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UK: Pre-order Mario Tennis Ultra Smash With GAME And Get Free Sweat Band


If Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is on your purchase list for Friday and you are from the United Kingdom then you may want to think about purchasing it from GAME. The retailer is offering a free Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash themed Sweat Band if you decide to get the game through them. Our Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash review will be coming tomorrow afternoon, so look out for that!

Pre-order Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on the Wii U and receive an exclusive Mario Tennis Sweat Band, only at GAME.

Join Mario and friends on the Nintendo Wii U as they return to the court once again. With amiibo support and new characters to make their Mario Tennis debut. Ultra Smash is sure to be the best Mario Tennis game yet.

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4 thoughts on “UK: Pre-order Mario Tennis Ultra Smash With GAME And Get Free Sweat Band”

  1. I got one of these wristbands from the nintendo uk store for pre ordering any wii u game. also a 30th anniversairy mario pin and a free amiibo case for spending over £50

  2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of a great PS4 & a great 3DS! Oh & I guess the Wii U is good, too!*~

    Just what this game needed to sell millions upon millions of games: a freaking sweat band!

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