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Full Episodes Of Yo-Kai Watch Are Coming To YouTube

Yo-Kai Watch fans can get excited because full episodes of the anime television series are coming to YouTube. Currently there are only clips and recaps of episodes on the Yo-kai Watch Official Channel, but that is going to change soon. Meanwhile, the Yo-kai Watch game is set to launch on November 6 for Nintendo 3DS. It revolves around distinct creatures called Yo-kai, which are invisible to anyone who doesn’t wield a special wristwatch known as the Yo-kai Watch.


10 thoughts on “Full Episodes Of Yo-Kai Watch Are Coming To YouTube”

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  2. Smart move Level 5. I know my little sisters use Youtube (with supervision) just as much as regular TV. They also get to advertise Yokai Watch free of charge. Yokai Watch may just take over Pokemon if things go well…

        1. Meh, nice one. I still don’t see it happening, the whole concept of the game is goofy as hell and has hardly any resemblance to Pokemon.

          Only problem is that four word sentence you got there is a hella loaded “if”.

          These are just opinions, if the game becomes the next Halo, wonderful. But nothing will replace Pokemon in my opinion.


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