Sprixie Fairy From Super Mario 3D World Announced For Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Nintendo of America has announced that Sprixie from Super Mario 3D World is making a more than welcome appearance in the forthcoming Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. You can check her out in the recently released video. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is due to be released in the United States and Europe on November 20th. We should have a review up of the game shortly!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


  1. Thanks Nintendo for revealing all secret characters before the game even comes out and take away all the fun and surprise in unlocking them.
    Maybe showcasing the game’s modes would be better? I mean, a great cast of characters means nothing if the game is shit.


  2. Was this a character anyone wanted or knew existed? I played Mario 3D world and don’t remember. They should add Link or Samus. They added Animal Crossing kid and Link Mario Kart, so I’m sure it can be done.


  3. There isn’t much content in the game but graphics are pretty good, it has few good characters but that is not enough, I hope we can get more extra modes, oh come on Nintendo make this game a classic not average one, I will be buying on day one never followed Mario tennis much.


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