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Brand New, Un-Announced Amiibo Outed Via In-Store Displays

Amiibo communities have been in a flurry following discoveries of unannounced amiibo in in-store displays. The news started with Animal Crossing’s Timmy and Tommy being spotted as Target exclusive in an in-store Target display:

timmy tommy amiibo

Of note, the display also shows Famicom R.O.B., the previously Japanese-exclusive color variation of R.O.B. Meanwhile, Roy was found to be GameStop exclusive through a GameStop display:

Roy amiibo

Following this, Kapp’n and Rover (another Animal Crossing group) were spotted in another system.

rover kapp'n amiibo

Finally, Ryu was spotted in a Toys ‘R Us display:

ryu amiibo

While this seems like a ton of announcements, there may be more — amiibo fans are rushing out to check displays in their nearby store. We will update as more news becomes available.

Thanks for the tip, Bobo Dodo.


  1. Man, I’m really over this whole Amiibo thing. All the characters I want being near impossible to find at first didn’t help matters, but they just don’t really do as much for the games they’re compatible with as I had hoped.

  2. I better keep a very strong eye out for my boy Roy! I’m gonna have at least one Fire Emblem amiibo even if I have to kill for it! (Only kidding, but ya get the point!)

    1. That’s what people said about Mega Man, Sonic and PacMan. And those never ended up being being very hard to find.

      My prediction is Ryu ends up being fairly common like the other 3rd party characters. Unless they have a shorter supply simply because he’s a DLC fighter – even though I’m sure the DLC for Smash sold extremely well. Who knows.

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