Check Out The Toon Link/Macross Costume In Monster Hunter X

Toon Link is about to get another chance at taking down gigantic monsters, thanks to Monster Hunter X. The title, a few weeks away from release in Japan, will feature a Palico outfit available at 7-Eleven stores. Check out Capcom’s video below showcasing the costume:

Meanwhile, if you are more a fan of anime, there is also this Macross tie-in:

Monster Hunter X will release on Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 28th, with no sign of a Western release. Are you hoping the game comes to our shores?

Thanks, Flodarien for the edit! (I can’t tell Gundam from Macross)


    1. Woof — that is what I get for believing sources when I can’t read Japanese. Will edit, thank you!

  1. I love Macross. I’m a long-time hardcore fan of Robotech. I loved the gamecube game… I have the remastered Macross Saga and the Movie, both versions. My favorite Robot-anime next to Evengelion’s rebuild.

    I’d be estatic if Japan made another Robotech game.

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