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Splatoon: Hydra Splatling Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning In Europe

Nintendo UK has tweeted that the Hydra Splatling will be arriving in the United Kingdom tomorrow morning. As you can from the images it looks set to be a devastating weapon when put in the right hands. No doubt you’ll rack up a number of kills with the weapon so it looks like something that needs to be tried out. The Hydra Splatling in Splatoon will be released in North America later tonight.


5 thoughts on “Splatoon: Hydra Splatling Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning In Europe”

    1. Looks awesome.

      I am loving splatoon much more than Black ops 3. Battlefront is better than black ops 3 too. But splatoon is more fun than those games.

      Hit me up to play with me…. wiiu – venomjamaica2, XBOXONE – venomjamaica, PSN – venomjamaica

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