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Pachter Believes The Nintendo NX Will Cost Around $299

Everyone’s favourite video game analyst Michael Pachter has discussed the upcoming Nintendo NX platform in his latest video. During his segment he suggested that the console wouldn’t be priced higher than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If it was priced higher than both it wouldn’t really sell many units, other than to hardcore Nintendo fans. Pachter also says that by the time the platform is out the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have substantial user bases so Nintendo needs to be competitive in its pricing. He also said that selling Wii U for $349 was a mistake that Nintendo will not repeat with the NX.

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136 thoughts on “Pachter Believes The Nintendo NX Will Cost Around $299”

  1. I guess we’ll see. I’m certainly not getting one. Zelda games tend to not release until the end of the consoles life these days. Skyward Sword, ZeldaU – Because Nintendo is playing perpetual “catch-up” since the Wii. Nintendo is WAY behind in software development, It will likely launch the NX with remakes if anything since their dev teams are barely able to keep software on the WiiU.

    It wouldn’t make sense, even for a Nintendo fan…Especially for a Nintendo fan to buy the NX. Wait for about 4 years, that’s when Nintendo will finally have software out for it, and pay much less for the box. In the meantime, enjoy Starfox, ZeldaU and any other games you misses, and get a second gaming box.

    You don’t see it now, but Nintendo is really in trouble. Their brand is being damaged by Mobile and micro transactions, and they are a solid 4-5 years behind on tech. (about how long the Wii overstayed it’s welcome)

    And their Quality of life program? Will arrive DOA. They fell behind there also. Now Garmin, Fitbit and TONS of other shit Already have been perfecting their health tech. – Nintendo is not one to cancel or admit defeat, but i bet QoL will be cancelled, or get a lite launch, followed by little to no support.

    Nintendo really fucked themselves by giving their hardcore gamers the middle finger. Amiibo, like the 3DS, won’t sustain them forever.

    I digress

    1. Whie I agree with your thoughts on the Wii, health tech, and Nintendo giving the constant middle finger to the dedicated older fans, I feel like the NX will actually have tons of games when it releases. I feel like a lot a titles that were originally going to be launched on the Wii U were pushed back to the NX, so it can have a decent launch. This could be wishful thinking, but we’ll find out at e3. It’s really up to Nintendo to decide whether they want to keep digging their own grade.

      1. That is wishful thinking, but you could be right, however I’d expect duel launches, and maybe some 3rd party for the first 6 months.

        But I’m not getting fooled again. I’ve got a beefy machine for 3rd party now, my WiiU for the next volley of Nintendo IP’s, and I not buying an NX to play ZeldaU Special Edition. I’ll enjoy the WiiU edition per my plan above to wait for the NX to drop in price and get original, non-duel releasing games.

        If Nintendo does not duel release ZeldaU and Starfox… The NX is fucked. And I hate to say it…and I know I’m not alone, but EVEN if they say they have a trur Metroid in development, I’m still not buying NX. Because like X and Bayonetta, it will release later in the NX life cycle. Or get delayed way past the fucking launched window.

        Nope Nintendo and I are “Just Friends” now. I’m seeing other people until they get their shit figured out.

        1. We will never know for sure though. Always consider the possible outcome. Who knows, they admitted, the new guys is doing a better job…lol but still, always consider the out come. The wii was the destroyer because of this guy, I hear he was responsible for the wii’s success with “wii would like to play”. I respect your options but like I always say “Nintendo will always have tricks up their sleeves”. Don’t count them out.

      1. No. I’m not buying a PC and be forced to upgrade my graphics card every year. As long as there are consoles, (streamlined PC’s now) I’m buying consoles.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Indeed comrade, whether it’s the last era of the empire or not, better to play it than surrender to his evil agenda>>>

                  1. I agreeeee, but my point is that Consoles ARE PC’s. Hell. X1 uses Microsofts OS.
                    So I’m just saying… Consoles are also PC’s and… Fuck. I plead the fifth.

            2. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School)

              That’s why I go with both Playstation and a gaming PC. But people cannot afford to do both or prefer just one, so that’s fine. :)

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I might be 1/3 Master Race but probably not of your type of group, in the end it won’t matter, as long as we gamers have some options other than PC I will be satisfied although the Xbot infection must be eradicated>>>

            1. I have read Alll your comments. That’s why I have tremendous respect for you.
              So many people think you are a Nintendo Fanboy…. But that is so not true. You’re a Nintendo fan that rivals my own loyalty to Nintendo.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>You are one of the few worthy humans to gain my respect, the rest are mindless cattle blind with rage or devotion>>>

        1. ” I’m not buying a PC and be forced to upgrade my graphics card every year”
          Please, stop repeated this tired, recycled and untrue argument. Just because you have a gaming PC doesn’t mean you have to run every new release on Ultra. You could get the same level of performance you get in current gen consoles back in 2007, and those builds can run games like MGSV with at the very least better level of performance than last-gen hardware.

          1. All I need is my PC, my Wii U, and my New 3DS. I haven’t even upgraded my GPU for a few years now, and I can still play the latest games in 1080p60. I hate when people who don’t know what they’re talking spread misinformation like “you need to upgrade your GPU annually”. So far from the truth.

          2. Dude! I used to PC game! I own two PC’s I rarely use becauze they are outdated and I got tired of tweaking, and making sure my game was the same version, that I had the right ports open…etc.. I have plenty of reasons to just game on a console and be done with it.

            1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School)

              Whaaaaat. Tweaking is one of the best things to do when I get on a game! I like having control over how it runs. Lol. Not every PC game is perfect and they do have issues, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages imo. Even though you don’t have to go through the settings to change anything on a console, they still get stuck with bad versions and there’s pretty much nothing we can do. (AC Unity, Dishonored DE running 30 fps, Darksiders 2, etc) No one system alone is perfect which is why I prefer multiple systems. There’s games I can’t get like Uncharted 4 on PC and vice versa. Best of both worlds! But yeah, PS4 is best console if you don’t want to PC game… (Imo)

              1. nice name hollow…buuuut I’ll still stick with “hollow” if you don’t mind. Anyways, i agree…and again I disagree to your statement like tweaking every year…that can get annoying real quick if you need it once a year.

        2. Same here.

          My computer is best for online browsing, Microsoft Word, music, and Adobe Photoshop.

          Besides, I’m presently playing Undertale, and you don’t need excessive technology or fancy graphics to play great games. Nintendo reminds us of that all the time.

    2. Pretty much that: Nintendo is really in trouble. Only people blinded by whatever feelings cannot see it.

      They lost their touch, and moved away from their loyal, old fans. Business wise they hurt their brand, and technical wise they are eons behind the competition. Not only they are still trying to manage the HD assets, but also they still share the image that they are the only ones who are able to pull out good games.

      It is a shame fanboys buy this lie, ans it is a shame people who cannot afford having one of the twins become alienated from such incredible games like Fallout 4, GTA V, The Rise of The Tomb Raider, and MGSV: TPP, just to mention some.

      Star Wars Battlefront and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided are just around the corner, and won’t hit the Wii U either.

      What kind of stupid policy Nintendo has been having? Are they in Lah-Lah Land? They have been skipping so many good games, and still believe they would not provide a trade-off for their fans — which is not the case, at all.

      I won’t be grabbing the NX day one, like I did with the Wii U. I sadly believed in Nintendo’s lies, and thought I would be satisfied only with the Wii U, which has been proven wrong.

      1. I’m really trying to help Nintendo fans out here. They are getting screwed and most don’t know it.

        You can find a WiiU for $200 or less now, and there are a ton of amazing games out for it, (as there should be this late in it’s life) – so I’m happy for anyone that wants to play kid games, or has a family with kids… It’s perfect for them and I’m glad they have a family friendly choice, but kids will drift quickly to mobile and tablets. Nintendo won’t be able to hold them.

        In the Old-Days, there were family games, and as I got older, there were mature games. Nintendo grew with me and had the hottest 3rd party games.


      2. “Pretty much that: Nintendo is really in trouble.”
        First of all, I’m not really denying anything you’ve said on your post, I agree with most of it. However, I think many people here aren’t considering the general status of the industry (especially the Japanese side of it) when making statements such as:

        “technical wise they are eons behind the competition”
        While what you say about them struggling with HD assets is true, you have to consider what’s happening to the competitors. The bigger third-party devs like Bethesda, Rocksteady or EA are having trouble with fitting their gigantic games on consoles, since they are underpowered for the kind of games they want to make (or better, the kind of games they NEED to create). It’s reaching to a point where either the devs make their games smaller or the console manufacturers beef their machines up and sell them for +600. On both fronts (hardware and software), costs keep getting bigger and bigger as games grow in both size and performance requirements, and it’s starting to dig a hole in the big publishers’ pockets. Every game now needs to be the next Skyrim to create a significant profit, and the only safe bets are established franchises with fanbases loyal to the point of mockery (thinking of Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and the like) or loyal fanbases that starve for a new entry in the series for years and buy the games en masse, like GTA.

        Speaking of Japan, take a look at Capcom. They have been enlarging their sales expectations for every single one of their releases to the point where Resident Evil 6 needed to sell six million units to create a small profit for them. Imagine if the gamble hand’t paid off. Now, Capcom would be the most extreme example since they’re very stupid with their money, but even the smarter ones like Square-Enix are starting to feel trapped by their own desire to push graphical fidelity beyond what’s a reasonable cost. Those Final Fantasy cut-scenes (and there’s a lot of them) aren’t cheap to create.

        By staying on the cheaper side, Nintendo doesn’t gamble that much with their games (believe me, we wouldn’t have a new Star Fox in development otherwise). As long as they have control over both hardware and software, they can avoid the real ‘catch-up game’ that the rest of the industry is playing. I understand the ones that would like to see Nintendo games on powerful hardware, believe me, but as long as I have games I like and Nintendo keeps making a profit, I couldn’t care less about the competitors. I also understand that the games they are releasing don’t please everyone (I’m a self-proclaimed hardcore Nintendo fan and a Metroid fan, after all), but if people don’t like ANY of the games they’re releasing and don’t feel like the console (Wii U, NX, 3DS or whatever) is worth it, oh well. I hope you get the ones you want in the long run.

        1. I acknowledge your statements and appreciate your lucidity.

          The gaming industry, in fact, has turned itself into a black hole which drains money nonstop. I am aware of the impossibility of keeping this “master race” for a long time due to resources constraints, especially from the consumer’s end — nobody wants a PS3 situation all over again.

          What I don’t understand is why Nintendo is unable to better promote their own IPs, as well as why they cannot manage to grab some interesting AAA, 3rd party games to their home console. I don’t see much of a gap of horsepower beetween the U and the twins, at least not to the Wii – X360/PS3 extent. Most of 3rd party blockbuster games could run on the Wii U, once properly scaled — this would demand time, money, and, mostly, effort from Nintendo, in providing internal software and hardware specialists. It would be feasible, but I see nothing other than lazyness from Nintendo’s end.

          Do you remember how Nintendo managed the port of NFS: Most Wanted? They (Nintendo) simply told Criterion to shut up and solve all the issues by themselves.

          This is not a proper support, and this makes Nintendo a non-desired partner to work with.

          My meaning is: in this uncertain scenario, Nintendo should have been doing their best to keep their last loyal consumers which have a Wii U in their living rooms. Take some money from their Scrooge McDuck Money Bin, and take some risks. Not taking a risk is a risk itself — I’ve been saying this for a while already.

          1. “nobody wants a PS3 situation all over again”
            Exactly. I can’t help but think this is a transitional generation since the consoles were underpowered long before they were released. We’re kind of in the middle of a pause in the production of more powerful hardware just because the costs are too high and none can affort to make a true powerhouse console at the present day.

            “It would be feasible, but I see nothing other than lazyness from Nintendo’s end”
            It’s a very complex, long debated scenario with a lot of factors to take into account, but I blame Wii U’s weird architecture as the main problem. Remove that and the problems disappear, Nintendo’s attitude towards the ports wouldn’t matter since there wouldn’t be any problems porting the games in the first place. Of course, they’re stubborn as mules when it comes to their hardware.

            “Not taking a risk is a risk itself — I’ve been saying this for a while already”
            I can get behind that statement. No matter how I look at it, it was a generation doomed for failure. There arejust too many problems (even with third-party support Nintendo still wouldn’t have enough knowledge of HD development to pump out games fast enough), it’s hard to solve them unless you revisit history and change a couple of decision made long before the Wii U was even conceived.

            I guess all we can do for now is support the games we like, talk with Nintendo about our consumer profile (through surveys and the like, I personally fill every single one I can) and wait for the NX.

        1. When it comes to games, I’m always on the pro-choice side.

          It’s better to have the option to say “no” than not having it at all.

          I grew on Star Wars and am a big, big, big fan of the franchise. Of course it’s EA, but it hurts me when I remember all the Star War games used to be on Nintendo consoles.

          1. Shit. Super Star Wars was hell to beat but worth it over any EA shit. I’m still waiting for Disney themselves to remake/port Battlefront 2 WITHOUT EA so I can proudly say “KISS MY ASS” to them.

                  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                    If I’m not mistaken, most contracts have a little paragraph explaining what the owners of a product can do if the product they let another company borrow is a failure or does something the owners didn’t give permission to do.

                    1. So say that Battlefront fails to deliver, Disney would be able to revoke the contract without repercussions? I guess, if the contract highlights that, then I just answered my own question XD

                      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

                        Something like that.

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  Please don’t mention Pod-Racer or the Rogue Squadron series again! *cries but quickly retaliates* I miss playing Shadows of the Empire!

                2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  Holy shit! You mention Super Star Wars then I come to the email telling me about Super Star Wars hitting the PS4! O.O

      3. I would agree with you on some parts. The wii probably overstayed it’s welcome by a little bit, but I don’t know if 4 – 5 years is how much. Yes, the probably should have started their high definition console with the Wii since the 360 and ps3 did as well. It is also true that their most popular titles do seem to release towards the end of the consoles life span such as the Zelda series. Part of the problem is, as you said, Nintendo’s hardware is behind. Because of that there is a lack of third party developers which makes the gaps between first party games that much more unbearable. This has been a problem ever since the N64. Nintendo has always tried to be cost effective, but the price for that does more bad than good. The N64 started struggling because the format for storage was not very efficient at the time compared to the ps1. The game cube was a step in the right direction but again, they chose a smaller format compared to their competitors which ended up hurting them. The Wii didn’t help because it was just a souped up game cube with bigger discs. While the Wii was popular, it still didn’t have the support of other developers like the Xbox and Playstation had. Heck all games on the Wii had some motion control gimmick and very few actually used the game cube controller or the classic controller.

        When the Wii U was first announced, they boasted about how much more powerful it was than the 360 and PS3, how it could pull off animations and graphics that looked like a pixar movie. They never really delivered and it also hurt them with the games promised at launch that didn’t release until much later. If Pikmin 3 had been released at launch, the sales probably would have been much better. But then again, the Wii U had so many problems at launch, that it was always going to struggle. Heck they had to release how many updates until the actual OS of the system worked properly and at a decent speed. The one thing that I think has hurt the Wii U the most is how unfriendly it is towards connecting with people online. You have no voice chat, no party system, no invite system, no way to see when someone is online or not…the online is very barren compared to the Xbox and Playstation which needs to be fixed with the NX. I know they gave reasons for no voice chat in splatoon, but at the same time, the option would be nice and you can always give the option to turn off voice chat like most games on the Xbox do!

        I used to be a huge Nintendo fan. I grew up on the 64 and game cube. The games used to be a joy to play but now, A lot of Nintendo games feel way to samey, too a like. You ask me to play an n64 game or an snes game again and I would because it’s fun, but ask me the same thing for the Wii U or game cube, it won’t happen. I remember playing Pikmin 3, I played it once, beat it, and then never picked it up again, I had no reason to, it felt like a step back from pikmin 2. Pikmin 2 I can always go back and play again because it’s fun and what I can do feels more. Same thing with Galaxy and Galaxy 2, I played them once, beat them, but never again because I just feel like I’ve seen everything. With super mario 64, each time I play, it feels like I discover something new, maybe it’s the level design or something, I’m not totally sure. The main point is that Nintendo keeps developing the same thing over and over and each time it feels like there is less and less there. I loved Skyward sword, but I couldn’t play it again because it just felt to linear to closed off. I go back to windwaker or twilight princess, and while they were linear, I could still explore and get from one place to another without feeling disjointed in how I got there or limited in what I could explore. That’s another point is Nintendo games seem like they limit you more and more on what you can do as each game is released.

        Overall bottom line, the problem is Nintendo, not just the console or the games, but everything.

              1. Well, to me personally, with Mario, all the way up to super mario 64, you were always given the option to complete levels you wanted. You could skip levels if you wanted, you could play how you want. Then with Super Mario Sunshine you were forced to play ever level up to Mission 7 and defeat Shadow Mario. Every 3D mario game afterwards forced you on this path. You lost the ability to skip levels because you had to do the majority of the missions in them to actually beat the game. With the Super Mario 3D world/land games, you had to complete every single level just to beat the game. That’s what I was getting at with the Mario games. Pikmin 1 was your starting point, Pikmin 2 enhanced it, but then Pikmin 3 tried to enhance what Pikmin 2 did but took away some features which in the end for me hampered some of the experience for me personally. Nintendo said they don’t incorporate every idea fans want, which is good but at the same time I wonder how much they actually listen to fans. Because if you don’t listen to your fans, eventually you start losing your fan base. The NX honestly needs to get the online right, right out of the door because that will be a major part that will help Nintendo compete in the gaming market. After that they need proper advertisements so that people know about the actual games because honestly, I don’t see many adverts for the Wii U or it’s games except for once in a while on youtube.

                1. You totally can skip levels on SMG, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides, you have to play every single level (sometimes multiple times) if you really want to complete the game and not just finish it. I can understand the Pikmin example a bit better, though.

                  1. I guess you can skip levels, but there wasn’t that freedom of getting stars out of order like in 64. I guess the better way to put it, is, in 64 you only had to collect like 4 stars to be able to open every level, the only limit was the bosses. But in Galaxy each level has a star limit before you can open it. In 64, and to some extent sunshine, you could just run around, collect a few stars and then suddenly every level is open to you. You had the option to try the really hard one, or you could stick to the easy levels. In galaxy, I had to work to get to the hard levels by first beating a majority of the game.

      4. I’m sorry but I’m not waiting to buy the NX in the next 4-5 years. I always buy my Nintendo platforms day one and that will never change. Funny how you love to talk shit about the Wii U’s launch games but the PS4 was dry as hell as far as must have 1st party games are concerned

        And how in the hell is the Nintendo brand being damaged by mobile? You act as if Nintendo is planning to put all of their major ” big scaled ” titles on smartphones and tablets which isn’t the case at all. They are releasing small scaled games with their IPs that will be easily accessible for anyone to play

        Oh yeah Nintendo is in real big trouble but their making profits in both the 3DS and the Wii U and amiibos are selling like gangbusters. Hell if any gaming company is in trouble it’s Sony. They’ve had to shut down and sell other sectors of their business, constantly release employees, sell off buildings, shut down gaming studios, the Vita still till this day is selling for a loss, investing in products that are destined to fail (return of the Walkman and Project Morpheus) and they are constantly in the red and bleeding money.

        And you don’t know what kinds of games Nintendo has in store for the NX. Just because the PS4 didn’t have shit but multiplats and Indies doesn’t mean the NX will be in that same situation and by the way, you’re not a real Nintendo fan, you’re just a bandwagon one

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          “You’re just a bandwagon Nintendo fan!” That’s something an angry fanboy mad someone is talking negatively about their favorite company would say to someone upset with Nintendo’s total disregard for their long time, loyal fans. Loyalty isn’t about agreeing with every single thing someone you are loyal to says or does but having the balls to stand up to them & tell them when they are doing something stupid that’s damaging their reputation or good standing with their fanbase. The fact Sony is having trouble does not erase the fact Nintendo has their own problems to fix.

          You were doing just fine til you took it that far & tried to discredit Jaded’s opinion & his passion/love for Nintendo by calling him nothing more than a bandwagon fan. What loser came up with that bullshit damage control excuse of “You’re just a bandwagon fan!”, anyway?

        2. I wouldn’t call being an exclusive Nintendo gamer since the NES, up until a week ago a “bandwagon” fan. I have supported them heavily. When they said the gamecube was the last console, I backed them. When the Wii launched with graphics that were sub-par, I backed them. The 3DS cluster fuck? Well… I was pissed as hell, but I didn’t leave. The wiiu? I fucking backed them and believed when they said they’s support hardcore gamers and keep 3rd party games in the pipeline.

          I’ve lost more respect and love for Nintendo than you’ll ever have to begin with.

    3. Nintendo mistake was high price and including gamepad made the package to expensive, it is one of the best console has amazing quality games, PS4 produces one of the most boring games and come from mostly from PC, NX will be the right step and cheaper than other two will be great success.

      1. In my opinion, the gamepad was the only reason to buy a WiiU. I wouldn’t have hung on this long without it. But then I off-screen play all the time.

        1. I don’t feel like the gamepad is the only reason to buy a Wii U but I do feel like it’s a big one. I really love the gamepad and what they’ve done with it. It works when it’s something creative like Nintendo land, or when it’s something really handy like how they did WWHD (and presumably TPHD) or when it’s just something as simple as off-TV play. Anyways, Ive really enjoyed my Wii U so far, and feel that it was worth the 300$ I payed for it. That said I do agree it has problems, but I’m not gonna list them here because we all know what they are. And so this comment doesn’t go so long no-one in their right mind would read through it I’m gonna end it with these last thoughts. I don’t get the people who say that they’re “so done with Nintendo’s crap” and stuff like that. The Wii U wasn’t perfect, but I don’t feel that it was really that bad. We’ve gotten plenty of really great games to play, and I’ve been happy with what we’re getting. Over all I feel like the Wii U was more a 7/10 (if I can rate it this way) than the 3/10 console people are making it out to be. I’m most likely buying the NX day one (or very close to it) because it’s a Nintendo console and I’ve never had a Nintendo console I’ve felt I didn’t get my money’s worth. Even with what people consider to be Nintendo’s worst console, Ive had lots of fun and have put thousands of hours into it. Way longer than I ever put into my 360, and about as much as my PS2. Anyways hopefully this isn’t a jumbled up mess of a comment but I’ve gotta run so I’m leaving it here. I respect everyone’s opinions even if they don’t respect mine because after all, which company you like or don’t like is all opinion based. Instead of getting into useless arguements, sometimes we just need to remember what video games are about: having fun. And one persons idea of fun can be different from another’s, and that’s okay, because it’s all opinion based.

              1. Well,… If I get worked up… I’ll def say things you disagree with… Just don’t take them personal! As a person, I totally think you’re cool!

                1. Thanks! Your really cool as well:) I really try hard not to get upset at what people say to/about me, but sometimes I just can’t help it. But even then I still try to be polite and respond to their “evil” with good. I don’t recall you ever being rude though, just having good solid opinions.

        2. I would agree with you. Honestly, take away the gamepad and what makes the Wii U stand out? Nothing really. Yeah they have some games but compared to some of the games on the Xbox and ps3, it doesn’t really have much going for it.

          1. It wasn’t just a great idea, it was executed flawlessly. I wish it had more distance, but I guess perfect game-streaming came at a price. I wish more games used it better. Mario Kart was a wasted opportunity…but hey, it’s really freaking amazing tech!

            1. Yea, I REALLY hope they keep the gamepad support for the NX. I do want an upgraded gamepad though. Longer range, HD screen, little bit bigger screen (minor issue) better built in mic and camera, and triggers that are pressure sensitive. Other than that I thought it was great!

              1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                As long as it’s not necessary for important functions like transfer between two consoles or needed for the main settings of the console, I’m cool with the Gamepad being just like the Wiimote: optional gameplay method.

              2. Agreed. I want them to keep the gamepad soooo bad. Even if it’s optional… I really want them to keep the gamepad.

                1. They should just make a regular bundle without the gamepad, and have a deluxe bundle for 50-100$ (I don’t know how much the gamepad is on its own so I’m just ballparking) with the gamepad. Then if you want it it’s right there for you, and if not you aren’t obligated to buy it. Only problem is I feel if the NX isn’t centered around the gamepad, or the “gamepad bundle” doesn’t sell well enough, most 3rd party devs are going to be too lazy to develop for it and it would only be useful for backwards compatibility, and the once in a while it’s actually used. But maybe not idk, I feel Nintendo would still use it for games to better the experience, and maybe even make a few games where certain modes, or maybe even a few times the whole game, can’t be accessed without the gamepad, as a way to sell the “gamepad bundle.”

            2. It is, I liked the idea of the game streaming as well. The problem though is that game streaming didn’t really get much support with games that used the screen for something else. I’m not sure what you could have done with Mario kart and the screen but at the same time the game streaming was nice. I remember when it was demoed they showed off the wii U game pad and the wii remotes being used together to play golf for example. Problem is, there wasn’t a lot of games that did that. Another issue I guess is the console never got the ability to use two game pads on one system. It would have been interesting if they could have done that because it would have expanded the multiplayer aspect. I liked the ideas nintendo land used it for, but sadly it never got much better than that. In Zelda U we see it being used for a map and a couple other tasks but honestly, I was never bothered pulling up the map from a menu or seeing it on the side of the screen to begin with. Skyward sword had a perfect implementation of item switching on the go, so the game pad works for that but, I think people are afraid of making it too gimicky for their game or actually putting effort in when they port the game.

    4. For once, he seems to be using his brain. While we still know nothing about the NX, and guessing the price is as much of speculation as trying to guess where the Holy Grail is, his reasoning has logic.

      And I too believe the price will be around that. US$350 for 24GB more than the Basic Set was ridiculous, especially because 32GB in 2012 was already too little storage space! You basically paid US$50 more for a console that you would still have to buy an external HDD either way.

      Should Nintendo make the next console with a proper storage space (500GB or more), the price will surely go up, but they can’t go beyond a certain point. If needed, they should sell consoles without profit! I know this isn’t something Nintendo practices, but if they want to get a proper installed base, they might just need to do it.

        1. I think a few of the commenters on this site could easily do his job. It’s not that hard to make educated guesses.

        2. I don’t know how he does his job regarding other companies, but 90% of his Nintendo analysis and predictions are too biased. During the Wii era and mostly after Wii U launch, he kept “predicting” Nintendo would go third party over and over again! then he came on to say games like Megaman X would be perfect for mobile (yeah, try playing a Megaman X game with touch screen only), and kept a very consistent inconsistency in his Wii U predictions, saying the console had system sellers but no one would buy it because it didn’t have system sellers!

          I don’t know how he works with other brands, but he’s showed a very biased pattern when it comes to Nintendo, most of it making him sound more stupid than professional.

      1. “because 32GB in 2012 was already too little storage space”

        This, definitely this.

        Also, we cannot forget that the white, basic set had mere 8 Gb available.

        “Ah, stop bashing Nintendo, swallow your tears, go to the nearest Best Buy and get an external HD!”, can someone say.

        But someone forgets to acknowledge that would be another 50-75 bucks + taxes, just to have a decent HD space to store saving data and eShop games, what would be something we should have had right out of the box.

          1. That was 4 Gb, right? I know, in fact the memory available is always smaller than the nominal space.

            Anyway, neither Microsoft, nor Sony, nor Nintendo, is error-free. But I don’t believe we can use the mistakes of others to justify our own at all.

    5. $299 doesn’t sound bad to me. I just hope its still innovative. I mean I feel like the only one who actually liked the Wii for its innovation and creativity. Of course I still hope Nintendo wins back its core audience because they need to.

      1. I did also. For the first 5-6 years… Then I saw How Nintendo got fat and lazy on their bed of Wii-cash, and got to see it change them. I think the days of praising the wii are over.

    6. Nintendo is in trouble, but i think that’s a good thing for hardcore Nintendo fans. Maybe they actually start making games people want. Even the best selling games like Smash Bros and MK8 lack content significantly and StarFox can’t get hype behind it.

      Also there is no real Mario Game on Wii U.

      You know what I mean by “real” Mario Game.

      1. People saying Smash and MK8 lack content is crazy to me. Especially considering how mediocre both Brawl and MK Wii were.

        And no, I don’t know what you mean by “real” Mario game. Explain yourself.

        1. I think he’s trying to say that New Super Mario Bros. U/Luigi U are a cheap follow-up of Super Mario Bros Wii, and that Super Mario 3D World is a cheap follow-up of Super Mario 3D Land.

          It is crystal clear that Nintendo magnificently raised the bar with Galaxy 1 and 2, and made a step back with 3D World.

          1. I don’t see how that’s the case when, while SMBU is slightly worse than SMBW, SLU more than makes up for it.

            And how is SM3DW ‘cheap’? The level design of that game easily tops both Sunshine and 64. I’d go as far as to say it even rivals Galaxy at points.

            Besides, even if the game isn’t as good as a whole as the Galaxy games, that hardly disqualifies it as a “real 3D Mario”, whatever that idiotic sentence means in this context.

            1. Luigi U offers so little time to play the levels that exploration becomes impossible. This is a huge letdown.

              Super Mario 3D World is technically inferior to both Galaxy games, and to Mario 64. The soundtrack, the storyline, everything. I can go further: In my opinion — I want to make it clear, in my opinion –, Super Mario 3D World is cheap copycat (no pun intended). I played it throughoutly, and I felt like playing a bland, simple, linear, uninspired handheld game all the time.

              I know others share the same feeling. We need to understand that something went wrong when even Nintendo “hardcore” fans are not pleased by a game like Super Mario 3D World.

              1. It’s really not designed to be explored, though. It’s no metroidvania.

                I disagree with it being inferior to 64. 64 is my favorite of the bunch due to nostalgia, but I think that it has very high highs and quite low lows. It’s overall a mixed bag to me sometimes, I like the more steamlined, tighter platforming of 3D World better, instead of running around though the level like in 64.

                My point is, the people that prefer 64 and Sunshine over the other three do not care so much about the platforming itself (I’m thinking about the people complaining about Galaxy being too linear, seriously, wtf) but for the mix of platforming with open-level design. That’s fine and all, but I don’t think it should be the main quality by which 3D Mario games are judged.

                Coincidentially, I’ve seen that most people who say things like “not a real 3D Mario” fall into the latter group.

            2. I think what he meant was a single player game that’s a 3D mario game. Each console had a mario game where the main focus was single player and had more of a story I guess? Like Sunshine you were saving an island, galaxy 1 and 2 was saving galaxies, then you had SM3DW which is saving a kingdom by playing through levels that make you play a 2D game like a 3D game. People want open level design that flows with each other. I personally liked the level design of sunshine the most with how everything felt connected and how you could see levels from other parts of the island. Not only that but the atmosphere felt just right.

              1. “People want open level design”
                Speak for yourself, please. I like my Mario games to have emphasis on what it matters: the platforming itself. The Galaxy games were much more linear than both 64 and Sunshine and they’re both considered better than those. Open level designed killed 3D platforming until Galaxy managed to revive it somewhat so no, I personally don’t want another Mario game in the same vein as those.

                Which brings me to the point: if that’s how people define “real 3D Mario games”, then they better start following another game series, since we have more non-true 3D Mario games than real Mario games at this point.

                1. I honestly thought the platforming was fine in 64 and sunshine, but to each their own. I personally liked the more open ended nature because it allowed me to explore and platform. When Mario shifted into 3D it allowed me to explore. In the 2D Mario games, you could always explore, while under a time limit, but you could explore and find secrets which led to shortcuts and even secret levels in super mario worlds case. So the exploration is missing from Galaxy, you never really had to truly explore. You had a planet, a small planet and that wasn’t really much room to explore or hide stuff in, and the green stars in galaxy 2 felt lazy to me. I like how in 64 I could go off the beaten path and find a star that I wasn’t meant to find quite yet, but I was still able to because I had that freedom and skill to do so. In Galaxy it was about finding the next warp star to get to the next planet which involved killing all enemies or flicking three switches. In Galaxy 2, I really liked beach level because it was so big and I could actually explore. Exploration has always been in every mario game to some extent, but ever since galaxy, it feels nonexistent, like it took a backseat and let it just focus on me platforming from point A to B. Maybe it’s just the environments. In 64 and sunshine you had actual levels, actual landforms to traverse through. In galaxy and 3D world, you travel on planets and can always see the skybox from every angel. There is no level ground its just a big void and you run around on small spheres in the void. in 3D world you have the level design, but again it’s just floating there. In 64, yeah you had bottomless pits, but at the same time you weren’t just on a floating ball above said pit. In sunshine you had bottomless pits but again it wasn’t just a platform floating above it, there was actual level design that helped make a bottomless pit make sense. Yes there were the levels with nothing but floating platforms but something about them feels different than galaxies levels and 3d worlds levels.

                  1. Consumers take gaming to seriously, I like playing good 3d games made by Nintendo but the Wiiu didn’t cover everything, I hope NX will give all these titles I will happy person, take look below for the games we need:

                    1)Super Mario 64 (need a sequel to this game)
                    2)Super Mario Galaxy 3 (This will be great on NX and Wiiu outing missed)
                    3)F-Zero GX 2 (Imagine this on Wiiu, What are you doing Nintendo)
                    4)Metroid Prime 4 (World’s great fps shooter, what no Wiiu version)
                    5)Donkey kong (Wiiu 2d platformer bad move, come on 3d game)
                    6)Fighters destiny 3 (release third part and show true 3d fighter)

                    To many good games missed, Nintendo what’s wrong with you there are some amazing Wiiu games could of made library of games bigger but no has few gems still not bad, still we will have Starfox zero another of big classic.

      2. Not even when the Wii U is abysmal they didn’t change their BS tune. What makes you think they’ll start listening now when they’re still flipping the bird in their faces and make the opposite of what their fans want (only stupid ones still swallow their garbage and feel proud of it like morons)

    7. I can definitely see that happening. There’s just no way they would price it higher than the competition. Hopefully the storage space isn’t laughable like the wiiu.

    8. Well this comnent section has gone full retard. People like rootgamer talking up dogshht like star wars battlefront and how it’s not cming to wii u. Anyone who buys that game and knows the business practises behind it is a fucking retard. I have a ps4 and a lot of you guys neef to do some research when it comes tnd certain third parties beause you have no ifa what you’re talking about. Wii U only owners should be grateful that they aren’t getting ea’s pile of shit game on their console.

      1. While I don’t share the tone of your post, I think you’re right. I’m starving for PS4 exclusives that make the console worth a damn.

        Seriously, people. At the end of the day, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront and other similar multiplatform games really aren’t that good.

      2. I’m a huge starwars fan…. I’m a little worried about comments like yours,… Are you SURE battlefront is shit?? What do you know?

        1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School)

          I played the beta and it was pretty decent to me. The full game is probably not that bad either, but knowing it’s EA’s hands on it, you have to watch out. Probably have DLC exclusive maps like BF4. Better be prepared to spend extra if you want the “whole” game.

        2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Well I borrowed some money yesterday so I could get my Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Deluxe Bundle out, so I’ll be finding out over the next few days for myself if EA has done right by Star Wars. Oh & the bundle came with 4 FREE STAR WARS GAMES: Super Star Wars, Jedi Starfighter, Bounty Hunter, & Racer Revenge! :} You really, really shouldn’t have canceled your preorder of that bundle, dude. Oh & those 4 games have been updated into HD with a few PS4 features like trophies. The graphics haven’t been upgraded; just the quality.

          Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on if EA isn’t botching anything up. Oh & we can actually preorder the season pass for Battlefront that comes with 4 DLC packages; they haven’t given any info on them, yet, so I’m assuming they are still working on it. It’s $49.99, though, so I won’t be preordering it. @.@ Now if when they reveal them, if the season pass adds a whole new game’s worth of content to it, which it damn well better since it’s practically the cost of a PS2/GCN/XBox game, like the Luigi DLC for New Super Mario Bros U did, I’m definitely buying it. But yeah. I’m staying skeptical for now of the DLC since this IS EA we’re talking about here.

    9. So people are hoping it blows Xbox and ps4 out of the water in performance, will hopefully still be free online play, and be less expensive than consoles that have been on the market for years and have had price cuts?

    10. I tend to think Pachter is an idiot in general. However, I don’t think Nintendo could realistically charge more. If their console is equivalent to the PS4/XBO, then the only way they could undercut them is on price. Both of those tend to sit around $400 now, with at least one free game in the box

      1. And taking into account that the console won’t be out for at the very least another whole year, production costs will go down, making the 300 and something price tag quite feasible. Especially if it’s just similarly powerful to the competition and doesn’t include any “console + portable” gimmick.

    11. $300 my ass. If NX is a gimped PS4, offers less storage and if PS4 is priced around $300 by then, it’s done. No deal and even heavy fanboys with little common sense would see this through.

    12. Nintendo could if they spent the time and effort to do so, develop the NX to appeal to both hardcore gamers and casual gamers – instead of their near-standard focus on Nintendo exclusives like Zelda (which is admittedly one of my all-time favourite series of games) and Mario Kart.

      There is absolutely no reason why such games could not exist alongside the likes of GTA, Assassin’s Creed, F1 etc, save for Nintendo’s stubborn approach to their hardware (the Wii U’s huge game pad) and software. The original Wii was quite novel, but Nintendo need to look at what Sony and Microsoft are doing RIGHT and adapt that to suit their own ends.

    13. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      Meh… Let me know when he says something that a casual video game fan can’t figure out with some common sense.

    14. Even though i hope the NX does well and it gives Nintendo a new platform for revenue, I won’t be picking up an NX until later in its life. I wont abandon my wii u that quick since ive had it for only 2 years whereas my wii served me for much much longer. I will probably only pick up an NX if it gets a good bundle like how the wii u recently got splatoon and smash bundle

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