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Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward Demo

Good news for those of you who are interested in fashion and beauty as Nintendo UK has announced that there’s a demo of Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the United Kingdom. The full fashion extravaganza will launch on November 20th.

Become the star of the entire fashion business in Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 2 -Fashion Forward, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems! Run your own fashion boutique or let your creativity loose in new roles as a Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Model and Designer! In this demo, players can try their hand at making their customers happy using a selection of items from four varied in-game brands, and visit the hair salon and beautician’s for a taste of the full game’s countless hair and make-up combinations.

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  1. Why the hell are there so MANY butt hurt-ed people on here? Get the hell out if you don’t like the game what so ever ._.” for real we don’t go on your darn games and hit on it or something. Freaking so MATURE of you people. FYI this game IS considered to be a an actual GAME butt heads.

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