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GameStop: $100 Credit If Trade A 3DS Or Vita Towards New Nintendo 3DS XL

US video game retailer GameStop has announced via Twitter that if you decide to trade in a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or PlayStation Vita you will get $100 credit towards the New Nintendo 3DS XL. It’s certainly not a bad deal if you are in the market for the new and improved Nintendo 3DS console. If you have a Nintendo 2DS then you can get $75 credit towards the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

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14 thoughts on “GameStop: $100 Credit If Trade A 3DS Or Vita Towards New Nintendo 3DS XL”

  1. Well that’s not a bad deal or anything but the problem is you need to do a system transfer or else you’ll lose all of your stuff. Would GameStop allow you to boot up the new system and transfer stuff over? For me it took like 2 or 3 hours so I doubt it.

    1. Yeah that’s the whole problem. When I got my 3DS XL they wouldn’t let me transfer anything from my old 3DS. That was a couple years ago though… Maybe things have changed.

      1. This is what you gotta do:
        Buy a New 3DS XL outright!
        Do a system transfer!
        Do a return on the New 3DS (or just bring in your receipt with your old 3ds to trade in)
        They should go ahead & allow you to get the $100 discount.

        Check with your local GAMESTOP to see if they’ll do this transaction for you.

      2. It all depends on your local gamestop. The one close to me actually has Wifi and they themselves allow you to do it in store, they do it for you, or they allow you to take both home to do it. Of course for the 3rd option, they charge your card for the discounted price and a second charge for the credit. In case you so happen to not return it. When you return it, they cancel the payment and/or give you a refund of the credit. Its not ideal but it beats losing all your data.

    2. Sighes…this honestly, seems like a rip off. I mean it probably isn’t but at the same time it is. You have to trade in the A/C charger, the system, and Stylus for you to get full credit. Guess what the catch is though, the New 3DS doesn’t have a charger so that’s another 13 bucks you have to spend. And then there’s the process of transfering the data which is so stupid and that’s where they really get you if you’re not careful.

    3. Don’t need the hardware bump since they’re not really utilizing it with exclusives, and with the NX handheld seemingly on the way I’m weary of paying 200$ for it. (125 if I give my 2ds) I’m thinking that this is totally a DSI moment and the “3ds” is coming out soon. Maybe even Next year.

    4. Way to many games on my 3DS xl, it would make more sense to buy a new model. Only problem is I don’t feel as though I need one. Not enough content to warrant buying the New 3DS.

    5. That is how I feel, is it worth 100$ for a little c-nub, a little bit faster load/download speeds and better 3D? For me it is not, as there is only one game that is only for N3DS I want and that is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I already have Xenoblade for my Wii.

      1. I agree with you. It’s not worth it in my opinion for the c-nub and faster download speed. Sure Majora 3DS gets a full camera control feature, and you have Xenoblade as a new 3DS game only, but, it’s not really a new system, it’s like it’s the version of the system we should have had at launch. They aren’t really utilizing the improved features of it. It’s kind of like the Kinect, it adds features that may improve the playing experience, but it’s not essential to play. I would be more on board if the New 3DS, when it came out, they started developing games exclusively for it, so that people would have a reason to buy it. As it stands there isn’t much of a reason.

        On a side note, I remember when the 3DS first came out and I thought about how amazing it would be if they took a game like spirit tracks, and the little disc pad thing could be used to control link and you could use the B button to attack or something, like a little easter egg for using newer hardware like how the Oracle games had the GBA shop if you put the game into a GBA. Sadly that’s a bygone era of video games that we will never see again.

    6. The “Buy 2 games and get a 3rd free” deal at Target is honestly better than this one.
      That headache inducing process for System Transfer as well as an AC Adapter replacement is just not worth the trouble.

    7. I’m on my N3DS ALL the time. I take it to work, play it in bed, play it when doing cardio (running or using the ellyptical) i’ve even used it to play music in the gym. So the time I’ve saved with quicker load times has been worth it for me. Also, since wii games look like shit on my HD TV, I was able to finally playthrough and finish Xenoblade chronicles and the 3D effect works SO much better. – since most of my gaming is on the go, it was totally worth it for me!

      At this point, I do understand those who held off waiting to see what the NX is.

    8. My 3DS XL is starting to die, but honestly I’ll wait for a better deal to come along, or the inevitable N3DS 2.0 XLi edition. They seem to get their jollies out of slightly revamping the system constantly (it’s the George Lucas Special Editions of the video game world). Hopefully the next version puts the SD slot on the outside of the hardware like a logical design would do, and use a proper card since I have no interest in having to pick up a 32 gig micro to transfer all my stuff over. It’s the little things like needing a new card and another charger that kill any attempt at a trade in deal. Easier and cheaper to buy outright and sell the old unit on Kijiji, eBay or pawnshop it. Oh well. If only all of life’s problems were such. ;)

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