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Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI

It looks like Wii U could finally be getting a version of Minecraft. Minecraft Wii U Edition has been rated by the European rating system PEGI, which says the game will become available sometime today, November 12. Perhaps the game will be officially confirmed for Wii U during today’s Nintendo Direct, which begins at 2 p.m. PT. The presentation will provide updates on upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases.


34 thoughts on “Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI”

  1. Huh, about time. Alot of people have been clamoring for it on the Wii U. It would make sense with the gamepad.

    Good for those who want it though!

    1. if what the players have been requesting has been implemented
      the bigscreen is your main screen and the gamepad will be the always on inventory system
      you can walk and jump while craft and manage inventory on the fly
      they can also opt for the touch screen mouse option
      where the touchscreen is used for the “look” and directional buttons for the “move”

    1. actualy they are different, I have windows phone (with pocket addition) but W10 version is like a hybrid of PC and Xbox versions. pocket is just basic minecraft

    2. I was afraid of something like this. We all want to hear about Twilight Princess HD, Zelda U footage, Mario Sunshine or F-Zero GX remakes, etc. Instead, Nintendo is going to use the majority of the Direct to announce this. Now if this was 2012 when it launched it would have made a difference. But it’s way late for this to matter. Anyone who wanted to play this game has it on other devices. The reason why I think this sucks for our Direct wishes is because Nintendo is going to focus on this one game. They will make a major deal of it (when I absolutely feel they shouldn’t as it just shows/proves how out of touch they were for not having it years ago) and it’ll look pathetic. Yay! Look at this super popular game that we have! Sure it’s now played out but you can use the gamepad!! This will take about a 1/3 of the Direct, Iwata tribute for 10 minutes and then we’ll get some weak announcements (new Smash fighter, date for Star Fox, X) and then it’s over. Prepare to be seriously underwhelmed.

      1. I think they do know that, they will probably only mention it for like a minute and announce some Nintendo based skin/texture/mash up packs to go with and be done with it. While it is still a popular game, 4J/MS/Mojang are just getting the game everywhere like they should and the game should. It is more of a move for those companies rather than Nintendo, I mean where do you go after EVERY other platform has it?
        The Direct won’t focus on it too much, maybe 5 mins at the MOST and not even that. Plus with this being the first Direct in a while I reckon it will be longer than the usual 30 minutes since they came out and said they will be covering both Wii U AND 3DS games which 30 minutes is no where near long enough.

          1. Seriously, the last three directs have been extremely underwhelming followed by the worst e3 Nintendo has ever had.

            It’s dangerous to have high expectations as a Nintendo fan. Expect the worst, and you usually get what you expect..

            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              Except E3. Even if you did expect the worst at E3 2015, you were surprised, anyway, as worst became worstest. Made up word, I know, but that’s just how bad E3 2015 was: it requires a word to be made up to describe how bad it was. *sigh*

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              1. True, true. Was just making a silly joke; seeing how everyone is expecting the real deal, it would have been quite something if it turned out to be only that story-mode stuff. But that one’s due sometime in 2016 for WiiU, so it’s unlikely to happen anyway. :)

            1. If this is true, expect amiibo compatibility with it. Its a 3 year old game and everyone who wants it, probably has it. I think an amiibo exclusive would sway consumers into buying it. Also, releasing the game on the direct it very clever with all the hype they get.

            2. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School)

              Decent game, but long overdue.

            3. Hey I got this new toy, it’s called the yo yo. It’s pretty cool, it’s like a ball on a string that you can do tricks with! Awsome!

              Wait,… What? Your telling me it’s already been out for years?! Fuck! Well here, take it anyways!

            4. I would honestly be fine getting this announcement, an overview of our holiday releases, a bit about Fast Racing Neo, and release dates for the first half of 2016. I’m just happy to be getting new information. If there is something bigger *cough* Pokemon *cough* in store, then I will be delighted.

            5. As someone else wrote, I really hope this does not take up too much time during the Direct. Personally I don’t think it should get any time since it is an old game and I couldn’t care less about it, but I know others do. I have very low expectations for the Direct, but if this takes up a huge portion then the Direct will still somehow manage to disappoint me.

              1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School)

                Sorry to hear that. That sucks! Hope you get that problem solved soon.

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