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Shovel Knight’s Developer, Yacht Club Games, Doing An AMA Tomorrow

Do you have any burning questions about your favorite shoveled-protagonist? Wonder whether he will be making it to Smash Bros.? Or maybe a question of the amiibo variety? All your questions can be answered tomorrow — the developers, Yacht Club Games is holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Wii U subreddit tomorrow (Nov. 12) at 3 PM ET. Gamers, fans and redditors are invited to ask them anything that may be on their mind. Luckily, this won’t interfere with the Nintendo Direct which will be happening at 5 PM ET. What questions do you hope to ask Yacht Club?



    1. They said their interested in possibly making a SNES style or even N64 style sequel, but no solid plans. They’re not sure if they want to keep going with Shovel Knight while it’s hot or try something else and come back later.

      It will be a LONG time though. They still have the other Shovel Knight Kickstarter goals. The battle mode, probably more challenges, Genderswap, but more time consuming, 2 other playable boss campaigns like Plague Knight. One of them is King Knight confirmed, the other they’re not sure about.

    2. Right now, they have their hands full with building out the sequels and stories of the other knights… It’s going to be fare better than a sequel.

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