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The Nintendo Investors Meeting Will Last 90 Minutes

Dr. Serkan Toto, who is CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan-Games has informed his followers on Twitter that the Nintendo Corporate Policy and Investor Briefing will last 90 minutes and is held in a luxury hotel in Kyoto. The event starts on Thursday 10am Japan time and there will be yet another briefing for investors to attend in the afternoon.


20 thoughts on “The Nintendo Investors Meeting Will Last 90 Minutes”

      1. Exactly. I hope there’s some hidden surprises, like a few upcoming games announcements, information about Nintendo’s new account system, maybe more clarity on the new direction Nintendo Directs will be taking and maybe a concrete date on when information will be shared about the NX. I hope it’s worth it

          1. Yeah I know but I’m talking about maybe Mr. Kimishima giving us a specific date on when they’ll be talking about it. If the rumors are true about it’s power they shouldn’t do a Direct they should definitely take the stage at E3 and explain in specific details the specs of the system and what it can do differently that the others systems can’t do aside from it being more powerful (if the rumors are true). Information like that has to be shared on a stage with a large crowd watching

            1. No its an investor meeting. Most of the info comes when the q & a starts. They don’t really surprise much with this. Very very rarely something come out of this that is unknown info. Expect nothing. Investors want to know how nintendo will increase profits. Majority are not interested in the games or other products.

                1. I’m not sure but it is rarely you get any information. Even by mention them two, think of all the other meetings where there is no information or unknown information.

  1. 6 o’ clock Pacific time!
    Let’s do thiiiiis!

    (Maybe even a little clarification about that Twilight Princess HD thing. Small chance but a nerd can dream.)

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