SNK Playmore, Neo Geo Creators, To Return To Video Games

Do you remember SNK Playmore? Retro gamers should instantly recall that name, seeing as they were the primary hardware and software developers to the Neo Geo line (now, proudly available on Nintendo’s Virtual Consoles). However, following a bankruptcy in the early 2000’s they had “pulled a Konami,” stopped creating games, and switched over to the pachinko slot machine business.

Why are we talking about them? According to Siliconera, SNK Playmore is moving away from the pachinko industry and is fully committed to creating console and mobile games with their existing IP (i.e., The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and Samurai Spirits). There is no indication whether the Japanese company’s games will be heading to Nintendo consoles, however it would not be out of the question given their prior business history together.

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    1. they made King of Fighters, it compilates some of their own fighting games characters and adds new ones, along with their independent story/plot

      the gameplay of the first 2 is extremely slow but from the 3rd(all are named with their year of release, KoF 94 being the first), the speed increases, as long as their roster

      They are very similar to street fighters, except there is a roll and run mechanic, and a more combo focused gameplay

      Also, it is worthy to note that it has one of the most cheap, overpowered son of a bitch Bosses on the history, to the point they earned a trope called SNK Syndrome

      Their most powerful boss, Rugal Bernestein AI is insane, being able to read your inputs, counter on frame 1 and anti air with a 50% Special. He was killed on the second game but he appears on the dream matches

      I suggest you look it up, it’s worth the try.

      Once in a while, they release a Dream Match game, which is a game with no story, all characters of the current arc(with some extras) and Rugal(in his Omega form) as a secret final boss. All of those(2) are on Steam at the moment, called The King of Fighters (98/2002) UM

    2. Wait… How haven’t you heard of them until today? They didn’t went under that long ago, and their franchises are hardly obscure.

      Also, were SNK the ones that hired yakuza members back in the day to hang around the arcades of their competitors or was it Konami? I think it was Konami, but still.

        1. If every game in those days had that awesome animation, I wonder if we would have moved on to 3D animation as quick as we did in video games.

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