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You Can Now Play As Mario In Sonic Generations Via A Mod

Ever thought you wanted to play as Mario in the reasonably well-received Sonic Generations? Well, now you can thanks to a mod! You can watch Mario dash through the levels at the speed of light in the video embedded above and admittedly it does look like a lot of fun. As you would expect the mod only works with the PC version of Sonic Generations.

9 thoughts on “You Can Now Play As Mario In Sonic Generations Via A Mod”

  1. There was one made of Mario and Wii Rainbow Road a while ago. Just type in Sonic Generations Rainbow Road in Youtube and a video by a Youtuber named Cobanermani456, is the video you want to check out.

  2. Went in expecting some really crap game and came out wondering why this guy isn’t working for Nintendo or SEGA. He looked like he was actually programmed into the game originally! He was patched in pretty much flawlessly. It’s such odd gameplay to have Mario in though but it looks like it’d be fun regardless.

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