Nintendo Badge Arcade For Nintendo 3DS Announced For The West

Do you remember the story about the Japanese badge game on Nintendo 3DS that allowed you to customize your home screen? Well that very same game is heading to the West, hitting Europe November 13, 2015. Titled Nintendo Badge Arcade, the crane-like game lets you collect various badges that you can adorn your home screen with.

Interestingly, the game may include free-to-play microtransactions — the video (below) says that players can play once a day for free. Also, it hasn’t been officially announced for America, but chances are that will change after the incoming Nintendo Direct! Are you excited to customize your home screen?

Thanks to those who sent this in.


      1. I downloaded it last night and… well… It’s free-to-play ONCE- your first time. Every other time, you gotta pay a dollar for 5 plays.

        And they’re just virtual badges that don’t actually do anything. $1 for five plays on a 2D crane game for badges that do nothing.

        I’m not impressed.

        1. I heard that you get a free try every day. I guess will see tomorrow. I don’t mind these apps getting MT though as they aren’t actual games.

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