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Super Nintendo Classic ‘Super Star Wars’ Coming To PlayStation 4 On Tuesday

If you own a PlayStation 4 and loved Super Star Wars which was released on the Super Nintendo back in 1992 then you will be interested to know you can download an enhanced edition on Tuesday. The PlayStation Blog says that the “enhanced for PS4 with new save features, leaderboards, Trophies, and updated display and controller options.” If you don’t own a PlayStation 4, you can download the game on the Wii Virtual Console. Here’s the game’s description.

“Risk your life as a Jedi Knight! Join Luke, Han, and Chewbacca in their fierce war against the evil Empire,”

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18 thoughts on “Super Nintendo Classic ‘Super Star Wars’ Coming To PlayStation 4 On Tuesday”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Let me know when the PS4 gets enhanced, HD versions of Pod-Racer, the Rogue Squadron trilogy, & Shadows of the Empire! Those were the Star Wars games I was into.

  2. I’m finally getting a PS4 again (since my brother took our original PS4 when he moved). Honestly, it was mainly for whenever Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Remix Final Chapter Prologue (Squeenix is good at naming games) releases, but I was kinda interested in Uncharted 1-3 remastered and FF X/X-2 remastered (since I haven’t played either) anyways. Also, I got Destiny, but only because I needed another game for Target’s “Buy 2, Get 1” deal the other day.

  3. I already have PS4 and stop playing games on it, one of the most boring console to date full of fps and rpg none of them games are interesting, I’m getting Wiiu pack mario kart 8 splatoon with bonus game super smash bros and i won’t buy star wars game not into them and also feel latest sw battlefront is awful game just overhyped just another PC game.

      1. Excuse me, I just getting Wiiu pack how can you say i don’t like games.
        I like console for playing just exclusives don’t like playing PC titles, if I was computer games I can play them on i5 core with high end gpu, where these games look crap on consoles and are the same games, If you have powerful PC no need to play these games on consoles.

        Nintendo Wiiu is cool system where it releases best exclusives games and that’s what I wanted for example games like splatoon, super Mario maker, rodea, Mario party 10, looking to be released soon Mario tennis, xenoblade chronicles x all of these games great and are console exclusive nice one Nintendo not like Sony, Microsoft releasing to many PC games if anyone playing these kind of games are dumb, PC is the best place for these kind of games.

        1. Your prior wording sounded like you dislike most genres, console, and PC games. That’s why I said it sounds like you just don’t like games. But if it’s that you like just Nintendo games and PC, more power to you.

          1. Let’s take look at ps4 and xbox one games been released this year and all of these titles can be played on PC there is hardly nothing which is console gaming, look below:

            1)Call of duty black ops III
            2)Need for speed
            3)Metal geat solid V
            4)The witcher 3
            5)Fallout 4
            6)Star wars battlefront-releasing soon

            There is more games from PC no point buying a console when these titles can be played on powerful systems and PC can do lot of other othings, where consoles are playing just PC games and that’s to basic, consumers are just got into a trap playing these kind of games, everyone needs to understand consoles are becoming pc gaming systems without windows os, where the Wiiu is producing top exclusives games which is every console should be doing, on a console they should more exclusives rather producing just PC games.

            1. “Let’s take look at ps4 and xbox one games been released this year and all of these titles can be played on PC”

              There’s no reasoning with you if that’s what you really think. Hundreds of games have been released on consoles this year and not on PC.

              1. Biggest titles on consoles were the pc ones rest of them were average, will say this not releasing enough console exclusives,Sony, Microsoft are becoming pc gaming, where wiiu only console releases original exclusive titles and nintendo produces best games in the word.

                1. “where wiiu only console releases original exclusive titles and nintendo produces best games in the word.”

                  Aaaand there it is. There’s way too much bias here to give credit to anything you said prior.

                  1. Not bias you can’t see true gems o Wiiu it’s only console producing quality titles such as Mario kart 8 with anti gravity-best racer, Splatoon new game and there’s nothing like it, super smash bros-ironic characters and from different amazing 3d graphics, hyrule warriors- best mixture of dw and zelda universe, Super mario maker-Design own stages and share then to he world won’t find anything like this, Bayonetta 2-best action game on new consoles and there’s more these are all exclusive titles and one of the best and don’t even talk about Sony, Microsoft exclusives to me they were all average from fps shooters mostly and few others.

                    I have PS4 hated all the exclusives titles and is very boring system, i just browse and play youtube on it, will keep it for awhile to see if it releases anything better for 2016, my 2015 fave console and this gen is Wiiu alot of people have said that on youtube videos and most who own all three of these consoles play mostly on Wiiu only.

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Not for me. So far, I’ve seen at least 5-10 games out right now for the PS4 that I really want to get for my PS4 when I was at Wal-Mart getting my son a game for his 2DS & getting my Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Deluxe Bundle, with the limited edition Darth Vader PS4, out at Gamestop yesterday. Some of them might be multiplats but oh well.

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