Brunswick Pro Bowling Coming To Wii U


The game that you have probably all been waiting for is coming to Wii U and that game is none other than Brunswick Pro Bowling. The game should at least prove to be some light-hearted entertainment. It has previously graced the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s what the ESRB rating says about the sports title.

This is a sports simulation game in which players compete against opponents in games of bowling. If players score strikes or spares, “cartoony” animations are displayed on-screen: pins wagging their tongues at a female bowler; a female bowler blowing kisses to knock down pins.

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      1. Yes! A tongue sticking out is sexually explicit! It’s not like little kids stick their tongue out at people just to be comedic or silly!

      1. You can bet if there’s an option to change the pin color, he’ll change the white to black and the red stripe to bright green (or maybe keep it red for Red Ring of Death reference).

    1. Nah they need to be fucking tetrabitch pins. I’d try to get a strike and a turkey every fucking time

  1. “The game that you have probably all been waiting for is coming to Wii U…” Probably? PROBABLY!? No! This is a fucking fact! It’s what we’ve always wanted! This is going to save the Wii U & keep it afloat for the next 2-3 years!

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