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Oh, Snap! Sonic Just Took A Dig At Mario

The official Twitter accounts for Nintendo of America and Sonic the Hedgehog were at it earlier today. And it all started with a seemingly innocent tweet from the latter asking whether Mario or Dr. Eggman had the superior mustache. Nintendo of America took the opportunity to criticize Eggman’s ‘stache for being unkempt. Apparently, that was too personal of an attack and lead to Sonic taking a dig at Mario for setting aside way too much time to maintain his majestic ‘stache. Perhaps it’s time for the two to settle it in Smash.

23 thoughts on “Oh, Snap! Sonic Just Took A Dig At Mario”

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Where warriors were involved anyway, console wars existed prior to it but it was between Titans and Lords>>>

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