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Nintendo President Says There’s More Unannounced Titles For This Year

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has announced to the investors that the company plans to release previously unannounced software for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS this year. We have all heard the rumours regarding The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii U, so we might hear about that.

CEO Tatsumi Kimishima says there are more titles–unannounced–coming this year to promote both Wii U and 3DS during the year-end holiday season.




  1. TOLD YOU GUYS PATCHER WAS WRONG!!! LOOL! “Nintendo is gonna have a horrible holiday” HA GAAAAY!!! Told you! Please Nintendo, let it be Zelda Twlight Princess HD so we can forget about the Zelda U Wait @-@


  2. Looks like Nintemdo has another hype train a-coming! I’m glad, this holday was looking a little dry, and I’m not sure how well Ninty was going to do. Of course these could be as simple as eshop games, but still exciting information!

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    1. eshop isn’t a bad thing. I guess this helps support the rumors of wii games and the HD twilight princess. I’m hopping that we get something new and not JUST virtual console things. but IF twilight princess is part of that holiday lineup it well definitely help sales. but they better have a Nintendo direct / announce it soon. its almost November

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  3. Damn……that’s a surprise. I guess that Twilight Princess HD rumor is looking more and more likely now but wouldn’t it be crazy if Nintendo really decided to try the boost the sales of the Wii U even more by remastering Skyward Sword as well. A Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword HD remake combo pack for $60 would be too enticing to pass up especially if there’s a Wii U bundle for it

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    1. To be honest, I didn’t play Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. I was personally tired of Zelda. Not that I thought it was bad just my taste had changed during that time. Now I do want to play them but didn’t want to buy the Wii versions.


  4. We got 2 months left in the year, with these random new games lets be honest they aren’t going to be anything worth a shit lol. Not like SURPRISE F-ZERO U coming out next month!!!! lol. No time for advertising or anything lol. Any new one we haven’t heard about would be like Nintendogs U or something lol.

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    1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

      Though to be fair, for Nintendo to suddenly spring a new F-Zero on us right now would probably steal the audience for Fast Racing Neo, and that wouldn’t be fair to the developers, one of the few third-party devs using the hardware at its full potential and caring about their work.

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    1. Just like ya hoped for a decent mobile game from them and turns out to be a fucking social garbage with IAPs shoved up every blind fan’s ass and now NX being targeted for children once more. Keep hoping for these now casual retards honoring your hopes and dreams so they can heartlessly and cluelessly crush it like in 2015 E3.


      1. I ain’t like no Republican idiot. And I’m talking to you, answering your question with sarcasm, not confusing another person. Now who’s living in another reality ATM?


      2. You, since I never “hoped” for a decent mobile game from them. “Wishing” and “hoping” are not the same thing. All I ever did that came close to that was defending the project as a good move from a business standpoint. As I said, you must be confusing me with someone else.


      1. I can see Pikmin 4 being a surprise title, but TP was released on the Wii, and since it’s backwards compatible there probably isn’t much of a need for it being released on the Wii U, but you never know. They should expect to see people wanting SS released as a HD title if they do remake TP, similar to how people wanted Majora’s mask after OOT came out on 3DS.


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