More Details On My Nintendo The Club Nintendo Replacement

We found out earlier today during the Nintendo investors meeting that Club Nintendo is being rebranded and will be called My Nintendo. The service will allow you to collect points while playing video games whether they be on your mobile or your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The service links up with your Nintendo Account. You can then use the points that you have accumulated on various things including software titles online, DLC, and presumably merchandise. You will also be able to use your My Nintendo account at the Nintendo theme park, as well as theaters and stores. Here’s what we know so far in tweet form.


Thanks, Retrogaminglord



      1. I’ll believe that BS when I see it. In the mean time, if this shit completely replaces my NNID and wipes out my fucking game purchases, then there’s nothing else for me and no more chances for Nintendo..ever.


      2. Okay. I still didn’t see anything about my purchase history being carried over without that BS system link nonsense. All that money wasted. Fuck this…


      3. I’m talking about whether or not they will do away that BS system-link thing that I need the same device I purchased from to login and redownload the games.


      4. I’m pretty damn sure it’s not gonna get carried over much like how Microsoft screwed their fanbase over not migrating purchases from Live Marketplace.


      5. More like a “Don’t wait and say fuck it” type of thing. I damn straight know there’s gonna be some fucked up disappointment somewhere like usual.

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      6. no, I don’t take this stuff seriously. I have a great life. Why ruin it worrying and complaining about something that is not important.


      7. So? Nintendo has said a lot of bullshit this gen & half of it was just that: bullshit. So I’ll believe it when I see it.


      8. That’s your choice. It is just video games. You want to harp on everything then let your blood pressure rise and let wrinkles high your face early. It is your choice.


      1. It sucked on the Xbox. If Nintendo plays it as a way of earning points towards My Nintendo to work like coins on Club Nintendo, that would be awesome! Even if it’s still miniscule compared to the amount gained from entering codes from games, it would definitely get people playing more, and I’m down for getting free stuff I spend hours not getting right now lol

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      2. This is what I’ve been trying to explain to people years ago but they just kept blocking me out and thinking of how the XB does it.
        And now look what’s happening… xD


  1. The way a rewards system should be. Reward people for continuing to play their games instead of just forgetting about them after they’ve handed their money over.

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  2. One thing with the Nintendo Account people has not mention or I miss people mentioning it is the cloud saves for games on dedicated systems and mobile devices.

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    1. God, that’s great. And it could hint at ‘Nintendo multiplatform’ titles for the NX (be it a console, a portable or both) and mobile. Imagine what Monster Hunter 3U does, only without having to trasfer data since you’re accessing it from the cloud on the fly.

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  3. I suppose each game will have a limited amount of points to be earned and it won’t be based on hours played, otherwise Smash will (ironically) be their ruin. Something similar to Microsoft’s achievement system seems more plausible to me.

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  4. Since when did Nintendo have an amusement park? Are they talking about the Nintendo themed rides that are coming to Universal Studios?

    This is probably what the next Nintendo Direct is going to be about. At least, part of it. Sounds very interesting. This might be the motivation I need to get “good” at games. Like with Smash Bros. I SUCK at it. Though I never played enough to get good. Maybe there’s still hope?


    1. If you’re really interested in getting better at Smash, you should go to Smashboards and check some threads about competitive play. Even if you aren’t interested in tournaments and the like, just by applying the basics you can correct a lot of unhealthy habits (rolling instead of running, for instance) and gain a better knowledge of the abilities of your mains (combos and strings).


  5. So basically, it’s like the points you get for Achievements on PlayStation/Xbox, except it’s not for Bragging Rights, but for actual points that could be used for actual stuff? If that’s the case, then I can see a heck of a lot more people going for ALL of the Achievements this way, than people on PlayStation/Xbox. I guess that would solve the “What do you get for 100%ing this game…An Achievement. That’s it,” problem. Because that Achievement would go towards something that you can actually use.
    You know, if I’m understanding this right.


    1. Exactly my thoughts. Most of the time, I never care about completing all of the side missions in a game unless it unlocks something really cool such as an extra mode, or a special ending etc. (I don’t really care about unlocking extra outfits or characters, since I don’t play a game anymore once I’ve finished it). But with this new rewards program, it might give me that much needed reason to 100% my games.


  6. What I find funny is that people are saying the XBOX Achievement system and the Playstation Trophy system are dumb because all you do is earn an achievement or a trophy. The point of them is to show that you’ve gone above and beyond to fully play out the game. Rewards for doing so really wouldn’t be financially smart. Honestly it doesn’t sound like you’ll get much from this system as compared to Club Nintendo. I’ve been dying for a trophy/achievement system on Nintendo platforms because it gives me more reason to replay the game. After I beat Nintendo games I don’t usually go back for a long time since there’s no point. If they interpret an achievement type system and add more to it I’ll be totally game. But since it’s talking about being used at the theme park (which is extremely useless to most people) and retailers (how many are actually going to participate in this?) I don’t know how I feel about it.


  7. Same shit with slightly better perks. They could’ve just updated Club with this shit. Still taking unnecessary roads to please the wrong type of douchebags who blindly buy crap.


  8. So… does this mean Nintendo Account won’t be here til March 2016, as well? GOD DAMN IT!!! Looks like I won’t be getting Fatal Frame 5 OR Xenoblade Chronicles X for awhile. But this all hinges on if the save data will also be part of the cloud system. If not, I will have waited for March for Nintendo Account for fucking nothing.

    This wouldn’t be a god damn problem if I wasn’t getting cock blocked by having to use two functional Gamepads. Otherwise, I could just switch my single Gamepad between the two consoles as I get the transfer up & running. Thanks for the big fat middle finger, Ninten


  9. The nintendo clud services stopped in Septembre 2015 and the new services may start in March 2016????? 6 months (at least) where there is an interruption of services and rewards is just stupid….. 1 month or 2 top but 6 months… there must be a reason but I really don’t see it.


      1. Pardon me but I would have a new servers offline migrate data from one server to another. Do my tests in parallel, then put both servers in cluster so that when I switch off the old server and have the new server on.also 6 months to do that… And the decision to remove those services was dated back in March. So they had a year to get ready..

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      2. It depend on how many resources Dena had to put into the work. I understand what you saying. The coding and testing is where the issues show the most.


    1. I hope not but I know better than to trust in Nintendo of America, and by extension Nintendo Co., Ltd, to do any better for us even with a new fancy name for their “Club Nintendo.” So I’ll believe it when I see it.


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