This Is How Nintendo Explains Their Stance On Microtransactions

People aren’t overjoyed about the micro-transaction-heavy Nintendo Badge Arcade released today in the US — we understand the pain and see it in the comments section. With that said, Nintendo has made it a point to pitch us why micro-transactions are so important within the free-to-play title. After being allowed to play the crane game for free, players are prompted to begin playing with micro-transactions. Here is their explanation right from a cartoon rabbit’s mouth:

Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 1 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 2 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 3 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 4 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 5 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 6 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 7 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 8 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 9 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 10 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 11 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 12 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 13 Nintendo Badge Arcade Micro-Transactions 14

What do you think of their reasoning behind it? Are you more willing to spend a dollar or two, or will you be waiting on those free plays?



  1. Well, if they are giving 5 free goes, it’ll be like Shuffle for me, use the free turns and then just wait til the next day, simple really. I’ve given enough money to Nintendo over the years to justify this policy.

  2. Why would anyone ever pay for this? It’s just cosmetic novelty, nothing more. To each their own I suppose… personally, I’ll never support games like this.

      1. Skin packs are a bit different. You’d likely buy that for a game you frequently play to give it a fresh/new appearance. Unless you just sit around staring at your 3DS home menu, it seems rather pointless to me. But, like I said, to each their own.

        It might only be $1, but that money adds up…

    1. Why not? There are sold themes that are hugely successfull. People in NA wanted NOA’s head on a plate when they announced that the new 3DS would not be going to america purely because of the cover plates. People like visual stuff. 1$/€ is not a big amount either.

      1. Again, those plates are a bit different than this. That’s an appearance that you’ll see a lot and appear to others that see your system. I spend a max of 10 seconds at the 3DS home menu so I don’t see the point. I said “to each their own” for a reason. Doesn’t matter how cheap it is, I’d never pay anything for something as tiny as this haha. And that would just show I support these types of games, which I do not. But hey, if you wanna pay for this stuff, feel free. Just don’t get mad when you have to pay for trophies one day in Smash Bros….

        1. “pay for trophies one day in Smash Bros….”

          I think it’s pretty bad I didn’t even flinch at this. It’s only a matter of time with all this nickel and diming.

          Whatever happened to paying full price for a title and getting all the content? I miss those days

          1. Uhh, greedy corporations got greedier? I mean, that money of some peoples…a small part of it Must go to trophies on other platforms, for DLC & whatnot. So it’s not exactly a new thing…

            ‘Lest Mr. “Alexsmith” would like to clarify how “DLC” is ‘another thing’ :P

  3. The fact that they explain that you can if you want, but can wait for free plays over time is excellent. It’s something that can easily get people checking the app often if they want more free badges, and if they like stuff they see more over time, could entice them to pay later on. It was a cute explanation for exactly what it’s like. It’s an arcade video game for digital merch that runs like a real arcade with real merch. I dig it, and have already spent 5 bucks XD

  4. I think i going to wait for those free plays this is just for making theme’s
    Luckely you get those a day so you don’t have to wait long

    1. My brother got a ps4 and I look at the games and played a few and am definitely going to get a lot and I completely understand why you hate nintendo and when the nx comes out they have too much work to do

  5. I wouldn’t mind if Nintendo bundles these icons with themes for a dollar extra. I like to have my Link between worlds theme with icons in the same style. In fact, I wish you could get game specific icons for the vc games you have. Like a mario 3 sprite for mario 3, or Newer games have specific icons dedicated to a theme.

  6. Actually, It does sound good for them but many people hate micro transactions for a good reason. Though the rabbit has a point and it sounds like its coming from the company as to telling the truth. I’ve had my shares of micro transactions on xbox and nintendo and tablet. I don’t do it often just to save, but I can’t admit of what the rabbit says is false, its very much true and knowing nintendo staying true to this policy, I doubt they will take the money for their own needs. Business is very tricky, yet even though all that money they got, its been used for their products over the years. Its called profit. I mean think about it, why would nintendo go this route in the first place? I’d say its because of the smart phone biz, they are testing the waters is what I think. BUT, it could be something else, we don’t see it normally. UNLIKE THOSE MEDIA BULLSHITTERS, Patchler, I think its a kind of smart move but I don’t think its going to go well for them. This will just fuel the fire of the haters like blackb0nd as if I need to say. I like what this new president doing but I think its the wrong approach for this title. Specially for the stock drop. Sorry nintendo, but you won’t see me buying from this game. I want to see something fantastic, not something I can just use to customize my 3ds and just that. I’m a gamer, I play games, I solve puzzles, I look at news for games, and I play whatever I can, not become a decorator for a dollar and play a cheesy virtual crane game. I want to play a crane game, I would do it at walmart.

  7. I understand where they’re coming because Nintendo’s DLC model is very uncommon, they don’t just cut things out from games but actually spend time developing new things after they’ve completed the main product, so they still need to pay devs for the extra work they’re putting in.
    You could say that this could be fixed by ditching the freemium model and just selling the main app with everything unlocked (Like BoxBoy!) at a reasonable price, but who knows if enough people to justify the development expenses will buy it.
    The real answer is simple: Nintendo should stop making these bullshit things altogether and focus on making full-fledged $40-60 bucks games, the end.

    1. and then you end up throwing money at nintendo for this badge arcade while crying for your wallet. im on your side with this, except im tempted to cough up some money for some badges but i have to save up for xenoblade chronicles x.

      1. Explain to me how Smash Bros. has micro-transactions. Because if you can’t, I’ll just keep thinking that you’ve just said a very stupid thing.

          1. That’s not micro-transactions, though (do you know what “micro” means?), so what you said is completely stupid still.

            Think before you post.

            1. I’m glad to see you blindly order colorful skins. Some of us can see past the facade. Contrary to your belief, this method of DLC is microtransactions as you’re buying minor aesthetic items.

              1. Again, that’s not micro-transactions. You can’t just call an apple an orange and expect me to accept it.

                Besides that, just because I’m calling you out on your (intentional) misuse of the term doesn’t mean I’m ok with the DLC.

                  1. Let’s not argue semantics:

                    Substantial DLC/Expansions are DLC.
                    Costume packs are cosmetic micro-transactions.
                    Anything less substantial is junk micro-transactions.

                    Some people like paying for cosmetics, though it is hardly necessary. However, yes, there are micro-transactions in Smash. They are just purely optional.

                  2. In this context, for a finite resource that expires the moment you use it. Smash’s costumes can be used indefinitely and weren’t a part of the game at the beginning. They are, therefore, not microtransactions.

                    Go check some of the most popular mobile games (especially those that share the free-to-play model), then you’ll see what micro-transactions are.

  8. I’m just wondering, as I haven’t seen much of the Japanese gameplay: Do you get extra free plays due to certain days and events, or when they say “free plays” are they only talking about the practice catcher? I’ve already sunk $7 dollars into this game, and I really need to stop lol.

      1. Wrong! You get one practice game a day. You only get free plays if you win them in the practice game or they’re giving them out that day.

          1. Whether getting the piece worth 3 plays or having the bunny just give them to you, getting plays in practice mode is entirely down to luck.

    1. Too late. It’s in your blood now. Expect to pay another $10-$15 over the next two weeks. We’ll start NBAA soon. (Nintendo Badge Addiction Anonymous) for people who can’t stop throwing Money at the rabbit. ;)

    2. There are days, usually once a week, that you get anywhere from 1-5 free plays. Usually when a new set of badges come up. Also when they (Japan) hit 1 million downloads there was a few free plays. I have tons of badges on my Japanese system and a couple of the special backdrops that you get when spending money. Some of the cranes you can get every badge with one try. Also when you play the crane game part try pressing the L and R buttons to go back and forth and sometime the pieces will move and maybe drop (usually after your first try and you have another try)

  9. The initial $2 gets you 10 plays AND a free theme (no special audio, though). This is a much better value than the actual Theme Store, and I hope Nintendo keeps that in mind come the NX.

    I did like the suggestion on the last thread od getting free badges via achievements. I wouldn’t replace what Nintendo’s got going here w/ Badge Arcade, but I would like to see that as another method for exclusive badges in the future.

    1. “This is a much better value than the actual Theme Store, and I hope Nintendo keeps that in mind come the NX.”

      No, just no. You know what’s better value and what should be kept in mind? Free theming. Instead of us paying hundreds for a piece of hardware and then getting coerced for more money from said system.

      1. Well anything free to us would always be a great value. I could get dog shit for free and it would be a a “great value.”

        I’m sure it would be a much greater value to get iPad’s handed out for free, but it doesn’t give credence to the realities of business. There already are free themes — Nintendo shouldn’t be demonized for monetizing other ones just because you perceive it as low-value.

        1. People value things in different terms. I don’t think anyone values dog shit, other than a constipated dog.

          Value is not measured in free giveaways. Monetizing everything possible pushes away the old customers, especially if you’re going to push dollar signs on a brand new release (NX).

  10. while i may not like it, it does make sense and it uses micro-transactions correctly unlike fraud raider and fraudster 5 guardians (there was another game that uses them but i forget what was the third one).

  11. Ok every, see here.
    Yiu do not get “Free Plays” every day. You get practice plays and do not get to keep what you won. If you get a special token, you DO get free plays.

    Also, the fucking rabbit is a fucking sales agent. He tries to talk you into buying Tri-force heroes, and I guarantee you it won’t stop there.

    If you understand that this is a marketing and sales mechanism, designed to nickel and dime you for cosmetic customization options, and you are ok with that, then you’ll love it, and that’s ok.

    I personally don’t like being treated like an idiot when that (cute) fucking rabbit tries to use Jedi-Mind-Tricks to convince me to buy a game. Nice try fur ball.

    So. I kinda like being able to customize folders and such, but I think to get your entertainment’s worth, you’re going to end up paying $30-$50 bucks over about 1-2 months. Nintendo get’s the full cost of another casual game from people, and people get mind-fucked by a cute rabbit to over-pay for cosmetic menu customization.

    If you don’t mind being fucked by a cute rabbit, or overpaying for customization in the name of entertainment, then this game might be for you.

    I’ve already spent $3.00. Fuck that rabbit! ;.;

        1. *slaps Jaded* Quit it, dude! Nintendo has tricked you again for the second time this gen! First with promises of a bunch of HD 1st & 3rd party titles & now this! Step away from the Nintendo Micro-Transaction Arcade game!

  12. Ordinarily I’d take the words of wisdom left to us by Twitchy from Hoodwinked, “never trust a bunny!” but this bunny isn’t exactly wrong.

    However, compared to the rest of Nintendo’s repertoire, this is not a game. The original Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace were more of a game than this is- this is just an app where you press one button in an attempt to get digital badges that do nothing.

    At least this thing doesn’t have ads that interrupt gameplay or erase your progress popping up every 5 seconds or after every run.

    1. This is not a game. Agreed. It is a way to get consumers to pay for Nintendo’s marketing. Making it “fun” to learn about new games, or get badges for games they want you to buy. So by staring at the badges long enough, you decide you want the game. And as the Rabbit said, straight up, you get to pay for this marketing scheme in “gaming” wool.

      I’ll give it to Nintendo… For a company so dead-set against it 5 yrs ago, they have not just embraced it… They’ve almost damn near mastered it.

  13. “See, we need real income to support this little venture.” HELLO, NOBODY WANTS TO SUPPORT THAT KIND OF VENTURE. Nobody wants Micro-Transactions, listen Nintendo YOU the developer MAKES A GAME, we the CONSUMER BUY THE GAME, and that’s it. That’s how it’s always been and always will be, you get no more money. You make a game, people buy it, you move onto the next game, so forth.

  14. This… remind me of a expression a colleague of mine have: “Det er en forskjell på å runke, og rive av seg kuken”. Translate it if you want, but be warned it is “dirty”.

    How does this apply to the subject of matter? Microtransactions are not fear income. It’s a cheap way to earn easy cash on little work. And people don’t need to spend endless amout of money on ONE game, instead of paying a one time fee. THAT’S HOW THAT FITS IN!

  15. Poor Jaded_Drybones. He got suckered by that god damn evil, greedy bunny using trickery & what sounds like logic to scam money from him. I pity the other fools that are spending over 5 bucks for this crap. I pity the fools that will defend/damage control this bullshit for Nintendo even more.

    Whatever. Sorry, you fucking Scam Bunny, but it’s not working! I’m not falling for your bullshit & lies! You might be cute but you’re not THAT cute!

    1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School) says:

      Watch what you say! He’ll find a way to get you too eventually!

      1. The fuck he will! Nickel & Dime already got me twice before with the Streetpass Mii Plaza games! I refuse to get tricked aga-… Crap… Forget I said that! *flees*

  16. I’d like little things like this, if they were at least predominantly free to play. Allow people to spend money if they wish, but give players a free turn or two every day so that the people who normally wouldn’t care have a true incentive to check in often. As it stands, this is nickle and diming the consumer for nearly worthless content and advertising.

    And I wouldn’t mind that too much on its own because it normally wouldn’t affect me and for those who like that sort of thing, it’s their money. That said, I am quite concerned that if these cheap money making tactics catch on and really start turning a profit that Nintendo will gradually start including them into their games. Just imagine Mario explaining in a comical, cutesy, condescending way why the next Smash Bros. is so much work and that it needs to make more money. Imagine them stripping away much of the content found in previous entries in the series and selling them off in small bundles. 10 tracks of music or 50 trophies for just $1! It’s just a $1 and you’re supporting the series you love, the developers and their families! Try and collect them all in this fun, but almost entirely luck based minigame! Hope you don’t get any duplicates!

    Yes, I may be worried for nothing here, but looking at Nintendo’s recent adoption of amiibos, micro-transactions, DLC in general, and their soon to be foray into the mobile market I can’t help but be somewhat concerned. Who knows where they’ll allow the money to take them from here.

    1. I’m confused, you do get free plays every few days. You don’t have to pay at all to get badges. It’ll just take longer.

      Name one full price Nintendo game that needs DLC/amiibo/micro-transactions to feel “complete”. The only one I can think of is Fire Emblem although I personally was very satisfied with just finishing the main game.

  17. They’d convince me more if it was worthwhile. But considering I can’t pick badges and likely will get duplicates I can’t bring myself to spend money on it. I know and understand microtransactions and still hate them. Just put out a paid game and be done with it.

    1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School) says:

      That’s a delicious metaphor. Haha.

  18. I just don’t want to pay any microtransaction. Please, Nintendo, sell any game to me, but don’t ask me to pay microtransaction.

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