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Rumor: Gold Mario Amiibo No Longer Walmart Exclusive In America

It seems like the best way to get amiibo news lately is through in-store displays. That is how amiibo hunters found the next rumor. According to Amiibo Alerts’ Twitter page, Gold Mario (currently a Walmart exclusvie) may be coming to other stores. The tweet (below) shows an amiibo display at Walmart where Gold Mario does not have an “Only at Warlmart” tag — a fact juxtaposed gainst the 30th Anniversary Mario – Modern Color which does have that tag. This might coincide with Gold Mario’s unique feature in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. What do you think — will we be seeing a non-Walmart restock?

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Gold Mario Amiibo No Longer Walmart Exclusive In America”

  1. New use and a restock in Japan….Sounds like a NA restock is imminent. I just hope it’s announced, unlike how they randomly released them in Canada with no preorders or restrictions on how many you could get.

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