult, no new customers, and the ones we have only look for us when we are needed, that saved our assess while we were looking for new customers. Still we had to fight our way to continue with our bussiness and this year has been good.
                                                          still you did not deny the fact you will buy a xbox one or a NX ;)

                                                          1. Join the club. So do I. You want a goddamn metal?

                                                            Sucks to be you because my job is secured unlike your dying business.

                                                            Like hell I would buy that DRM $ Flytrap or any more of that traitorous, casually fucked Nintendo consoles.

                                                            1. The order of Paimon

                                                              the situation is diferent in my country, i do not know how things work in north america. Yeah, my business was dying, but we gave our all to survive past year, this year has been good :). I am thankful noone in the team gave the back to the business, we fought our way back.

                                                            1. When people say that it’s being moved to the NX its that the game will also be coming to the NX along with the WiiU. You guys need to wake up and smell the roses because the this game is have a dual release on the WiiU and NX.

                                                              1. No, saying “moved to” implies “being taken off of the Wii U”.
                                                                The words you are looking for, are “Cross-gen” or “multiconsole”, alongside “dual release”.

                                                                My post is specifically towards those that think it’s being canceled for Wii U and moved to NX.

                                                                As to it being cross-gen, it’s like I said earlier; TP was the exception, not the rule.
                                                                The fact that Skyward Sword came only to the Wii and was not made cross-gen for the Wii U, is evidence that Nintendo has gone back to making each main-line Zelda game exclusive per console, at least for initial releases.

                                                                There’s no evidence outside of TP’s one-off that this is going to be on NX.
                                                                Wake up and smell the coffee; it’s unlikely at best, and not happening at worst.

                                                                You’re seeing it on Wii U first and foremost, not NX. I’m calling it now.

                                                                1. But TP was the exception for the same reasons that Zelda Wii U would be an exception. Not saying that it will (although I’m really hoping it does) but you can’t rule it out.

                                                                  1. Yeah, but there’s a difference between the Gamecube and the Wii U: The Gamecube already had Wind Waker on the way.
                                                                    The Wii U has yet to get its own Zelda.
                                                                    That’s why I say I sincerely doubt that Zelda U is going to be cross-gen.

                                                                2. This wasn’t even an explicit confirmation just from the quote provided here, but rather an implicit one. I still think everything is on the table, and a “Twilight Princess” situation is very likely. It was certainly a successful strategy for them before, Twilight Princess is the best selling Zelda game of all time.

                                                                  1. TP’s situation was one that they stopped doing immediately with the announcement of Skyward Sword.

                                                                    TP was a one-off situation.

                                                                    It’s not “likely” at all.
                                                                    What’s “likely” is that Zelda U is Wii U exclusive, and the NX has native BC to use to play it, and that the NX will be getting its own unique Zelda later, built from the ground up for it.

                                                                    1. Do you think the NX will launch next year or in 2017, because surely it hinges on that? Wouldn’t it be odd to launch NX next year and have your big game on the then-outdated Wii U exclusively. Even if NX did have backwards compatibility (and there are technical reasons why this will be challenging for Nintendo), it wouldn’t be the same as having the big game launch on the new console, with the new console.

                                                                      1. I’m pretty confident that it will launch in 2017.
                                                                        Nintendo’s precedent is to release the year following a console’s announcement, and since they’re announcing in 2916, and since they have a habit of keeping consoles around for 5 years, that means a 2017 launch.
                                                                        There’s also the fact that keeping it around for its full life span will guard against pissing off Wii U owners.
                                                                        No one who wants Nintendo to succeed, wants them to pull a Sega by killing the Wii U too soon.

                                                                        And as to the NX being BC, there was an article a while back where it was stated by Nintendo themselves, that they intend to have the NX absorb a certain amount of the Wii U’s architecture.
                                                                        Whether or not that has remained true as they’ve developed it, is anyone’s guess, but assuming it has, the NX will likely have native BC.

                                                                        Which would be smart, considering Mario Maker, MK8, Smash and Splatoon are all still very popular games that would benefit GREATLY from being able to be played on the NX, since it would increase their longevity and give Wii U owners yet another reason to trade up; the benefit of not having to forfeit their previous-gen collection for the sake of new-gen hardware.

                                                                    2. Listen the game was built from the ground up on the Wii U architecture. It’s been in the works for 5 years for Wii U. It will stay Wii U exclusive. Twilight Princess was only ported cause the Wii had motion controls to showcase it. Unless the NX Home Console has some new controls to evolve Zelda it will stay Wii U exclusive since every home console has an exclusive Zelda game.

                                                                      1. Don’t forget about GameCube and Wii not having a large power gap between them, unlike (presumably) the Wii U and NX. If the rumors about the NX’s chipset are true, they’d have to remaster the game to keep the visuals up with the hardware.

                                                                          1. Nobody cares if its exclusive or not as long as it does come to Wii U, the problem is what a dual launch would imply: That the only reason for the delay was to use the game to boost NX sales, just like they did with Twilight Princess on the Wii.

                                                                        1. I continue to get that Twilight Princess feel from it. I recall it being delayed on the GC and then announced not long after the Wii’s announcement that it’d be hitting both, but it’s been a while, so not sure I remember too well :P

                                                                          1. Only cause Wii had motion controls which fits Zelda perfectly. Unless the NX Home Console can some how evolve Zeldas controls again it won’t happen.

                                                                            1. This makes no sense.
                                                                              First off, Twilight Princess Wii only had one real difference from the GC version: The pointer system. The sword works in the exact same way in both versions, it just uses a different kind of input.
                                                                              The main reason TP Wii was made was to move consoles among hardcore Nintendo fans, and the delay of the GC version to early 2007 proves it, Nintendo’s message was simple: “Want TP early? Buy the new system”. The port may indeed have been born from the creativity of the developers, but its end purpose was nothing more than selling Wii units, otherwise the GC version wouldn’t have been delayed.
                                                                              In any way, porting games is made much easier, and thus more likely, by having similar controllers, case in point: Wind Waker HD. WW was easy to port to the Wii U because the controller has the exact same configuration as the GC one so all they had to do was focus on the cosmetic aspect. Given all of this, It isn’t exactly hard to find reasons why Nintendo would port Zelda U to the NX, even if they couldn’t use a different controller as an excuse for it.

                                                                              1. -The GC version released one week after Wii version (still 2006)
                                                                                -Twilight Princess really needed one more year in development. That game went through development hell.

                                                                                1. You’re right, it wasn’t delayed to 2007, that is, in major territories. Still, countries like Mexico (Where I happen to be from) and Brazil didn’t get it until February 2007 despite the Wii version being available since November 2006.
                                                                                  Now, I don’t know what kind of elementary-level education you had, but November 19 (Official Wii version launch) to December 11 (Official GC version launch) is not a week.

                                                                                  1. Sorry man. I’m not buying that motion controls had anything to do with the duel release. They didn’t really use them in twilight Princess.

                                                                                  2. Also the Wii was basically 2 GameCubes lol. So porting was easy peasy. NX won’t have the same arcitechture as Wii U.

                                                                                    1. I know, but in terms of a significant delay right on the precipice of a new console, not all of them have. SS was close to the Wii U’s release, but enough gameplay and details were given consistently that the idea of it being on both didn’t really come to mind. We’ve heard little to nothing about Zelda U, apart from a ridiculously brief bit of gameplay that focused on jumping off of a horse over anything. That makes me think this game is going to be hitting both consoles, it seems like the only reason why they’d be so quiet about such a huge selling ip to me anyways.

                                                                                  3. Not sure why there was a need to mention the NX when the quote is talking about mobile vs console development.

                                                                                    -conspiracy warning-

                                                                                    More importantly which EVERYONE missed. This may mean that the first entry to the NX platform IS a home console and not a portable as he’s saying a CONSOLE team is working on the new Zelda.

                                                                                    OR it means the NX version is delayed because the mobile team was working on this shitty entry instead of the portable NX version, which ultimately delayed the U version. And Nintendo keeps lying to us.

                                                                                    NX is mobile w/Zelda U=Nintendo lies.
                                                                                    NX is home console w ZU=Nintendo was legitimate.
                                                                                    No ZU for NX=We can forever trust in Nintendo

                                                                                  4. Aonuma’s defenders never shut up about Miyamoto’s quote on delays, but the delay was never about that; by Aonuma’s own admission the sole reason for the delay was that he suddenly got in a creative mood and decided to start experimenting with the game, and that’s not an appropriate justification, especially 4 years into the development cycle and nearly a decade since the launch of the last proper game in the series (Yeah, I’m not counting Skyward Sword, sorry but the game blows).
                                                                                    And now they’re going on about exclusivity which is not the point of the speculation on a potential NX port. Nobody with half a brain cares if the game gets an NX port as long as it still comes to the Wii U, the problem is what this would imply: That Nintendo most likely only delayed the game for years just to milk it as a selling point for the NX’s launch. Notice how deliberately Aonuma talks about this controversy, he avoids addressing the elephant in the room (The hypothetical Wii U/NX dual launch) in any way and instead focuses on the “It’s still coming to Wii U” narrative (Which I doubt it’s false, but still does nothing to disprove a NX port), couple this with the already flimsy excuse for the delay and you have a very legitimate reason for the fans feeling cheated.

                                                                                  5. the delay sucks, but launching the title on WiiU this year and then on NX with launch wouldn’t be bad, and it wouldn’t have been if we got Zelda U or whatever this holiday. Because there is such a low amount people with a WiiU, bring this Zelda to the NX at launch would bring in people who didn’t get the WiiU and passed on Zelda because they just didn’t want to buy a wiiU for whatever reason…

                                                                                    We’ll see

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                                                                                  8. Yes it will coming for Wiiu as he stated that enough proof still there is same cut scene and no gameplay, how much more do have to wait to see some game in action, the video we have seen looks impressive, it’s amazing how good the Wiiu for some Nintendo exclusive games.

                                                                                  9. I am sorry but I think this game won’t be as good as everyone thinks, knowing Nintendo I see it as an easy game with a lot of hand holding and empty spaces, no real sense of freedom, useless side quests and many more, I may be a pessimiste but years of playing recent Nintendo titles had me thinking this way.

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