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Capcom Considering Nintendo NX Support

Capcom is one company that I’m sure Nintendo fans would be pleased to have onboard for the forthcoming Nintendo NX platform. Speaking to investors recently the Japanese firm said that they are considering developing for new platforms such as the NX and the PlayStation VR but they have nothing to currently announce.

Q. What are your plans involving new platforms (NX, PlayStation® VR and others) and the timing of launches of Capcom titles for these platforms?

A. Our R&D operations are working on technologies for many types of hardware. We will consider the possibility of creating technology demonstrations and making versions of titles under development for these new platforms. At this time, we have not announced any plans for specific products or the timing of a product launch.

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24 thoughts on “Capcom Considering Nintendo NX Support”

  1. We’ve heard this from EA, Ubisoft, Konami, etc, before Wii U’s launch.

    And we all know how it ended up.

    Also, realistically, which representative in the world would say “No, we don’t have any interest in developing for Nintendo ever again!” when asked a question like that? Then, sadly we no longer can trust in stances like that.

    1. Yeah, all of those companies did support the Wii U to some extent (EA and Ubisoft in particular) until it became clear their games were barely selling on the console. If the NX gets the sales Nintendo hope it will, then trust me, those guys will back the console. As much as I hate EA and Ubisoft, I can hardly blame them for failing to support a sinking ship. What I hate are lies and broken promises with regards to specific games e.g. Project Cars

      Oh, and EA should’ve released the Mass Effect Trilogy on Wii U, rather than just Mass Effect 3. That has always bothered me!

      1. Especially UBISOFT!! They most definitely showed up for the Wii U from the opening gate with BRILLIANT GAMES!!

        So lets pray this NX does well enough to bring back 3rd party support.

        1. Like what? The bug riddled ZombiU that never got fixed? Rayman Legends that got delayed more than 9 months for other consoles while stupidly launched them with GTA5 hype at its peak? Watchdogs that got gimped and delayed for no reason just like Rayman? Blacklist also gimped? Fuck them.

      1. That rumor is old news, the most recent rumor is that the NX is a lot more powerful than the PS4 (to the point that it could face a PS5) and if you don’t want to believe it because is just a rumor, then why listen to the other rumor as well?

    1. Sorry but SF5 is STRICTLY SONYS THIS GENERATION. They did what Nintendo did with Beyonetta 2. Paying big dividends to Capcom to solely develop it for PS4!

      Though Admittedly I would love to see it on the NX!!!

  2. As Rootgamer already said, no developer would straight out say “Nope, no interest in that platform” for an unreleased upcoming console. This, unfortunately, doesn’t hold much of a meaning at all. We’ll truly find out about the 3rd-party support after the NX is out.

  3. Meh. Doesn’t really mean anything.

    Plus, their console games as of late really haven’t been that good. Except some of their “remastered” games, like RE HD.. Mega Man and Viewtiful Joe need new games. Hell, even a remastered Viewtiful Joe I could get behind. That would look awesome in HD. And the game has aged wonderfully as is.. but no, they’re too busy with Res Evil, SF and Monster Hunter.

  4. to be honest Capcom like Konami needs every sales they can get. I don’t think metal gear solid 5 did very well by all account. The same apply for resident evil on home console. Would I be wrong to say that when those companies put a game on Nintendo platform it’s a hit in Japan and NOA (at least 1M units) not the one they are hopping (10M units). Anyway Capcom did not release any game on wii U in Europe and I don’t think they will do one for the NX (or whatever is the marketing name for it).

  5. If we look back a bit none of the Nintendo consoles had strong third party support so same with Wiiu, what makes the NX will have 3rd party support for one thing, a developer needs to think if this platform is safe to develope games for it can be same boat as Wiiu nothing will change on NX, First of all we have PS4 which is quite powerful everyone is happy with the hardware and most of the games look amazing play so well, PS4 is excellent choice for 3rd party games people won’t care less how powerful NX is the Sony Playstation is for mature and Nintendo is for kids there is no way this NX will succeed it has very few chance of succeeding as lot of consumers will not buy it because Wiiu has made bad name for Nintendo, it will hard to people to comeback for another home Nintendo console, it’s very unlikely will succeed, here is my top console of 2016-2017:

    1)Sony Playstation 4
    2)Microsoft Xboxone
    3)Nintendo NX

    It will be same as Wiiu nothing will change everyone is with Sony and Microsoft console and if i’m not wrong Nintendo will gone from console hardware and i will tell you right now only one console will stay on the market the Letter is “s” it’s PS4 and dominated from start till the end.

  6. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    I got a revolutionary idea for Nintendo that could have guaranteed Capcom support for future Nintendo consoles: buy the fucking company next time you get the fucking chance to do so, MORONS!

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