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Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Coming To North America Next Month

As we had expected it would seem as though the Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL will be arriving in North America. The system is up at retailer Play Asia and is due to be released sometime next month. The Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL was first spotted in the commercial for the Nintendo Badge Centre in Europe, but we have yet to receive a date for Europe. I suspect one will be coming soon!


12 thoughts on “Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Coming To North America Next Month”

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  2. “One must not tell lies.”

    Metallic Blue 3DS2?
    Right, play-aisa said we were getting that back in August.


    Mexico, last I was told, is lumped together with Central America.

    So far, I believe nothing. Especially with how adamantly lazy NoA has been with giving us a choice lately. Why does it suck to be in the US when it comes to getting things here?

    Give me real proof with retailer listings, not plugs for an import shop

  3. Yes!! I have been waiting for Nintendo to release a new 3DS XL similar to the old 3DS XL.
    I do not like the metallic colors because they are fingerprint magnets. This white 3DS XL looks more like the texture of the old ones. I can’t wait until Nintendo releases this!!

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of a great PS4 & a great 3DS! Oh & I guess the Wii U is good, too!*~

      It’s not the metallic color that’s the problem but the fact they fucking give the god damn things a fucking glossy finish! Is it really that hard to do metallic colors without a glossy finish!? I think not since they’ve done metallic colors in the past without glossy finishes. Sadly, Sony seems to be guilty of this bullshit as well.

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  5. I like how the New Nintendo 3DS has been out a year and there have only been two standard colors. No blue, green, pink, whatever. Just a bunch of special editions that get sold out in 5 seconds and then thrown up to eBay for scalpers to scalp the fuck out of them for a billion dollars or so.

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